What is Tina Louise Net Worth?

Tina Louise Net Worth is US$ 6 Million as of 2022.

Net Worth USD 6 Million
Born:February 11, 1934 (90 Years)
Also known asTina Josivovna Chernova Blacker , Tatiana Josivovna Chernova Blacker , Tina , Tina Blacker
Height5′ 8”
Weight125.7 lbs (57Kg)
BirthplaceNew York, United States
Country of OriginUnited States of America
EducationMiami University, Actors Studio
Source of WealthActor, Singer, Writer, Author
Marital StatusMarried (2012)
SpouseLes crane (m. 1966–1974)
ChildrenCaprice Crane
ParentsBetty Horn Myers, Joseph Blacker
Boyfriend/DatingLouis Scarrone (1977), Bo Belinsky (1962), Vic Damone (1959), Lance Fuller (1958), James M. Bryant (1955-1956)
AlbumsIt’s Time for Tina
Awardthe Golden Globe Award for the New Star Of The Year
TV ShowsRituals, Gilligan’s Island, The Jackie Gleason Show
MoviesGod’s Little Acre, The Stepford Wives, Day of the Outlaw, Johnny Suede, The Hangman, For Those Who Think Young, Nightmare in Badham County, The Wrecking Crew, The Happy Ending, Siege of Syracuse, Look What’s Happened to Rosemary’s Baby, The Good Guys and the Bad Guys, Evils of the Night, Late Phases


American actress, author, and singer Tina Louise has a $6 million net worth. Louise gained the majority of her fame and notoriety for playing the fiery redhead Ginger Grant on “Gilligan’s Island”. Dawn Wells passed away in 2020, making Louise the final surviving main cast member of the TV show. She was a theatre and film actress. At age 2, she began working in her father’s candy store advertisement.



She worked in the movie Johnny Suede along with Brad Pitt.


Tina appeared in Married… with Children, a comedy show as Miss Beck in one episode.


She made a co-starring appearance in Robert Altman comedy film O.C. and Stiggs.


Tina played the character of Taylor Chapin in the soap opera Rituals, replacing Jo Ann Pflug.

Early Life

In New York City, Tina was born into a Jewish family.

Tatiana Josivovna Chernova Blacker, commonly known as Tina Louise, was born in New York City and started taking performance classes in her late teens. Joseph Blacker, Louise’s father, had a candy store with a location in Brooklyn, and her mother was a well-known fashion model. Later, he’d become an accountant.

Tina apparently added the name “Louise” during her senior year of high school. She told one of her theatre teachers that she didn’t have a middle name and that she was the only one she knew of who didn’t. Her theatre teacher gave her the suggestion to go by the name Louise.

Louise eventually enrolled at Miami University in Ohio after earning her high school diploma. Following her college graduation, Louise started working toward a profession as a model.


She later made an appearance on the covers of Adam Sir! Playboy, Modern Man, and. With roles in Broadway productions like “Two’s Company” and “Li’l Abner” and television series like “Studio One” and “Appointment with Adventure,” Tina also started a successful career in Hollywood.

Later, Tina made the transition to the big screen, making appearances in films like “God’s Little Acre,” “Garibaldi,” and “For Those Who Think Young.” She is best known for playing Ginger Grant on “Gilligan’s Island.”.

Louise made her movie debut in God’s Little Acre in 1958. In the same year, the National Art Council named her the “World’s Most Beautiful Redhead.” She and Robert Ryan co-starred in Day of the Outlaw in 1959, and she rose to the position of the leading lady of the stars.

She then declined to play in the movies Li’l Abner and Operation Petticoat. She then began acting in Italian movies. During her time in Italy, she worked on the 1960 Pietro Francisci and Garibaldi film “The Siege of Syracuse.”

Louise came to the United States in order to finish her education under Lee Strasberg and join the Actors Studio. She was chosen to play a West Virginian farm girl in the “Grandpa Pygmalion” episode of the situation comedy “The Real McCoys.”

She collaborated with Bob Denver on the beach party movie “Those Who Think Young.” To play movie actress Ginger Grant, she left the Broadway production of Fade Out – Fade In on Gillian’s Island.

As time went on, she grew more dissatisfied with the position and anxious about the future. The series ended in 1967, and she was unable to continue her career in the following blockbuster movies.

Tina asserted that being cast as Ginger destroyed her film career, despite the fact that she went on to continue her film career and make guest appearances on television. Louise didn’t show up in any of his follow-after films.

