What is Diana and Roma Net Worth?

Diana and Roma Net Worth is US$ 112 Million as of 2022.

Net WorthUS$ 112  Million
Born:March 31, 2014 (10 Years) (Diana)
October 22, 2012 (11 Years)(Roma)
GenderDiana – Female
Roma – Male
Height3′ 8″(Roma)
Country of OriginUkraine
Source of WealthYoutube
ParentsVolodymyr and Olena
Famous ForYouTube channels produce role-play-oriented children’s content.


Eva Diana Kidisiuk is an internet sensation and YouTube star who has been entertaining viewers since her birth in 2014. She is most known for her eponymous YouTube channel, “Diana’s Kid’s Show”, which her parents created in order to share and preserve her memories. At just six years old, Eva is one of the youngest and most successful YouTube stars with over 2.3 million subscribers. Her videos typically feature her playing fun adventures with her brother Roma, who also has his own YouTube channel.

Her brother often expresses his emotions through facial expressions and gestures, making the videos even more entertaining. In addition to her channel, Eva also has her own animated series, “Diana’s World”, which is available on Amazon Prime. Her videos have been translated into many different languages, which has contributed to her large international following. With her vibrant personality, Eva has won the hearts of many. She is loved and admired by people all over the world, making her an international celebrity. On this special day, let’s celebrate Eva and her incredible achievements!



Her Parents Create the Channel


One Million Views on YouTube


A Deal with Pocket.watch


The Brand Continues to Expand

Early Life

Kids Diana is one of the most-watched channels on YouTube, with billions of views every month. Her content is very age-appropriate, and many kids worldwide feel like their friends when they watch her videos. She is the daughter of Olena and Vladimir Kidysuk, who manages all their social media accounts. He has an older brother, Roma, and a younger brother, Oliver. Her parents originally started the YouTube channel with a completely different goal. When his older brother Roma was born, they started a YouTube channel to upload family memories, so he did the same when he was born. However, they did not expect his channel to be so successful.

It hit 1 million views in just over a year, and the continued success prompted both parents to quit their jobs to manage content and social media full-time. In 2020, parents signed a deal with kids’ media startup Pocket. Watch to make their kids look like Ryan’s World stars on YouTube. The company released the show “Love, Diana” on YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and Samsung T.V. Also, Roku’s mixed live-action/animated channel turns her into a woman who has to save her friend. Play as a princess and her family who get caught up in Baron Koga’s machinations. Along with this show, Pocket Watch plans to launch the product “Love, Diana – Princess of Games,” a mobile game where children can experience the role of a game princess.


The Kids Diana Show has become a global phenomenon since its launch in 2018. The show is hosted by two young girls, Roma and Diana, who both home-school and focus on their YouTube material while studying. With 1.87 billion monthly views and over 62.26 million daily views, the channel monetizes through advertising and earns an estimated annual revenue of $112.07 million. The Kids Diana Show has also partnered with Walmart to create The Princes of Play toy collection. This collection includes dolls, hair accessories, furniture, sweaters, plush toys, playsets, and more.

The success of the Kids Diana Show has enabled Roma and Diana to become a global brand recognized by children and parents worldwide. Roma and Diana are both good musicians and both have their own favorite subjects. Diana loves storybooks and drawing, while Roma excels in math and problem-solving. This variety of interests has enabled the two to create unique content for their viewers. The success of the Kids Diana Show is attributed to the hard work of Roma and Diana. With their unique content and partnership with Walmart, the two have opened the door for other young entrepreneurs to explore their passions. The Kids Diana Show has become an example of how dreams can be achieved through hard work and determination.


  • Started YouTube Channel in 2015
  • She won Best Female Creator Kids Choice in 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Diana and Roma from?

They are from Ukraine.

Who is older, Diana or Roma?

Roma is older than Diana.

What nationality are Diana and Roma?



Kid Diana is an incredibly successful six-year-old YouTube star. Her YouTube channel, Kids Diana Show, has earned billions of views every month, with her content being translated into multiple languages. Her parents have quit their jobs in order to manage her content and social media full-time. In 2020, Kids Diana partnered with Pocket. watch, a media company, to make her a star on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video. Her estimated annual revenue, as of 2020, is $112.07 million, and her channel could potentially earn up to $201.73 million annually.

The Kids Diana Show has also recently partnered with Walmart to create a toy collection called The Princes of Play. This collection includes dolls, accessories, and playsets, all based on the characters from Kids Diana’s show. Kids Diana has become a global brand, with children and parents recognizing her all over the world. She has appeared on multiple talk shows, including “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “The Tonight Show” Starring Jimmy Fallon. She also has an Instagram account with over two million followers. Kids Diana is a prime example of how a child can achieve success on YouTube. She has used her platform to spread positivity and inspire creativity. Diana and Roma Net Worth is US$ 112 Million as of 2022.