What is Ben Shapiro Net Worth?

Ben Shapiro Net Worth is US$ 20 Million as of 2022.

Net WorthUS$ 20 Million
Born:January 15, 1984 (40 Years)
Also known asBenjamin Aaron Shapiro
Height5′ 7″
Country of OriginThe United States
ProfessionPolitical Commentator, Public Speaker, Author, and Lawyer
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseMor Toledano ​(m. 2008)
ChildrenLeeya Eliana Shapiro (Daughter)
Famous ForHe became the youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the United States at the very young age of 17


Ben Shapiro is a commentator, lawyer, author, and public speaker. He is a strong supporter of “right-wing” politics or conservatism. At the age of 17, Shapiro was a syndicated columnist. He topped in academics from an early age. He was awarded many academic awards, such as the “Phi Beta Kappa”.

Ben Shapiro is a political science and law graduate. He also ran a self-governing law consulting firm. Shapiro has been fascinated by politics from a young age. He has contributed columns to several websites, including ‘WorldNetDaily.com’ and ‘ABCNews.com.’ When he was twenty-one, he published his first book, Brainwashed. Shapiro strongly supports conservatism in all of his articles and books.

Shapiro was editor-at-large at ‘Breitbart News’ an American news site. He also founded and is the editor-in-chief of the conservative opinion and news website, ‘The Daily Wire’. Shapiro has been criticized for his views on a population of Muslims. His opinions on issues such as same-gender marriages and the abortion ban have also drawn him into controversy. Shapiro hosts The Ben Shapiro Show, a daily political podcast.

Early Life

Ben Shapiro was born in Los Angeles, California, on January 15, 1984. His father, David Shapiro, is a composer, and his mother is a television executive. His family is Lithuanian and Russian. He follows Judaism. At the age of nine, his family converted to orthodox Judaism.

Ben learned violin when he was twelve years old in 1996 and performed at the Israel Bonds Banquet. He was a musical person from a young age and could play the piano too. Shapiro began playing the violin and piano at a very younger age. Shapiro became interested in politics as a youngster. Shapiro received a degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, in 2004. He was awarded the Phi Beta Kappa award. In 2007, he graduated from Harvard Law School with a law degree.


After graduating from Harvard Law School, Ben Shapiro started his career as an attorney. At the age of 17, he became the youngest syndicated columnist.

Shapiro’s published his 1st book, “Brainwashed,” in 2004. It argues that universities are dominated by liberal professors who brainwash students with weak opinions. He published his 2nd book in 2005, “P@rn Generation: Why Social Liberalism is Corrupting Our Future.”

Ben Shapiro is a strong advocate of conservatism in all his books. In his book “Primetime Propaganda” Shapiro discusses the true Hollywood Story of how the Left took over your TV.

In his books, Shapiro has addressed controversial topics. He published the 2008 book “Project President: Botox and Bad Hair on the Road to The White House” in which he discusses how personal appearances can affect a presidential candidate’s chances to win. He also wrote a book called “The People vs. Barack Obama” about how former president Barack Obama misused power.

Shapiro was made a fellow at David Horowitz Freedom Center in 2011. This center promotes conservative ideologies. After a dispute with management, Shapiro was made editor-at-large at the conservative news site ‘Breitbart News’ in 2012.

Shapiro, an American conservative news and opinion site, founded ‘The Daily Wire’ in September 2015. He also serves as editor-in-chief. The site also posts its written content and produces shows like ‘The Ben Shapiro Show’ or ‘The Michael Knowles Show.

Shapiro’s political podcast, “The Ben Shapiro Show,” is one of the most listened-to podcasts about politics. The podcast was downloaded 10 million times per month as of November 2017. The show was syndicated to radio by mass media company “Westwood One” in 2018. After controversial statements by Shapiro in 2018, several companies pulled their sponsorships.

Shapiro began hosting “The Ben Shapiro Election Special” on Fox News in September 2018. It covered news about the US midterm elections of 2018. Shapiro is also a public speaker. He lectures at many colleges and shares his conservative views on controversial subjects. He is a columnist for the ‘Creators Syndicate’ and ‘Newsweek.’

Shapiro supports an abortion ban. He spoke out against abortion in 2019 at the March for Life in Washington, DC. He was criticized for his controversial remarks at the event and lost sponsorships to his show, “The Ben Shapiro Show.” He believes transgender people are at risk of mental illness. Shapiro has also been criticized for his prejudice against Muslims.

Shapiro also claimed that ‘Facebook had targeted conservative websites after introducing an algorithm change’.

Personal Life

Ben Shapiro was married to Mor Toledano in 2008. They have a daughter and a son. He is a physician by profession. Shapiro currently resides in Los Angeles. He is active on social media platforms like ‘Facebook,’ ‘Instagram,’ and ‘YouTube.

Favorite Quotes from Ben Shapiro

Favorite Quote 1 from Ben Shapiro

“Facts don’t care about your feelings.” 

Ben Shapiro 
Favorite Quote 2 from Ben Shapiro

“There is no such thing as ‘your truth.’ There is the truth and your opinion.”

Ben Shapiro
Favorite Quote 3 from Ben Shapiro

“Without a clear moral vision, we devolve into moral relativism, and from there, into oblivion.”

Ben Shapiro
Favorite Quote 4 from Ben Shapiro

“A man may be judged by his standard of entertainment as easily as by the standard of his work.”

Ben Shapiro
Favorite Quote 5 from Ben Shapiro

“Freedom of speech and thought matters, especially when it is speech and thought with which we disagree. The moment the majority decides to destroy people for engaging in thought it dislikes, thought crime becomes a reality.”

Ben Shapiro

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ben Shapiro’s father?

Ben Shapiro’s father is David Shapiro. David worked as a composer, while Ben’s mother was a TV company executive.

What is the daily wire, Ben Shapiro?

The Daily Wire is an American conservative news website and media company founded in 2015 by political commentator Ben Shapiro and film director Jeremy Boreing. The company is a leading publisher on Facebook and produces podcasts such as The Ben Shapiro Show.

Are Ben Shapiro and Lisa Joyner still married?

Joyner has been married to actor Ben Shapiro since 2007.

What is the age of Ben Shapiro?

Currently, Ben Shapiro is 55 years old.  


Ben Shapiro’s net worth is estimated at US$ 20 million as of September 2022. He is a strong supporter of “right-wing” politics or conservatism. Shapiro was editor-at-large at ‘Breitbart News’ an American news site. His opinions on issues such as same-gender marriages and the abortion ban have drawn him into controversy. Ben Shapiro is a physician by profession.

He was made a fellow at David Horowitz Freedom Center in 2011. Shapiro’s political podcast, ‘The Ben Shapiro Show,’ is one of the most listened-to podcasts about politics. The podcast was downloaded 10 million times per month as of November 2017.

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