What is Tom Green Net Worth?

Tom Green net worth is US$ 5 Million as of Jan 2023

Net Worth US$ 5 Million
Born:July 30, 1971 (52 Years)
Full NameMichael Thomas Green
Height6′ 2”
Country of OriginThe US
Source of WealthFilmmaking, Podcasting, Acting, Rapping
Marital StatusSingle
Spouse (s)Drew Barrymore (M., 2001; Div., 2002)
Famous ForThe New Tom Green Show. Freddy Got Fingered (2001), Charlie’s Angels (2000)


Tom Green is a Canadian-American rapper, show host, comedian, actor, podcaster, filmmaker, and show host. Green created and hosted The Tom Green Show, which aired on MTV and Canadian television from 1994 to 2000. The show became famous for its absurdist pranks, shock comedy, and Green’s maniacal persona, and it influenced later series like Jackass and The Eric Andre Show. Green also pursued stand-up comedy and music as a young adult. He hosted an overnight call-in show on the University of Ottawa campus radio station, UCO.

Glenn and Tom became close friends and started hosting The Midnight Caller Show. This show lasted from 1993 through 1996. The basic format of The Midnight Caller was for listeners to call in with Tom or Glenn laughing at them or “razzing”, and then soon after, they hang up. Green also briefly worked as a rapper under the alias “MC Bones” in the early 1990s. He was also known as “Pin the Chameleon” among his fellow MCs. The single “Check The O.R.” The single “Check The O.R.” was nominated in 1993 for a Juno Award for Best Rap Recording. He also won the Much Vibe Best Rap Video award in 1992. Green has also made cameo appearances in the Hollywood films Shred, Charlie’s Angels, Road Trip, and Stealing Harvard.

Green also starred in, co-directed, and co-wrote the cult movie Freddy Got Fingered in 2001. Drew Barrymore, who co-starred with him in Charlie’s Angels and Freddy Got Fingers, was his wife for a brief period (2001–2002). The New Tom Green Show, a short-lived late-night talk show on MTV, aired in 2003. He returned to stand-up comedy in 2010 after hosting Tom Green’s House Tonight, an internet talk show, from his home from 2006 to 2011. On the American cable network AXS TV, Green hosted the weekly talk show Tom Green Live from October 2013 to November 2014.



Diagnosed with testicular cancer in March.


Released His autobiography, – Hollywood Causes Cancer.


Green returned to rap and started the group. Green released his second solo album in Canada entitled “Prepare For Impact”, which included a bonus DVD featuring footage from his live tour.


Released his new album entitled The Tom Green Show LP, which featured his new song “I Wanna Be Friends With Drake”.


A second solo rap album titled Basement Jams was released in download-only format on his website.


Green released a stout milk beer by Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company called The Tom Green Beer


Tom Green began broadcasting from a studio in Los Angeles through the live streaming service on his YouTube channel


Green released his new album entitled The Tom Green Show LP, which featured his new song “I Wanna Be Friends With Drake”

Early Life

Tom Green was Born on 30 July 1971 in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada. His mother, Mary Jane, was a communications consultant, and his father, Richard Green, was a retired army captain and computer systems analyst. Tom was their elder son and had two younger brothers. He attended Henry Munro Middle School, Colonel By Secondary School, and Cairene Wilson Secondary School in Gloucester, Ontario, now part of Ottawa. Green earned a degree in television broadcasting from Algonquin College in 1994.


Green started performing stand-up comedy at age 15 at local clubs like Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club. Green was a Sigma Pi Fraternity student at Algonquin College. He quickly set up his television program on public-access cable television. The Tom Green Show, a non-commercial, one-hour public cable access program, aired from September 1994 to June 1996. It aired 50 episodes in its two seasons. In 1996, CBC hired him to report on the Summer Olympics in Atlanta. He also covered the road trip in his hot Chrysler K without air conditioning.

Tom Green cleverly solved his air conditioning problem by removing the car’s roof. This made the vehicle a permanent “convertible“. These CBC feature reports gave him national exposure for his jokes, humor, and antics. Only one The Tom Green Show episode aired on CBC in October 1996. The Comedy Network acquired the Canadian show in 1997. It aired 26 episodes over two seasons.

MTV acquired The Tom Green Show in January 1999. He quickly became a popular figure in America and around the world. The original format of Green’s show was used in the MTV version. It was partly facilitated and co-facilitated by Green and two long-term friends, Glenn Humplik and Phil Giroux. Phil Giroux sat behind a rear-view window and was known as “the person in the window“, drinking espresso cups. Green and Derek Harvie, the show’s co-writer, occasionally appeared in segments.

Many sketches featured his parents, who were embarrassed and unimpressed by their son’s antics. Green composed “Lonely Swedish (The Bum Bum Song),” while on MTV’s Spring Break cruise ship performance. After the music video was shown, the song quickly became a number-one hit on Total Request Live. Eminem also referenced the song in “The Real Slim Shady.” He quickly said, “It’s unfair to 98 Degrees,” and demanded that the video be taken out of circulation.

