What is Lisa Frank Net Worth?

Lisa Frank net worth is US$ 200 Million as of Jan 2023

Net Worth US$ 200 Million
BornApril 21, 1955 (69 Years)
Country of OriginMichigan
Source of WealthBusiness, Designing
Marital StatusSingle
Famous ForBusiness, Designing


Lisa Plain, an American money manager, was the organizer behind Lisa Forthright Consolidated, which settled in Tucson, Arizona. She is known for delivering unconventional business plans for school supplies and different items that are fundamentally promoted to youngsters—money manager and Chief, most famous for her creature-themed school supply intended for little kids. Forthright is the organizer and Chief of Lisa Forthcoming Consolidated. After moving from the Detroit, Michigan, region to Tucson, Arizona, during the 1970s to concentrate on the craftsmanship at the College of Arizona, she established the kids’ adornments organization Tacky Fingers, which became Lisa Forthright Inc. around 1979 when she was 24.

Lisa keeps on driving it starting around 2019. Her partnership’s craftsmanship highlights rainbow and neon tones and adapted portrayals of creatures, including dolphins, pandas, and unicorns. During the 1980s and 1990s, her items – including school supplies, for example, lunchboxes and Catcher Attendants, as well as toys and stickers – were famous among rudimentary and center school-matured young ladies. The organization’s central command is in Tucson, Arizona. The organization no longer delivers its items and, as of around 2018, licenses its name to more modest organizations.



Graduated from Cranbrook Kingswood School

  • Founded the Lisa Frank Incorporated

  • She moved to Tucson, Arizona, to study art at the University of Arizona

  • Continued to lead Lisa Frank Incorporated

  • Partnered with Reebok to release two versions of limited-release Reebok Classic Leather shoes

  • Designed the logo for John Mayer’s Instagram television series Current Mood

Early Life

Forthcoming’s dad was a craftsmanship gatherer and acquainted her with crafted by such Pop Workmanship specialists as Peter Max. Honest is 1972 alumni of the Cranbrook Kingswood School, a private academy in Bloomfield Slopes, Michigan.


Lisa Forthright is an American financial specialist who has total assets of $200 million. Lisa Blunt is most famous for establishing Lisa Candid Integrated, which produces school supplies and comparative items. She founded the organization in 1979 and is the Chief. Lisa Straightforward is known for her plans, including rainbows, neon tones, and creatures like dolphins, unicorns, and pandas. Her items were well-known during the 1980s and 1990s and highlighted lunchboxes, stickers, toys, and Catcher Attendants. At the pinnacle of her ubiquity during the 1990s, Lisa Forthcoming’s business produced $60 – $100 million every year in income. Plain sent off a line of vivid dresses in 2011. In 2017 she collaborated with Reebok to deliver restricted discharge Reebok Exemplary Cowhides shoes. Lisa Honest planned the logo for the television series Current State of Mind for John Mayer on Instagram in 2019.

Lisa Forthright has been supposed to be exceptionally private and slippery. Her dad gathered artistry, including from craftsman Peter Max. Plain separated from James Green, who was the Chief and co-investor of her organization, in 2005, and she oversaw the organization. During the separation, it was uncovered that Lisa Straight, to the point Undertakings, had produced $1 billion in income beginning around 1979. “Famously slippery and private,” described candidly. Metropolitan Suppliers agreed to have her face obscured in a 2012 meeting video. Straight to the Point married James A. Green in 1994.

From 1990 until October 2005, he served as Lisa Straight to Point Consolidator’s president and CEO. Tracker and Forrest were their two kids. She filed for divorce in September 2005. She filed a lawsuit the same month to get Green fired from the company, and the following month he turned himself in. The court granted Lisa, straight to the Point, power of the group.


  • Ranked as the most popular Business Executive
  • Ranked in the elite list of celebrities born in the U.S.
  • Partnered with Reebok

Famous Quotes from Lisa Frank

Famous Quote 1 from Lisa Frank

“At first, I didn’t want to do unicorns. The artist in me said no. Then I thought, ‘Wait a minute: this is commercial art. Let’s do what’s going to sell.’”

-Lisa Frank
Famous Quote 2 from Lisa Frank

“If I use my credit card… and they go, ‘Oh my gosh, there’s Lisa Frank who makes the stickers!’ I go, ‘Isn’t that the craziest thing, that I have the same name?’”

-Lisa Frank
Famous Quote 3 from Lisa Frank

“If I could do anything, I would think of a theme park. Because the world of Lisa Frank is a world, and before I die, we should have that world someplace, not just on paper. That would be awesome.”

-Lisa Frank
Famous Quote 4 from Lisa Frank

“Both of my folks were into art. My dad was an art collector, my mom had a little kiln in our basement, and we would make pottery. They sent me to art classes from age five, and I was an actual color.”

-Lisa Frank
Famous Quote 5 from Lisa Frank

“There is a little bit of me in each character. But Purrscilla is a lot like me because she is very into glam and glitz and jewelry and everything very girly. And some of the jewelry in the illustration is even my jewelry. But I’m not a cat fan – that’s the only thing! I’m a dog person.”

-Lisa Frank

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Lisa Frank so famous?

Lisa Blunt’s unique business motto, “You Must Have It,” appeared in the last part of the 1980s. Lisa Blunt’s line of items — envelopes, pencil cases, erasers, Catcher Guardians, and note pads — was so famous that the organization netted more than $60 million a year in deals during its top during the 1990s.

How much is Lisa Frank’s stuff worth?

Lisa Straightforward zeroed in on artistry to the tune of millions. Superstar Total assets put the President herself at $200 million to date.

Why is Lisa Frank so private?

“Even though we’re private, it was public. So, it was difficult,” Green says. “We were going through a change, and there were many things that we were learning together, my mother and me, from my initial age.” That is the reason this is so private.


On April 21, 1955, Lisa Plain was born in Michigan. Finance manager and Chief, well known for her brand of creature-themed children’s school supplies. Mila Kunis, an actress, appeared in various print and television campaigns for Lisa Honest when she was younger. When Lisa was just 24 years old, she founded Lisa Honest Consolidated. By the 1990s, most young children were familiar with the name Lisa Candid. Lisa is one of the most successful business leaders, according to research. She was included among the famous people who entered the world on April 21, 1955. She is one of the wealthiest business leaders to have been born in Michigan.

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