What is Irina Shayk Net Worth?

Irina Shayk Net Worth is US$ 25 Million as of January 2023.

Net Worth US$ 25 Million 
Full NameIrina Valeryevna Shaykhlislamova
Born: January 6, 1986 (38 Years)
Gender Female 
Height 5′ 10″ 
Horoscope Capricorn 
Country of Origin Soviet Union, Russia
Source of Wealth Modeling contracts
Marital Status Married 
Spouse(s) Cristiano Ronaldo (m. 2010 – div. 2015) Bradley Cooper (m. 2015 – div. 2019)
ChildrenLea De Seine Shayk Cooper
Famous For Modelling & Acting


Irina Shayk is a well-known and endearing individual. She is currently 36 years old and was born on January 6, 1986. Russian model Irina is incredibly talented and diligent. Her full name is Irina Valeryevna Shaykhlislamova, and she has a net worth of about $25 Million.

Irina’s extensive modeling contracts and endorsement deals enable him to maintain a significant net worth. She has been on runways at some of the world’s most prestigious fashion events.



Irina became the face of ‘Intimissimi’ and did the photoshoot.


Irina earned popularity and became famous. She also signed many modeling contracts.


Irina Shayk became an ambassador for a famous brand named Intimissimi.


Irina increased his career opportunities and entered a fashion show by ‘Victoria’s Secret.’


Irina received a model of the year award on December 21, 2017.


A wanted bunch: 14 top models shot as they were on June 26, 2018.


Irina again received the model of the year award on December 27, 2019, and December 22, 2020.

Early Life

Irina Shayk was born in Yemanzhelinsk, (Russian SFSR), Soviet Union, on January 6, 1986. Irina’s mother was a kindergarten teacher, and her father worked as a coal miner. Irina has always been interested in music; she first became so when she was a young child. Irina learned to play the piano under her mother’s instruction when she was six years old, and by the age of nine, she enrolled in a reputable music school to participate in the choir. When Irina was in school, everyone paid considerably more attention to him because of his enormous physique and sun-kissed skin.

When Irina was 14 years old, the situation changed due to the death of his father from problems from pneumonia, even though Irina’s mother had always wanted her to pursue music studies. The mother of Irina was required to perform a few tasks.

Irina Shayk was drawn to modeling after competing in a local beauty contest, but she first majored in marketing after high school. Irina competed in the “Miss Chelyabinsk 2004” beauty pageant and took first place. 


Shayk continued to be the first Russian model to be featured on the Sports Illustrated cover when she did so in 2011. Irina is well known for dating various noteworthy celebrities in addition to her modeling job.

Irina Shayk made her acting debut as a Megara alongside Dwayne Johnson in 2014. Irina was a prevalent celebrity model in 2007; she accomplished a new deal with Intimissimi that saw her grace the different and charming face of the brand, and she counts this event as one of his most significant achievements. In the same year, Irina also popped up in the “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue” for the first time. Irina has also appeared in various advertisement campaigns for several famous brands.

Over the upcoming years, Irina will carry on to work with several famous brands. Irina truly started to go ahead toward high fashion in 2016. Throughout the same year, she began walking runways for favorite brands like Miu, Burberry, Givenchy, Philipp Plein, and many more.


Here are some of the best highlights of Irina Shayk’s career:

  • Model of the Year Award (2017,2019.2020)
  • Become a brand ambassador of Intimissimi (2010)
  • Poster model Winter Olympics,(2014)
  • appeared on the glossy cover of ‘Elle Spain’ (2010)

Favorite Quotes from Irina Shayk

Favorite Quote 1 from Irina Shayk

” Nothing is better than going home to family, eating good food, and relaxing.”  

– Irina Shayk
Favorite Quote 2 from Irina Shayk

 “My ideal man is faithful, honest, and a gentleman who knows how to treat women.” 

– Irina Shayk
Favorite Quote 3 from Irina Shayk

“I’ve never understood why some women use plastic surgery to make themselves more attractive to men. The most beautiful woman is someone who’s happy and is always smiling.” 

– Irina Shayk
Favorite Quote 4 from Irina Shayk

“I was born and raised in a small village, and I didn’t even think I was gorgeous.”

 – Irina Shayk
Favorite Quote 5 from Irina Shayk

“I started playing piano at age six. I also sang in the choir, so my mum put me into music school. I went to study there for seven years, but it was not my passion. I quit because I wanted to study marketing. But I can still play piano.” 

– Irina Shayk
Favorite Quote 6 from Irina Shayk

 “I spend time doing cardio because it makes me feel good.” 

– Irina Shayk
Favorite Quote 7 from Irina Shayk

“If you’re with someone, it’s because you’re moving in the same direction, and you both are looking for the same thing. Both of you have to share the same concept of what a relationship means.”

 – Irina Shayk

Key Life Lessons from Irina Shayk

We now know everything about Irina Shayk and his net worth. Let’s look at some of his lessons. 

  1. Learn to be comfortable in your skin 
  2. In life, we have to let it go and understand it’s a human process not to be perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Irina Shayk’s net worth? 

Irina Shayk is a very charming Fashion Model and an Actor who earns a net worth of US$25 Million.  

What is Irina Shayk’s weight?

Irina Shayk is a famous and influential personality. Her weight is approximately 54 kg.  

How tall is Irina Shayk?

 Irina is a successful actor plus supermodel who stands 1.78 m tall.

How old is Irina Shayk?

The Birthdate of Irina was January 6, 1986, and she is a 37-year-old woman as of Jan 2023.


Irina Shayk, a supermodel and television personality from Russia, gained notoriety when she became the first Russian model to appear on the cover of 2011. Her contributions to Sports Illustrated were highly renowned. Since she was young, Irina has had a passion for music, and to further her education, she enrolled at the top music conservatory.

Irina initially started dating  Cristiano Ronaldo in early 2009, and this relationship continued until 2015, only 5 to 6 years, and then they split. That same year, Shayk began dating celebrity Bradley Cooper. In 2017, this couple welcomed a child (Daughter) into their world. After some years, they decided to break up in 2019. She started his career in 2007, and after that, she earned very high popularity and became a celebrity supermodel. Irina lost her Dad at a very early age when she was a child. After that, her mother took full responsibility by doing a couple of jobs at the same time. She makes her different image in the world with his work and sets a successful example in front of everyone.