What is Pee-Wee Herman Net Worth?

Pee-Wee Herman Net Worth is US$ 5 Million as of January 2023.

Net Worth US$ 5 Million
Born:  August 27, 1952  
Gender  Male  
Horoscope Virgo
Country of Origin Peekskill, New York, United States
Source of Wealth Actor, Comedian, Writer, Producer, and children’s entertainer.
Marital Status Married
Spouse Kevin Kline
Famous For He is known for his character Pee-wee Herman.


Pee-small Herman is a  fictitious person of comic background made and depicted by an American humourist, Paul Reubens. Reubens is most famous for his movies and TV series during the 80s. The honest Pee-small Herman character created as a phase act immediately prompted the HBO exceptional in 1981. Soon the show acquired further ubiquity; Reubens took the person to film with Pee-small’s Large Experience in 1985, restraining the grown-up allusion for the allure of kids. This made ready for Pee-wee’s series called  Playhouse, an Emmy Grant-winning youngsters’ series that was telecasted on CBS from 1986 to 1991.

Huge Top Pee-small, another film, was delivered in 1988, and after an extended break, a third film, Pee-small’s Enormous Occasion, was produced by Netflix in 2016. Because of negative media consideration following an embarrassment in 1991, Reubens chose to hold his modified self-image during the 1990s, then progressively restored it during the next ten years. Around then, Reubens shared plans to compose another Pee-small film, Pee-small’s Playhouse: The Film. In June 2007, Reubens appeared as Pee-small Herman, interestingly beginning around 1992 at Spike Television’s Folks’ Decision Grants.

Early Life

Reubens was conceived as Paul Rubenfeld in Peekskill, New York, in 1952 and experienced childhood in Sarasota, Florida, where his folks, Judy (Rosen) and Milton Rubenfeld, possessed a light store. His mom was an instructor. His dad was a car sales rep who had flown for England’s Regal Flying Corps and the U.S. Armed Force Flying Corps in The Second Great War. He later became one of the establishing pilots of the Israeli Aviation based armed forces during the 1948 Bedouin-Israeli Conflict. A Conventional Jew, he was one of five Jewish pilots to fly against Middle Easterner powers in pirated military aircraft. Reubens’ two more youthful kin are Luke (conceived 1958), a canine mentor, and Abby (conceived 1953), a lawyer and a board individual from the American Common Freedoms Association of Tennessee.

Reubens spent much of his experience growing up in Oneonta, New York. As a youngster, he regularly visited the Ringling Brothers—furthermore, Barnum and Bailey Bazaar, whose colder time of year central command was in Sarasota. The bazaar environment ignited Reubens’ amusement advantage, impacting his later work. He likewise wanted to watch reruns of I Love Lucy, which made him need to make individuals snicker. At age 5, Reubens requested that his dad fabricate him a phase where he and his kin would carry on plays.

Reubens went to Sarasota Secondary School, where he was named leader of the Public Artist Society. He was acknowledged into North Western College’s mid-year program for gifted secondary school understudies. He joined the nearby Asolo Theatre and Players of Sarasota Theatre and showed up in a few plays. He attended Boston College after finishing high school and began applying to acting schools there. Before being accepted by the California Organization of Human Expression, he was rejected by several institutions, including Juilliard, and twice by Carnegie-Mellon. Reubens relocated to California, where he worked as a sales representative for Fuller Brush and in café kitchens.

Reubens began playing in local parody clubs in the 1970s. He made one of his fourteen guest appearances on The Gong Show as a featured performer of The Clever Betty and Eddie, a children’s act he had co-written with Charlotte McGinnis. Soon after, he became a member of the Los Angeles-based Groundlings, an improvisational satirical troupe. He remained a group member for quite some time. Pee-Wee Herman Net Worth is US$ 5 million as of January 2023.


