What is Darrell Sheets Net Worth?

Darrell Sheets Net Worth is US$ 6 Million as of 2022.

Net WorthUS$ 6 Million
Born:May 13, 1958 (65 Years)
Nick Name“The Gambler”
Height5′ 10″
Country of OriginUnited States
Source of WealthTelevision Shows
Marital StatusDivorced
Spouse (s)Kimber Wuefel (Ex)
ChildrenBrandon Sheets
Famous ForHe is famous for being the Gambler in the TV show “Storage Wars”


Darrell Sheets is a reality television star best known for his role in the top-rated American reality TV series “Storage Wars,” airing on the A&E network. Since its premiere in 2010, Darrell has become one of the show’s breakout stars thanks to his strong personality and veteran store auction experience. Darrell along with his son Brandon are the showrunners. The show auctions off unclaimed items in lockers with three months’ unpaid rent to potential buyers. Sheets, an experienced bounty hunter, decided to try his luck at the show. Although he is not as experienced as his father, he still has good skills. A self-proclaimed “Gambler,” Darrell never shies away from taking chances when making an offer. This ability to take risks makes him a brilliant stock hunter. Participating in the show brought the little-known Sheets to fame and earned him a sizeable online following.

Early Life

Darrell was born in San Diego, California on 13th May 1958. Very little is known about his parents and early life. In 2012, Sheets proposed to his long-time Girlfriend “Kimber Wuerffel” and shifted to Huntington Beach from San Diego to spend more time with her. The Parted Ways in the year 2016 and Sheets got engaged to Romney Snyder, CEO and Founder of HI Caliber Horse Rescue, till the time it was shut down due to allegations of fraud and animal cruelty.

Sheets and Snyder never separated officially, and after Darrell retired, he began a relationship with Patty Rich, who owned several restaurants and vineyards. Darrell and Rich met after he expressed interest in a boat she was selling. Darrell has a son, Brandon, who starred with his father in Storage Wars.  Darrell lost 100 pounds using Nutrisystem in 2016. Also, he suffered a mild heart attack while attending a Justin Timberlake concert after being ill for three months in 2019. He revealed that he was diagnosed with “congestive heart failure and his lungs had serious problems” and that he later underwent surgery.


Before joining Storage Wars, Sheets’ career spanned more than 30 years of finding treasure in storage houses. He said in an interview that some of his most significant finds included four Pablo Picasso paintings, a letter from Abraham Lincoln (which sold for more than US$15,000), and a set of rare comic books worth US$90,000. Known for his catchphrase “That’s the WOW factor!”, Darrell appeared in 168 episodes. “Storage Wars,” a famous reality show on A&E Networks, captivates audiences with its thrilling premise, featuring a cast of renowned professional buyers such as Dave Hester, Barry Weiss, Jarrod Schulz, Brandi Passante, Mary Padian, and more. These seasoned experts engage in fierce bidding wars, vying for the contents of storage units, all under the expert guidance of the charismatic auctioneer, Dan Dotson.

“Storage Wars” debuted in December 2010 and immediately became one of the most popular television shows. The first season drew an average of 2.5 million viewers per episode. And the second season drew an average of 5 million viewers per episode.

Sheets revealed that in 1988 he found a human body wrapped in plastic in a storage closet in San Diego. Later, the police found that the previous closet owner had killed his wife and had hidden her body in the closet. Darrell left Storage Wars in 2017 and retired from the locker business in 2019, moving to Lake Havasu, Arizona.

Darrell Sheets Net Worth Growth

After so many years of bidding, Darrell has a net worth of US$ 6 million.
He earns US$300,000 a year from the show. In addition to his income from the front, he also earns income by buying and selling stocks outside the show. Sheets is also a real estate investor and reality TV personality. At eighteen, he purchased his first property in Los Angeles. He quickly learned the intricacies of the business and, by the age of 21, had remodeled his first house. Darrell has since moved into real estate investing and becomes a well-known figure in reality television. He is always looking for the best deals and is careful while searching for hidden treasures.

Favorite Quotes from Darrell Sheets

Favorite Quote from Darrell Sheets

“This is the wow factor.”

Darrell Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Birthday of Darrell Sheets?

The date of birth of Darrell Sheets is 13 May 1958.

What is the age of Darrell Sheets?

The Age of Darrell Sheets is 64 years old as of 2022.

What is the net worth of Darrell Sheets?

The net worth is US$6 million as of 2022.

What is the height of Darrell Sheets?

He is 5’10” in height


Darrel is a television star and hunter, and he became famous after several seasons in A&E Series Storage Wars. He is popularly known as called “Gambler.” Darrell has investment strategies that sometimes bring his experience in the storage locker business which spans several decades, and earned him huge fame and fortune.