What is Michele Tafoya Net Worth?

Michele Tafoya Net Worth is US$2 Million as of Jan 2023.

Net WorthUS$2 Million
BornDecember 17, 1964 (59 Years)
Height5 ft 9 in
Country of OriginUnited State of America
Source of WealthSportscaster, Radio Show Host, and Journalist.
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse(s)Mark Vandersall
Famous ForJournalist


Michele Tafoya is an accomplished American sportscaster known for her remarkable career in sports journalism. Born on December 17, 1964, in Manhattan Beach, California, Tafoya’s passion for sports led her to become one of the most respected and recognized voices in the industry. She gained widespread fame as a sideline reporter for NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” and her exceptional work on major sporting events like the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, and Olympics.

Tafoya’s career highlights also include hosting and reporting for ESPN, where she covered a wide range of sports. With her unparalleled knowledge, professionalism, and engaging on-screen presence, Michele Tafoya has cemented her place as a trailblazer in sports broadcasting, earning the admiration and respect of both fans and colleagues alike.



University of Southern California master’s degree in business administration.


Tafoya joined CBS Sports as a reporter and host for CBS Sports Spectacular and college basketball coverage on the CBS Television Network.


Tafoya received a Gracie Award from the American Women in Radio and Television for “Outstanding Achievement by an Individual On-Air TV Personality” for her play-by-play calling of WNBA games on Lifetime Television.


Monday Night Football Sideline Reporter


She announced her resignation as the NBA’s chief sideline reporter.


WCCO Radio Afternoon Drive Host


She worked as an NBC Sports reporter, primarily as a sideline reporter for NBC Sunday Night Football.

Early Life

Michele Tafoya was born on December 17, 1964, in Manhattan Beach, California. She grew up with a deep love for sports. She attended the University of California, Berkeley, where she excelled academically and also played volleyball. Tafoya graduated with a degree in mass communication and began her career in broadcasting by working at KFAN radio in Minneapolis. Her early passion for sports and dedication to honing her skills as a journalist laid the foundation for her future success in the field of sports broadcasting.


Michele Tafoya’s career in sports broadcasting spans several decades and is filled with numerous notable achievements. After starting at KFAN radio in Minneapolis, she joined WCCO-TV as a sports anchor and reporter. In 1994, she made a significant move to CBS Sports. Here she covered a wide range of events, including the NFL, NCAA basketball, and the Olympics.

Tafoya’s career took a major leap in 2011 when she became the sideline reporter for NBC’s “Sunday Night Football,” working alongside renowned broadcasters Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth. Her insightful interviews and comprehensive coverage earned her widespread acclaim, making her one of the most recognized faces on NFL broadcasts. Tafoya has also contributed to ESPN, hosting and reporting on various sports programs, including “Monday Night Football.”

Throughout her career, she has covered multiple Super Bowls, NBA Finals, and Olympic Games, further establishing her reputation as a top-tier sportscaster. Michele Tafoya’s professionalism, knowledge, and on-screen presence have made her an esteemed figure in the world of sports journalism.


  • Sports Anchor and Reporter at WCCO-TV(1994).
  • Sideline Reporter for CBS Sports’ coverage of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (2000)
  • A reporter for NBC’s coverage of the Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. (2004)
  • Sideline Reporter for NBC’s coverage of Super Bowl LV(2020)

Favorite Quotes from Michele Tafoya

Favorite Quote 1 from Michele Tafoya

“Relatively speaking, I know what my other deficiencies are. Cosmetically, I’m not 28 and stunning. The fact that NBC appreciates what I do means a great deal to me because I know that without my reporting skills and my experience and all of that, I might not have a fighting chance.”

Michele Tafoya
Favorite Quote 2 from Michele Tafoya

“I feel so fortunate, Because some people think, well, you’re just relegated to the sideline. But I feel valued there. They trust me. We work very, very hard at making it worthwhile. We are not going to just be down there spewing a bunch of blah. With our halftime talking to the coaches, we are really trying to get something meaningful there and something that helps spin the game forward.”

Michele Tafoya
Favorite Quote 3 from Michele Tafoya

“I never went into it [the business] thinking, ‘I’m a female sports reporter.’ I just went into it thinking, ‘I’m a sports reporter.’ No chip on the shoulder, no feeling like a victim when you walk in, no feeling entitled when you walk in. You’ve just got to do your job and work extremely hard. I think it’s very basic. There’s no magic to it. I think, honestly, it comes down to how badly you want it. How hard are you willing to work.”

Michele Tafoya

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Michele Tafoya’s net worth?

As of Jan 2023, Michele Tafoya’s net worth is US$2 Million.

How old is Michele Tafoya?

 Michele Tafoya is 58 years old.

How tall is Michele Tafoya?

Michele Tafoya’s height is 5 ft 9 in.


Michele Tafoya is an accomplished American sportscaster who has made a significant impact in the field of sports journalism. Born on December 17, 1964, in Manhattan Beach, California. Tafoya’s love for sports led her to pursue a successful career in broadcasting. She started at KFAN radio in Minneapolis and later joined WCCO-TV as a sports anchor and reporter.

Tafoya’s career reached new heights when she became a sideline reporter for NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” in 2011. Here she has since become a familiar face to millions of viewers. She has covered numerous prestigious sporting events, including the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, and Olympics. Tafoya’s professionalism, insightful interviews, and comprehensive coverage have earned her widespread acclaim and respect in the industry. Her contributions to sports broadcasting have solidified her position as one of the most respected and recognized sportscasters in the industry.

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