What is Stephanie McMahon Net Worth?

Stephanie McMahon net worth is US$ 170 Million as of Jan 2023.

Net Worth US$ 170 Million
Born:September 24, 1976 (47 Years)
Full NameStephanie McMahon Levesque
Height5′ 9”
Country of OriginThe US
Source of WealthBusiness, Wrestling
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse (s)Triple H (Paul Levesque) (M., 2003)
ChildrenVaughn Evelyn Levesque, Murphy Claire Levesque, Aurora Rose Levesque
Famous ForWWE World Champion (Women’s Championship)


Stephanie McMahon is a Former Wrestler, Businesswoman, and Chief Brand Officer of WWE. Stephanie demonstrated WWE is not just for men. She is a wrestling promoter from the well-known McMahon family and represents their fourth generation. She began working for WWE in her early teen years. She has been in and out of WWE due to severe disagreements with her father, who is known to be challenging to work with.

In WWE, the McMahon-Helmsley era began after she wed Triple H. She once held the WWE Women’s Championship before becoming the general manager of the popular wrestling television show, WWE SmackDown. WWE’s Executive Vice President, Talent, and Creative Writing is Stephanie McMahon Levesque. She manages the Talent Relations department and supervises the creative writing process for all television and pay-per-view programming.

Stephanie started her vocation with WWE as a Record Chief for the WWE deals office in New York City while simultaneously turning into a TV character on WWE programming. She eventually moved into writing, producing, and directing behind-the-scenes roles. Senior Vice President, Creative Writing was her most recent position. She quit WWE and left Raw after losing the “I Quit” match against her father.

In 2013, she returned to regular WWE shows after a long absence. Since then, she has acted as the ultimate “authority,” enforcing several shady regulations while asserting that they are “the best for business.”



Stephanie McMahon won the ‘Woman of the Year award.


Stephanie McMahon won ‘Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine’s ‘Feud of the Year award.


Honorary Chairperson of the Special Olympics of Connecticut.


Stephanie McMahon won the ‘Legacy of Excellence Award’.


Stuart Scott ENSPIRE Award, Henry Crown Fellow.


Honorary Doctorate of Business Administration from Robert Morris University.


Inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame.

Early Life

Stephanie Marie McMahon was born on September 24, 1976, in Hartford, Connecticut, United States. She is Vince and Linda McMahon’s daughter. Her elder brother’s name is Shane. Even though McMahon and her family are Irish Americans, she is proud of her Irish heritage. During a WWE live event in Dublin in 2004, she revealed that her family was originally from County Clare.

Jess McMahon was born to Irish parents in the 1870s who had relocated from Galway to New York City. Her great-grandfather was him. Shortly after McMahon was born, her family relocated to Greenwich, Connecticut, where she attended Greenwich Country Day School for her elementary education. She began modeling merchandise for WWE catalogs when she was 13 years old.

After graduating from Greenwich High School in 1994, McMahon attended Boston University. In 1998, she earned her bachelor’s degree in communications. McMahon joined the World Wrestling Federation as a full-time employee after graduating. She began making regular appearances on WWE (the World Wrestling Federation at the time) after participating in a storyline with The Undertaker in 1999. She is a wrestling promoter and a member of the McMahon family for the fourth generation.


McMahon began her career in business at the World Wrestling Federation (WWF/E) as an Account Executive for the WWF’s offices in New York, where she served as a model for the Department of Sales and Merchandise.

In November 2000, McMahon took over for Chris Kreski as the company’s head writer. After holding the director of creative writing position since 2002, she was promoted to Senior Vice President of Creative Writing in 2006. McMahon was elevated to executive vice president of Creative in 2007 and was in charge of all social and digital media properties, live event marketing and booking, talent management, and branding.

