What is Damian Lillard Net Worth?

Damian Lillard Net Worth is US$ 100 Million as of 2022.

Net WorthUS$ 100 Million
Born:July 15, 1990 (34 Years)
Height6′ 2”
Country of OriginUnited States of America
Source of WealthProfessional Basketball Player
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseKay’la Hanson
Famous ForRookie of the Year – NBA (2019–20 season); Career with Portland Trail Blazers
ChildrenDaughters – Kalii Laheem Lillard, Kali Emma Lee Lillard Son – Damian Jr


Damian Lillard is an American professional basketball player. He is well known for his career with Portland Trail Blazers. His total net worth is US$ 100 million. He began his basketball career in 2012. In the same year, he established a milestone by becoming Rookie of the Year. He has received a total of six NBA All-star selections. He is the second basketball player to achieve the highest NBA All-star selections. 

Early Life

Damian Lillard was born on July 15, 1990, in Oakland, California. He started playing basketball in San Lorenzo, California. He was transferred to a school in Alameda, CA that had better basketball opportunities. In Oakland High School, he got opportunities to show his talent.

He scored almost 20 points while playing for this school. In his later years of high school, he scored an average of 22.4 points per game. After completing high school, he received a scholarship to play for Weber State. He played good games for his college and was a part of the team which played finals for the Bob Cousy Award. He skipped his senior year of college to play NBA.


The Portland Blazers picked up Lillard in 2012 as the sixth overall pick in the NBA Draft. He made a remarkable impact on the NBA in his first season. Lillard scored 23 points in his first game and added 11 assists. This made him the third player to surpass these numbers in his first game. He could average 19 points per match and was unanimously awarded the NBA Rookie of the Year Award.

Damian made the game-winning, buzzer-beating three-point shot during the 2013-14 season to win Game 6 against Houston Rockets. In 2015, he was chosen for the NBA All-Star Game. Lillard signed a five years extension to his US$ 120 million contract later that year. He also recorded his 600th-ever three-point shot, making him the fastest NBA player to hit that milestone. Unfortunately, his streak of 275 consecutive wins ended in 2015 when he suffered a foot injury.

At the conclusion of 2016-2017, he was awarded the Magic Johnson Award. His track record of success and record-breaking accomplishments continued for many more years. As of 2021, he has received several honors and awards. These include the NBA Rising Star Award Award and the NBA Bubble Most Valuable Player Award for 2020. He was twice awarded the NBA Skills Challenge.

Personnel Life

In 2021, Damian Lillard and his fiancee Lay’La Hanson had twins.  Damian has a child from an earlier relationship. His twin daughters are Kali Emma Lee Lillard and Kalii Laheem Lillard. His son’s name is Damian Jr.

Damian Lillards Net Worth Growth

In his first decade, Damian Lillard was paid US$ 195 million as an NBA salary. He has made millions through endorsements.

Damian earned US$ 40 million between June 2017 – June 2018. This was thanks to his salary and brand endorsements. He made US$ 41 million between June 2018-June 2019. In NBA salary alone, he earned US$ 65.3 million between 2012-2018. The following year, he made $37 million from all sources.

Damian agreed to a new “supermax” contract with the Trail Blazers, which was announced on June 30th, 2019. Damian received a US$ 54.3 million player option last year during his extended US$ 196 million contract.

Damian signed his US$ 122 million contract extension with the Trail Blazers on July 8, 2022. His annual average salary will reach US$ 61 million, making him the first player to earn over US$ 60 million annually and above US$ 50 million. Damian’s NBA career earnings are expected to exceed US$ 450 million when the deal is done. 


Here are some of the highlights of Damian Lillard’s career:

  • 2013 – NBA Rookie of the Year
  • 2014 – All-NBA Third Team
  • 2014, 2015, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 – NBA All-Star
  • 2016, 2019, 2020, 2021 – All-NBA Second Team
  • 2018 – All-NBA First Team
  • 2019 – J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award

Brand Endorsements

Lilliard has benefited from several high-profile endorsement deals that have helped to augment his NBA salary. When he signed with the Blazers, 2012 was his first year of partnership with Adidas. He signed a new 10-year contract worth US$ 100 million with Adidas two years later. Adidas has a shoe by Lilliard named Adidas Dame. Damian signed contracts with Powerade, Spalding, Foot Locker, and JBL. To promote Hulu’s new live-streaming sports service, he signed a contract in 2019 with Hulu along with many other NBA players.

Keys Life Lessons from Damian Lillard

We now know everything about Damian Lillard and his net worth. Let’s look at some of his lessons.

1. Consistency

With consistent efforts, a person can achieve his dreams. Consistent efforts are more important to be able to be successful in any field.

2. Believe in yourself

The only person that can change his world is that person himself. By believing in himself, a person can easily accomplish his goals.

Favorite Quotes from Damian Lillard

Favorite Quote 1 from Damian Lillard

“Pressure is the single mom who is trying to scuffle and pay her rent. We get paid a lot of money to play a game. Don’t get me wrong: there are challenges. But to call it pressure is almost an insult to regular people.” 

Damian Lillard
Favorite Quote 2 from Damian Lillard

“I want to have hit records, but I’m not searching to say, ‘All right, I need this to be in the club. I need this, that.’ I’m just making quality music.”

Damian Lillard
Favorite Quote 3 from Damian Lillard

“Sometimes, it’s just your turn to go through hard times.” 

Damian Lillard

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money does Damian Lillard have?

Damian Lillard’s net worth was estimated at US$ 100 million as of 2022.

Why Damian Lillard had surgery?

Damian Lillard had undergone abdominal surgery, which was caused at him at an early age.

What does Damian Lillard heart tattoo mean?

The heart tattoo on Damian Lillard means “Heart of the City”.


Damian Lillard is one of the best American basketball players. He has a total net worth of US$ 100 million. He has achieved this massive success through his efforts and by focusing on his dream. Damian is an idol for youngsters. He has created history in the basketball world. His journey to being the best is remarkable.

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