In 1974, Louise kept up her comedic persona while portraying a heroin addict in a guest role. She appeared on television in “Look What’s Happened to Rosemary’s Baby” in 1976. She was given a role in “Death Flight” in 1977.

In 1979, Tina created the project “Friendships, Secrets and Lies.” She performed in the Dallas season of the soap opera from 1978 to 1979. She cast Tylor Chapin as Jo Ann Pflug in the soap opera Rituals in 1984.

In 1957, Louise published “It’s Time for Tina,” her debut record, at the Concert Hall. There were 12 tracks with Jim Timmens and Buddy Weed’s Orchestra. Two times, most recently on the UK label Harkit Records, the album has been reissued on CD. The album was made available on iTunes in 2012. For United Artists Records, Tina also made recordings.

Career in Writing Books

  • When I Grew Up was published in 2007.
  • What Does a Bee Do? That was published in 2009

Awards and Achievements

  • In 1959, she won the golden globe USA Award for the category of Most Promising Newcomer.
  • In 2004, she won the TV Land Award for her work on Gilligan’s Island.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Tina enjoys playing with her grandchildren and spending time with them.
  • Louise is a lifetime member of Actor Studio and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.
  • For her grandchildren to become intrigued by reading, Tina wrote two books that were released in 2007 and 2009.
  • She started her professional dance career because she enjoys dancing.
  • She released the CD “It’s Time for Tina” as she enjoys singing.

Tina Louise Net Worth Growth

Tina Louise was a well-known actress and public figure. Her family was one of the famous figures in her modeling and singing careers. She had devoted her entire life to the entertainment business. Her total net worth from the beginning to the present is $6 million. She had skills and was a gifted performer.

Net Worth in 2022US$ 6 Million


In 1962, she appeared on the TV series The Real McCoys.

Favorite Quotes from Tina Louise

Favorite Quote 1 from Tina Louise

“I don’t think any child could really be happy between five and eight away from their parents.”  

Tina Louise
Favorite Quote 2 from Tina Louise

“I concentrate on exercises from the waist down, since that is the laziest part of a woman’s body.” 

Tina Louise
Favorite Quote 3 from Tina Louise

“All these things they’ve been saying are a pack of lies.”

Tina Louise
Favorite Quote 4 from Tina Louise

“Mental communication without verbalization… all space is made up of waves and we are constantly sending and receiving messages from our brain.”

Tina Louise
Favorite Quote 5 from Tina Louise

“It’s a surer way to a woman’s heart to be interested in what she’s thinking than what she’s wearing or not wearing.”

Tina Louise
Favorite Quote 6 from Tina Louise

“It’s entirely my name. To me it means joy. Nobody in any family can be hurt if anything happens to this name because it’s my name only.”

Tina Louise

Keys Life Lessons from Tina Louise

We now know everything about Tina Louise and his net worth. Let’s look at some of his lessons.

1. Live in the present

“the secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely, earnestly”.

2. Forgiveness

Forgiveness in certain situations is very important. It’s not easy, but we have to work at it because everybody’s very complicated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is anybody from Gilligan’s Island still alive?

After Dawn Wells, who portrayed Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island, passed away in December 2020, Tina Louise, who played Ginger, is the last living cast member.

Where is Tina Louise?

Louise confirmed she lives in New York City.

What is Tina Louise’s real name?

Tina Louise’s real name is Tina Blacker.

Is Tina Louise married?

Louise had a daughter, Caprice, with radio and television announcer/interviewer. Les Crane and Tina Louise were married from 1966 until 1971. Caprice went on to become an MTV producer and a novelist. On a 1973 episode of Love American Style, Tina Louise and Les Crane co-starred as a married couple.

What was she doing before fame?

She started dancing, singing, and modeling at the age of seventeen. Under the guidance of her mentor Sanford Meissner.


Tina Louise has a $6 million net worth. She gained fame for playing Ginger Grant on “Gilligan’s Island”. At age 2, she began working in her father’s candy store advertisement. Her father Joseph Blacker had a candy store with a location in Brooklyn. Tina Louise played Ginger Grant on “Gilligan’s” Gilligan’s Island.

Later, she made the transition to the big screen in films like “God’s Little Acre,” “Garibaldi,” and “For Those Who Think Young”. She performed in the Dallas season of the soap opera from 1978 to 1979. Tina Louise was a well-known actress and public figure. Her total net worth from the beginning to the present is $6 million. In 1957, Louise published “It’s Time for Tina,” her debut record. There were 12 tracks with Jim Timmens and Buddy Weed’s Orchestra.

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