In his autobiography, he later acknowledged that he was forced to do this by MTV to maintain the perception of “Total Request Live” as a live show. The following week’s episodes were pre-taped on location in real-time, and the producers had no idea about “The Bum Bum Song“. He was soon a star and was cast in Road Trip, Charlie’s Angels, and Freddy Got Fingered. He also directed Freddy Got Fingered. Green continued his comedy style by putting a mouse in his mouth in a memorable scene from Road Trip. Green found it more challenging to ambush during his man-on-the-street segments. He mainly targeted older people and non-English-speaking people.

In March 2000, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer and stopped making new episodes. He continued to appear on the channel via reruns and other promotional material. Because of his popularity, Green was featured on the Rolling Stone cover on June 8, 2000.

Green was on a USO tour in 2003 and met with soldiers in Kosovo. He met troops in the Persian Gulf during a 2004 tour. Green was a contestant on ABC’s reality show Wanna Bet. In 2006, Green promoted the Canadian Cable Public Affairs Channel, encouraging voters to vote in the upcoming federal elections. This included the premiere of the show in July 2008. He also competed in The Celebrity Apprentice’s 2009 season. Each celebrity raised funds to support a charity they chose throughout the season. Green chose The “Butch Walts & Donald Skinner Urologic Cancer Research Foundation“. Green was a celebrity guest chef on Hell’s Kitchen in 2009. On the first two seasons of For the Love of Ray J (which aired in late 2009 and early 2010, respectively), he served as a judge. Green is the one who invents the famous saying “She smashed it homie” on that show.


  • Green released his autobiography – Hollywood Causes Cancer: The Tom Green Story, which discussed his Hollywood career, short-lived marriage to Drew Barrymore, and his experience dealing with testicular cancer.

Favourite Quotes from Tom Green

Favourite Quote 1 from Tom Green

“It bothers me when people say ‘shock comic’ or ‘gross-out’ because that was only one type of comedy I did. There was prank comedy. Man-on-the-street-reaction comedy. Visually surreal comedy. But you do something shocking, and that becomes your label.” 

Tom Green
Favourite Quote 2 from Tom Green

“It’s exciting to be able to do something completely independent without anybody challenging it, and it’s a big part of the reason why I’m enjoying doing the stand-up comedy, is I’m able to go out and interact with people one-on-one after the show. It’s very punk-rock.” 

Tom Green
Favourite Quote 3 from Tom Green

“I tend to find comedy in dark places. I also tend to find comedy in taking on the status quo – which has always been something I find important.”

Tom Green
Favourite Quote 4 from Tom Green

“I’ve always got a whole bunch of things in the works. That’s sort of the nature of the business. Even when you’re doing something you love doing, you have to be plotting and scheming and writing and preparing for what you’re going to do when that’s finished.”

Tom Green
Favourite Quote 5 from Tom Green

“I had a real passion for performing. I craved the attention. I was a goofy kid just like I am a goofy adult. So as soon as I got the bug of getting laughs and getting on stage I just couldn’t stop.”

Tom Green
Favourite Quote 6 from Tom Green

“Everybody gets inspired by different things. I grew up wanting to go up the street with a video camera because I liked watching David Letterman yell out of the ninth floor of Rockefeller Center with a megaphone at people on the street. I thought that was a riot.”

Tom Green

Keys Life Lessons from Tom Green

We now know everything about Tom Green and his net worth. Let’s look at some of his lessons.

1. Never stop Experimenting

 Even during times when you feel like you have mastered a particular skill. Never stop to experiment with things in a new way.

2. Recovering from mistakes is important

Mistakes happen when you try new things, but recovering is all needed, then progress happens.

3. Be proud of your Accomplishments

Remember all your work and what you accomplished in your life; it motivates you to do more things and succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What made Tom Green famous?

Green rose to fame in the ’90s with his MTV show The Tom Green Show, which ran from 1994 to 2000. After that, he went on to star in movies Road Trip, Charlie’s Angels, which Barrymore also starred in, and Freddy Got Fingered and Stealing Harvard.

Does Tom Green have kids?

Tom Green does not have any children.

When did Tom Green come out?

In October 1996, The Tom Green Show aired one time as a pilot on CBC. The show was later picked up in Canada by The Comedy Network in 1997 and aired 26 episodes over the course of two seasons.


The Canadian entertainer-of-all-trades Tom Green, best known for his unique brand of shock humor, is thought to have a US$5 million net worth. He became famous when MTV decided to air “The Tom Green Show” on national television in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Instead of relying on conventional jokes and conversations for humor, the show made a name for itself and its style by shocking the audience with his antiques, many of which required him to melt into the crowd.

However, as his fame grew, things changed. The Hollywood phase that followed saw him appear in a number of films, including Charlie’s Angels. He had cancer but survived through that also a philanthropist. Tom has never been a part of any controversies or rumor mills. The well-known individual has been consumed by both his professional and personal lives. Green prefers not to combine his personal life with his professional life.

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