As executive vice president of creative, McMahon led the development of the WWE app, which has been downloaded over 20 million times. In addition, she forged a significant partnership to supply WWE content with the USO Metropolitan Washington, Yahoo, and the social media company Tout. On December 4, 2013, WWE gave McMahon the title of chief brand officer. In this role, she will be in charge of improving the reputation of WWE among advertisers, media, business partners, and investors. The partnership between WWE and KaBOOM! was created by McMahon, CMO, and CRO Michelle Wilson.

In 2014, the public built a playground in Louisiana for the annual WrestleMania week of the WWE. McMahon said a new WWE logo would be unveiled at WWE’s annual Business Partners Summit on April 15, 2014, the night after WWE SummerSlam. However, WWE products like the WWE Network and NXT already featured the logo. At the Needham fireside conference on August 5, McMahon and her husband, Triple H, discussed the creative side of WWE, the WWE Network, and the differences between WWE and UFC.

On May 19, 2022, McMahon announced via Twitter that she would be taking a leave of absence from most of her responsibilities at WWE. She said she would take a break to concentrate on her family, but she looked forward to returning to the business soon. During an investigation by WWE’s Board of Directors into alleged “hush money” paid to a former employee by McMahon following an affair, McMahon resigned as chairman and CEO of WWE on June 17, 2022, and his daughter, Stephanie McMahon Levesque, took over as interim chairwoman and CEO.

Professional WWE Career

In the early 1999 feud between Vince McMahon and The Undertaker, Stephanie McMahon made her debut and has remained a pivotal figure ever since. After Triple H defeated Mr. McMahon, she joined Test and later joined Triple H. In the “McMahon-Helmsley Era,” Stephanie would win the WWE Women’s Championship.

Additionally, she reconciled with her father and brother while in Triple H’s corner at Wrestle Mania 2000. Along with Kurt Angle and H, McMahon was also part of a love triangle that ended with Triple H defeating Angle at Unforgiven.

It was discovered that Shane McMahon had done the deal without his father’s knowledge and was now the new owner of WCW after WWE bought its rival WCW. Soon after, Stephanie McMahon announced that she had purchased ECW. She then formed a team with his brother to fight WWE, which they called The Alliance.

The Alliance lost to WWE at Survivor Series, and the siblings were kicked out of WWE programming. She returned and got into a few arguments with Triple H, which led to their divorce on screen. Before being named general manager of SmackDown in the middle of 2002, McMahon teamed up with Angle and Chris Jericho. He also introduced the World Tag Team Championship and brought back the United States Championship. She objected when his father planned to marry Sable.

As a result, Stephanie lost the first-ever “Father vs. Daughter” match and was kicked out of programming. During that time, she got married to Triple H in real life. McMahon joined forces with Triple H in his rivalry with Daniel Bryan and quickly recruited other superstars to form The Authority.

At SummerSlam in 2013, she defeated Brie Bella, earning her first victory at a Premium Live Event. The Authority set out to make Randy Orton and Seth Rollins the promotion’s face, ignoring baby faces.

At Wrestle Mania 33, McMahon was in her husband’s match against Seth Rollins, where she suffered a storyline injury. In 2018, McMahon and Triple H feuded with Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey, which resulted in her losing her first Wrestle Mania match. However, on both RAW and SmackDown, McMahon has continued to appear as the authoritative figure.

Signature Moves

  • Clothesline
  • DDT
  • Hair-pull snap mare
  • Lou Thesz press
  • Monkey flip
  • Neck snap
  • Power bomb
  • Slap
  • Spear
  • Surfboard

Stephanie McMahon is also called “The Billionaire Princess / Baroness” and “The Queen of Queens.”

Stephanie McMahon’s Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2022US$ 170 Million
Net Worth in 2021US$ 155 Million
Net Worth in 2020US$ 140 Million
Net Worth in 2019US$ 130 Million
Net Worth in 2018US$ 120 Million
Net Worth in 2017US$ 100 Million

Stephanie McMahon’s net worth grew over the past years.


