What is Jack Ma Net Worth?

Jack Ma Net Worth is US$ 24.6 Billion as of Jan 2023.

Net WorthUS$ 24.6 Billion
Born:September 10, 1964 (59 Years)
Full NameJack Ma Yun
Height5′ 5″
Country of OriginChina
Source of Wealthe-Commerce Business
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse (s)Zhang Ying (M., 1988)
ChildrenMa Yuankun
Famous ForAlibaba Group


Jack Ma is a famous Chinese businessman, philanthropist, and investor. He is a co-founder and the former executive chairman of Alibaba Group. Jack is one of the wealthiest people in the world and the 4th richest person in China. Jack Ma was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. He worked as an English teacher during his initial career days. He co-founded an e-commerce company named Alibaba in 1999. Alibaba is a famous online B2B marketplace. During his early career days, Jack faced several rejections while applying for jobs, and despite of that Jack achieved great success in the future. Jack has won many awards and honors in his career and has built a significant amount of wealth.



Jack Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English


Jack Started his first company Haibo Translation Agency


Jack Started his second company ‘China Pages.’


Jack Co-founded Alibaba


Jack founded Taobao Marketplace, Lynx, Alipay, and Ali Mama.


Jack resigned as the CEO of Alibaba Group


Alibaba got listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


Jack stepped down as the chairman of the Alibaba Group


Jack stepped down from the board of Alibaba Group

Early Life

Jack Ma was born on September 10, 1964, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. Since his childhood, Jack has been interested in the English language. Hence, he started practicing English by listening to English radio stations. Jack gave tours to tourists to improve his English. Jack failed the college entrance exam twice on the third attempt, and he got promoted by Hangzhou Normal University to an undergraduate foreign language major. Jack’s academics got improved after entering the university. He got ranked in the top five of the foreign language department due to his excellent English. Jack was also elected as the chairman of the student union and served two terms as chairman at the Hangzhou Federation of Students. Later in 1988, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English. Jack became a lecturer for International Trade and English at Hangzhou Dianzi University after graduation. 


Jack Ma applied for various jobs during his initial career days but got rejected 31 times. He also worked as a lecturer at Hangzhou Dianzi University. Jack started his first company, “Haibo Translation Agency,” in 1994. He visited the US with his colleagues on behalf of the government, where he explored the internet. Jack realized that the internet is a powerful tool. Later he started his second company ‘China Pages’ with He Yibing in 1995 and registered the domain for the company on the Internet. The company made significant profits after it was started.

He also began building websites for various Chinese companies with his friends. Jack got a computer first time when he was 33 years old. Later in 1999, Jack co-founded Alibaba, an online B2B platform. Jack Ma served as the executive chairman and CEO of the Alibaba Group. Alibaba got investments from Goldman Sachs and SoftBank during 1999-2000.

In 2003, Jack founded Taobao Marketplace, Lynx, Alipay, and Ali Mama. Taobao started growing and got an investment of US$ 1 billion from Jerry Yang, the co-founder of Yahoo. Later in 2013, he resigned as the CEO of Alibaba Group. Alibaba reportedly raised around US$ 25 billion on the New York Stock Exchange through an initial public offering in 2014. In 2018, Jack announced that he would step down as the executive chairman in the coming year. Jack stepped down as the chairman of Alibaba Group in 2019. Later in 2020, he stepped down from the board of Alibaba.

Jack Ma Net Worth Growth

Jack Ma has an estimated Net Worth of US$ 22.8 Billion as of 2022. Jack Ma’s net worth has declined by US$ 16.2 Billion from 2018-2022. Jack’s Net worth peaked in 2021 by reaching US$ 48.4 Billion.

Net Worth in 2022US$ 22.8 Billion
Net Worth in 2021US$ 48.4 Billion
Net Worth in 2020US$ 38.8 Billion
Net Worth in 2019US$ 37.3 Billion
Net Worth in 2018US$ 39 Billion
Net Worth in 2017US$ 28.3 Billion
Net Worth in 2016US$ 20.5 Billion
Net Worth in 2015US$ 22.7 Billion
Net Worth in 2014US$ 10 Billion
Net Worth in 2013US$ 3.4 Billion 
Jack Ma net worth chart


  • Worked as a Lecturer at Hangzhou Dianzi University
  • He started his first company Haibo Translation Agency in 1994
  • Co-founded Alibaba in 1999

Favorite Quotes from Jack Ma

Favorite Quote 1 from Jack Ma

“Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.” 

Jack Ma 
Favorite Quote 2 from Jack Ma

“We should keep on going along the path of globalization. Globalization is good; when trade stops, war comes.”

 – Jack Ma
Favorite Quote 3 from Jack Ma

“Trust the young people; trust this generation’s innovation. They’re making things, changing innovation every day. And all the consumers are the same: they want new things, they want cheap things, they want good things, they want unique things. If we can create these kind of things for consumers, they will come.”

Jack Ma
Favorite Quote 4 from Jack Ma

“If we work so hard and put all the money in the hospital to buy medicine – it will be a disaster. Why we should work? So without a healthy environment of this Earth, no matter how much money you make, no matter how wonderful you are, you have a bad disaster.”

Jack Ma
Favorite Quote 5 from Jack Ma

“You should learn from your competitor but never copy. Copy and you die.”

Jack Ma
Favorite Quote 6 from Jack Ma

“There are big problems that change the world. If we are working together, that will make us understand each other, appreciate each other, help each other.”

Jack Ma
Favorite Quote 7 from Jack Ma

“When I am myself, I am happy and have a good result.”

Jack Ma

Keys Life Lessons from Jack Ma

We now know everything about Jack Ma and his net worth. Let’s look at some of his lessons.

1. Passion

Passion should be there to achieve success.

2. Accept Rejections Positively

One must accept rejections positively in life.

3. Hard work

Hard work is essential for success in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money does Jack Ma have?

Jack Ma’s net worth was estimated at US$ 24.6 billion as of Jan 2023.

Was Jack Ma rejected at different jobs?

Jack Ma got rejected 31 times at different jobs.

Is Jack Ma still on the board of Alibaba?

Jack Ma stepped down from the board of Alibaba in 2020.


Jack Ma is a renowned businessperson who got famous by co-founding the Alibaba Group. Jack Ma has an estimated net worth of US$ 24.6 billion as of January 2023. Alibaba Group is a well-known multinational tech conglomerate. Jack started his career by working as a lecturer at Hangzhou Dianzi University. He launched his first company Haibo Translation Agency in 1994 and co-founded Alibaba in 1999. Jack has served as the executive chairman and CEO of the Alibaba Group. Jack has now stepped down from the board of Alibaba Group. He has earned significant wealth from his various businesses.

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