What is the net worth of Dwight Howard?

Dwight Howard net worth is US$ 138 Million as of Jan 2023.

Net WorthUS$ 138 Million
BornDecember 8, 1985 (38 Years)
Country of originAtlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Source of wealthBasketball, Endorsements
Marital statusMarried
SpouseTe’a Omari Cooper
ChildrenBraylon Howard, Layla Howard, Jayde Howard, Darren Howard, David Howard
Famous forBasketball


Professional basketball player Dwight Howard is the top player in the league. Before playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, Atlanta Hawks, Houston Rockets, and Charlotte Hornets, the NBA great began his career with the Orlando Magic. He has won the “All-Star” 8 times and “All-NBA Team” honors 5 times.



Howard is drafted first overall by the “Orlando Magic” in the NBA Draft.

2005 – 2011

Howard spends his first eight seasons with the “Orlando Magic”. During this time, he establishes himself as one of the dominant centers in the league, earning multiple All-Star selections and winning the “NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award three times”.


After months of trade speculation, Howard is traded to the “Los Angeles Lakers” in a four-team deal.


Howard signs with the “Houston Rockets”.


Howard signs with the “Atlanta Hawks” as a free agent, returning to his hometown team.


Howard is traded to the “Charlotte Hornets”.


Howard is traded to the “Brooklyn Nets”.

  • Howard signs with the “Los Angeles Lakers”.

  • Howard plays a crucial role off the bench for the Lakers, contributing to their NBA championship run, which culminates in winning the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat.


Howard signs with the “Philadelphia 76ers”.


Howard signs a one-year deal with the “Los Angeles Lakers”, returning to the team for a second stint.


Currently signed with “Taoyuan Leopards”.

Early Life

On December 8, 1985, Dwight David Howard was born in Atlanta. He was hailed as a miracle kid when he was taken to Sheryl and Dwight Howard Sr., as his mother previously gave birth to seven stillborn children. Because both of Dwight’s parents were famous basketball players, he was predestined to be an athlete. When Dwight was nine years old, he began basketball training. Dwight quickly got acquainted with the sport’s fundamentals. He looked up to Michael Jordan and emulated his style. Throughout his life, Dwight has been motivated by Kevin Garnett, whom he also idolizes.

Before starting to play for his squad at Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy High School, Dwight had already mastered the sport and caught the attention of the NBA selection committee.

Dwight immediately rose to the position of team captain, helping his group qualify for the state finals. He also won the MVP title and numerous other “Player of the Year” honors during his time in high school.


Dwight joined the “Orlando Magic Club” in 2004 and immediately contributed to the team’s season-long success. He was the youngest player to accomplish this feat, scoring 112 points and grabbing 10 rebounds before the end of his first season.

Dwight came back stronger than ever for his second season with the squad. He made great improvements in the areas that his coach believed were his weakest, and he assisted his team in qualifying for the 2006 Rookie Challenge of NBA All-Star Weekend.

Dwight didn’t give up, even if his efforts weren’t enough to help his team advance to the championship game. He finished the second season with an average of 20 points and 20 rebounds per game. 

Dwight finished the 2009 Eastern Conference with an average of 40.14 rebounds, helping his club achieve their first-ever championship win.

Dwight joined the “Los Angeles Lakers” in 2012, but his performance suffered when he had a back injury and experienced stress as a result of the criticism he faced for leaving the “Orlando Magic”. Dwight had to have back surgery during the 2012–2013 season.

Dwight left the “Orlando Magic” in 2013 to play for the Houston Rockets, but he wasn’t able to match his performance there.

In his first game for the “Atlanta Hawks” in 2016, Dwight performed substantially better than he had for the Los Angeles Lakers.

He started playing for the “Charlotte Hornets” in October of the next season and then transferred to the “Washington Wizards” the following season, where he has been ever since.

Dwight Howard Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2023$150 Million
Net Worth in 2022$138 Million
Net Worth in 2021$126 Million
Net Worth in 2020$120 Million
Net Worth in 2019$118 Million
Net Worth in 2018$110 Million


  • Kids’ Choice Awards, Most Enthusiastic Athlete (2014)
  • NBA Awards, Defensive Player of the Year (2009, 2010, 2011)

Favorite Quotes from Dwight Howard

Favorite Quote 1 from Dwight Howard

“But at the end of the day, every star, every person that been iconic, has gone through a time in their lives where it was just wrong. Everybody. It just made them better.”

Dwight Howard
Favorite Quote 2 from Dwight Howard

“I’ve been on the side where you have nothing, and now I’m on the side where anything I want is there for me. When I didn’t have the means to do whatever I wanted to do, I still had peace.”

Dwight Howard
Favorite Quote 3 from Dwight Howard

“You go from high school to the NBA, and you’re thrown in the fire.”

Dwight Howard
Favorite Quote 4 from Dwight Howard

“I didn’t try to cry my way out of Orlando. That was never my intention, or not what I did at all. And I understand everybody thought it was that way because of what was being put out there.”

Dwight Howard
Favorite Quote 5 from Dwight Howard

“I work extremely hard in the weight room, and also on the court to get better and make sure I keep my body in shape.”

Dwight Howard

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Dwight Howard?

Dwight Howard’snet worth is estimated at US$ 138 Million as of Jan 2023.

When was Dwight Howard born?

Dwight Howard was born on December 8, 1985.


Dwight Howard is a professional basketball player who has won 8 “All-Star” and 5 “All-NBA Team” honors. He was born in Atlanta and was predestined to be an athlete due to his parents’ famous basketball playing. Dwight Howard was inspired by Michael Jordan and Kevin Garnett, and quickly mastered the sport. He joined the Orlando Magic club in 2004 and immediately contributed to the team’s success. Dwight Howard was the youngest player to score 112 points and 10 rebounds in his first season with the “Orlando Magic”.

He made improvements in his weakest areas and helped his team qualify for the 2006 “Rookie Challenge of NBA All-Star Weekend. In 2012, he joined the “Los Angeles Lakers”, but his performance suffered due to a back injury. Also in 2016, he performed significantly better than he had for the “Los Angeles Lakers”. In 2017, he transferred to the “Washington Wizards”.

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