  • In March 1999, Stephanie won the WWF Women’s Championship after defeating Jacqueline.
  • In an episode of RAW on January 22, 2001, she and Triple H defeated Kurt Angle and Trish Stratus. In February, she defeated Trish Stratus again.
  • The very first “Father-Daughter I Quit” match took place in 2003. Stephanie’s mother was with her on the ringside, but her father was with wrestler Sable. She lost the match, which resulted in her two-year absence from WWE.
  • Stephanie McMahon has Won WWF Women’s Championship And Slammy Award.

Favorite Quotes from Stephanie McMahon

Favorite Quote 1 from Stephanie McMahon

“There’s only room for one dominant female in the McMahon family… and that’s me!”

Stephanie McMahon
Favorite Quote 2 from Stephanie McMahon

“My father has this expression that you have to be able to look yourself in the eyes in the mirror, you know, and know that you’re a good person. If that’s true and you feel good about yourself then that’s all that matters no matter what other people’s perceptions are.”

Stephanie McMahon
Favorite Quote 3 from Stephanie McMahon

“I’ve never felt my gender was an obstacle. There have of course been moments in my career when it has slapped me in the face but the reason I felt it slapped me in the face was because it wasn’t something that I had contemplated before.”

Stephanie McMahon
Favorite Quote 4 from Stephanie McMahon

“I think anybody has, regardless of your gender, we all have equal value if you have value to bring and value to provide, you just have to be willing to use your voice.”

Stephanie McMahon
Favorite Quote 5 from Stephanie McMahon

“You can’t teach charisma. You can draw it out of people if it’s there and they haven’t quite figured out how to utilize it yet, but it’s just one of those things, that’s why they call it the “X factor.”

Stephanie McMahon
Favorite Quote 6 from Stephanie McMahon

“There are several key pieces to keeping audiences engaged, and the evolution of that. One of them is a content ecosystem, which is leveraging and utilizing as many different platforms as you possibly can to continue to drive the conversation. Hence, people have the opportunity to enter your brand from different ways”

Stephanie McMahon

Keys Life Lessons from Stephanie McMahon

We now know everything about Stephanie McMahon and her net worth. Let’s look at some of her lessons.

1. Be Grateful for every day

We all are so privileged to have any moment in every day, to have healthy people in our lives, so be grateful for this beautiful life.

2. Making Mistakes is Okay

As long as you learn and upgrade from your past mistakes, it’s okay, but never repeat the same mistake.

3. Stay Positive

Negativity begets negativity, but positivity begets positivity,” McMahon said, so be positive in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which finishing move does Stephanie prefer in her match?

Stephanie Prefer – Pedigree (Double underhook facebuster with theatrics) adopted from Triple H as a finishing move.

What is the Net Worth of Stephanie McMohan?

Stephanie McMahon’s Net Worth is US$ 170 Million as of Jan 2023.

Why has Stephanie McMahon resigned from WWE?

After their husband and former WWE champion Triple H suffered a heart problem, she stepped away from her primary role as a chief brand officer to focus on her family.


Stephanie Marie McMahon has been the driving force behind WWE’s Women’s Evolution, which has given female wrestlers an equal share of the spotlight inside and outside the ring. She was born on September 24, 1976, in Hartford, Connecticut, United States. This is just one of her many contributions. Stephanie was the first woman to lead WWE’s creative writing, digital media, talent relations, talent brand management, and live events businesses when she was appointed Chief Brand Officer in 2013.

Stephanie supports the Be a STAR anti-bullying campaign firmly and steadfastly supports various charitable organizations outside television. Yet, she never loses her enthusiasm in the WWE boardroom or the squared circle. Stephanie is still firmly in charge, even though WWE was once thought to be a man’s world. She is a charitable person because WWE is linked to more charitable trusts. For example, she has given to the Foundation for Cancer Research. The current estimated net worth of Stephanie McMahon is US$ 170 Mn as of Jan 2023.

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