Gilbert Gottfried, a close friend of the show’s creator and an actor with a similar style to Reubens, was hired for Saturday Night Live’s 1980–1981 season after Reubens auditioned. Reubens were so severe and furious that he decided to obtain funding and launch his program in Los Angeles using the character he had developed for the previous few years, “Pee-small Herman.” Funny story: Gottfried fell into trouble at the 1991 Emmy Awards while introducing himself because he made light of Reubens’ repulsive openness capture. The outcome of The Pee-small Herman Show incited Warner Brothers to recruit Reubens to compose content for a full-length Pee-small Herman film. Reubens’ unique thought was to do a change of Pollyanna, which Reubens claims is his number one film. Partially through composing the content, Reubens saw everybody at Warner Brothers had a bicycle with them, which enlivened Reubens to begin another content with Phil Hartman.

When Reubens and the makers of Pee-small’s Enormous Experience saw Tim Burton’s work on Vincent and Frankenweenie, they picked Burton as the movie’s chief. The film recounts the account of Pee-small Herman leaving on the cross country experience looking for his taken bike. The film proceeded to net $40,940,662 locally, recovering nearly multiple times its $7 million financial plan. At the hour of delivery in 1985, the film got blended surveys; however, Pee-small’s Large Experience formed into a clique film. In the wake of seeing the progress of Pee-small’s Large Experience, the CBS network moved toward Reubens with a badly gotten animation series proposition.

In 1986, CBS consented to sign Reubens to act, produce, and direct his true-to-life youngsters’ program, Pee-small’s Playhouse, with a financial plan of $325,000 per episode. This was a similar cost as an early evening sitcom and no imaginative obstruction from CBS; even though CBS mentioned a few minor changes over time. In the wake of projecting entertainers like Laurence Fishburne and S. Epatha Merkerson, creation started in New York City.

Cyndi Lauper sang the initial credits of the show. Playhouse was planned as an instructive yet engaging and imaginative show for youngsters and, regardless of being enormously impacted by 1950s shows, Reubens looked as a kid like The Rough and Bullwinkle Show, The Mickey Mouse Club, Skipper Kangaroo, and Hello Doody; it immediately procured a double crowd of children and adults. Reubens, continuously attempting to make Pee-small a positive good example, made an intentionally upright show that would show kids the morals of correspondence. Reubens accepted that youngsters preferred the Playhouse since it was quick moving, vivid, and “never talked them down,”; while guardians enjoyed the Playhouse since it helped them to remember the past.

Favorite Quotes from Pee-Wee Herman

Favorite Quote 1 from Pee-Wee Herman

“I probably have become more infamous from two misdemeanours than probably anyone I could think of.” 

Pee-Wee Herman
Favorite Quote 2 from Pee-Wee Herman

“Look at me, I’m getting defensive about something that happened so many years ago, somebody said. I’ll have to find out who that was and if he’s still alive.” 

Pee-Wee Herman
Favorite Quote 3 from Pee-Wee Herman

“But I don’t know. Pee-wee just kind of popped out one day, pretty much fully fleshed-out and fully formed.”

Pee-Wee Herman
Favorite Quote 4 from Pee-Wee Herman

 “I think my entire career path was determined for me when I was 6 years old, watching reruns of ‘I Love Lucy’ on TV and thinking about making people laugh.”

Pee-Wee Herman

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money does Pee-Wee Herman have?

His  net worth was estimated at US$ 5 million

What was said about the Alamo by Pee-Wee Herman?

The tour guide chuckles as she informs Pee-Wee that the Alamo does not have a basement. The World Book at the time stated, “no basement in the Alamo,” he claims, “when I wrote ‘Big Adventure’ and we were looking up the Alamo.”


Pee-Enormous Small’s Experience, a 1985 American experience satire movie, was directed by Tim Burton as a part of his component movie coordinating presentation. In the film, Paul Reubens as Pee-small Herman, which he also co-wrote alongside Phil Hartman and Michael Varhol, For Example, every day, Imprint Holton, Diane Salinger, and Judd Sign. It is a “satire” or “joke version” of the 1948 Italian classic Bike Hoodlums and depicts the tale of Pee-cross-country Small’s search for his stolen bike.

Reubens was engaged by Warner Brothers to write the script for Pee-Large Small’s Experience following the popularity of The Pee-small Herman Show. After being pleased with his work on both projects, the makers of the short films Vincent and Frankenweenie hired Burton to coordinate. Pee-Wee Herman Net Worth is US$ 5 million as of January 2023.