What is Dan Dotson Net Worth?

Dan Dotson Net Worth is US$ 4.5 Million as of 2022.

Net WorthUS$ 4.5 Million
Born:November 23, 1962 (61 Years)
Height5′ 8″
Country of OriginCalifornia, The US
Source of WealthAuctioneer and TV Personality
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseLaura Dotson (m. 2000)
ChildrenGarett Dotson (Son)
Famous For“Storage Wars” and “American Auctioneers”


Dan Dotson, the owner of “American Auctioneers,” an auctioneering company, is an American auctioneer who appears in the famous reality show “Storage Wars.” Dan appears on the show as a storage unit auctioneer and auctions various storage units across the United States. He started his auctioneering business in 1974. His wife, Laura Dotson, is also an auctioneer, co-owner, and manager of “American Auctioneers.” Dan once auctioned a unit that had US$ 7.5 million in cash inside a safe. He is also famous for his quick auctioning style. In 2014, Dan was hospitalized due to a double-brain aneurysm. Currently, he works as an Auctioneer with an estimated net worth of US$ 4.5 million.



He started his Auctioneering Business.


He started the “American Auctioneers” Company.


He appeared on the famous reality show “Storage Wars.”

Early Life

Dan Dotson was born in the United States on November 23, 1962. He is an American citizen and of white ethnicity. He has been interested in auctioneering since he was 13 when he joined the Chino auction service in California and began selling furniture. Dan’s grandfather Sam Fancher who was an Auctioneer taught him auctioneering when he was just 11. Dan joined Merl Bernard auctioneers to sell furniture when he was 16. After advancing to the respectable position of auctioneering, he now has enviable triumphs to his credit. Dan has the exceptional talent to auction and seemingly sell anything.


Dan Dotson started his career as an Auctioneer at a young age. In 1983, he started the “American Auctioneers” company. Dan used to run an auction house from 1980-1990 in Riverside, California which had items such as furniture, collectibles, dolls, porcelain, and pottery. Later on, Dan’s wife Laura Dotson became his business partner. Laura is the co-owner and manager of “American Auctioneers.” Dan’s auctioneering company, the “American Auctioneers,” is specialized in the auctions of storage units, business inventories and equipment, estates, fundraisers and appraisals, and legal/foreclosure auctions. Dan and his wife Laura appeared on the famous reality show “Storage Wars” in 2010.

Storage Wars” is an immensely popular reality show on A&E networks that follows a captivating cast of professional buyers, including the likes of Dave Hester, Barry Weiss, Darrell Sheets, Jarrod Schulz, Brandi Passante, Mary Padian, and more, as they engage in fierce bidding wars over intriguing storage units. Dan is an auctioneer in the “Storage Wars” show, and his wife Laura is a ring-woman. Also, Dan is the Chief Advisor and Co-Creator of the “Storage Auctions” internet portal. Dan has also appeared on the Auction Kings show.

Storageauctions.net, an innovative online platform that offers self-storage auction listings in the US and Canada, is owned by Dan and is a site specifically dedicated to auction storage. His firm has thrived because he conducts two auctions on average every day, six days a week. Currently, American Auctioneer, his company, is credited with managing over 3000 auctions and appraisals each year, making them the top auction experts in North America!

In the course of their auctioneering, Dan and Laura have made appearances on “Storage Wars” since 2010, “Happening Now” in 2012, and “Hot in Cleveland” in 2012. Additionally, they made guest appearances on “Fox & Friends,” “Anderson Live,” and “The Home and Family Show” in 2012 and 2013, respectively. Additionally, they were mentioned in the 2013 and 2015 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards.

Keys Life Lessons from Dan Dotson

We now know everything about Dan Dotson and his net worth. Let’s look at some of his lessons.

1. Passion

Sometimes the following passion leads to great success.

2. Communication

Communication is a needed skill.

3. Dedication

Dedication helps to achieve success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Dan?

In 2014, Dan was hospitalized due to a double-brain aneurysm.

What is Dan Dotson’s Net Worth?

Dan Dotson has an estimated Net Worth of around US$ 4.5 Million as of 2022.

Who is Dan Dotson’s Wife?

Laura Dotson is Dan Dotson’s Wife.


Dan Dotson is a renowned American Auctioneer and TV Personality. He is famous for the reality show “Storage Wars.” Dan Dotson and his wife own a fully developed auctioneering service business, “American Auctioneers” Company, in 1983 in Riverside, California. Dan has an estimated Net Worth of around US$ 4.5 Million.

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