What is Joanne Whalley Net Worth?

Joanne Whalley Net Worth is US$ 5 Million as of 2022.

Net Worth:US$ 5 Million
Born:August 25, 1961 (62 Years)
Also Known as:Joanne Whalley-Kilmer
Height:5’4 “
Country of Origin:Salford, Lancashire, England
Source of Wealth:Actress
Marital Status:Divorcee
Spouse (s):Val Kilmer (Married: 1988; Divorced: 1996)
Famous For:Willow (1988), Scandal (1989), and 44 Inch Chest (2009)


Joanne Whalley is a Hollywood actress famous for the crime drama movie “44 Inch Chest,” portrayed the role of “Liz Diamond” in 2009. Whalley performed in 30 films, and the movies are “Willow,” “A Good Man in Africa,” “Scandal,” and “Dance with a Stranger.” For Best Ensemble Performance, she won the San Diego Film Critics Society Award along with film cast members. In her career, Joanne appeared in various television shows. Joanne’s famous role on television shows, such as Claudia in “A.D. The Bible Continues,” Vanozza Cattaneo in “The Borgias,’ and Sarah Hughes in “How We Used to Live.” Joanne received appreciation for her performance in the series. Whalley was recommended for the Best Actress Golden Nymph Award at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival for her role in “The Borgias series.” In Whalley’s early career, she was involved in music for a short time.



She joined a band named SlowGuns


She was the main singer of Cindy & the Saffrons girl group


Nominated at BAFTA TV Award for Best Actress – Edge of Darkness


She performed in her famous movie “Willow”


She won the Best Ensemble Performance – 44 Inch Chest


Nominated at Golden Nymph for Outstanding Actress – Drama Series – The Borgias


Nominated at Grace Award for Most Inspiring Performance in Television – Daredevil

Early Life

Joanne was born in 1961 in Salford, Lancashire. Joanne Whalley first performed in “Juliet Bravo” and “How We Used to Live” and played a minor role in soap operas. After that, she moved to Stockport, Cheshire. Joanne enrolled at Bredbury Comprehensive School from there. Joanne’s early movies include “The Wall” and ‘Birth of the Beatles.”


Joanne Whalley’s started her acting career on television. Firstly, she performed in the melodrama “Coronation Street.” Joanne began this drama in the mid of 1970. Then Whalley starred as Angela Read in “Emmerdale Farm” and Janice Scott in “Crown Court.” In 1976 Joanne got the role in the drama “How We Used to Live” in Marjorie Dawson’s role. She starred in various movies and telly dramas, including “A Christmas Carol,” “Omnibus, A Loving,” and “Coming Home.” In 1985 Joanne appeared in the show “Edge of Darkness” in Emma Craven’s role. The audience appreciated her performance in the show.

Whalley starred as Nurse Mills in “The Singing Detective movie.” Then she performed in the miniseries “Scarlett.” Whalley received appreciation for her famous telly roles and played significant roles in the television industry. Joanne has fragmented from the telly industry and is back with minor roles. Early Whalley starred as Princess Sophie Grimaldi in “the Gossip Girl series.” In the series “The Borgias,” she delivers the character of Vanozza Cattaneo. She performed 25 parts of this series. In mid-2011 and 2013, they played significant roles. In 2015 Joanne starred as Claudia in the series “A.D. The Bible Continues.” It was one of her prominent roles, and the series continued for 12 parts. Then Joanne performed as Rheda in the “Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands” epic series.

Joanne Whalley started her acting career in the “Pink Floyd: The Wall” movie in 1982. Her second-best performance movie was “Dance with a Stranger.” Later she starred as Sorsha in “Willow” in 1988. Then Whalley worked in Scandal movies, and her other movies are “Navy SEALs,” “Shattered,” “Kill Me Again,” and “The Big Man.” In 1993 Joanne came up with the big movie “The Secret Rapture.” She performed as Katherine Coleridge. After that, Joanne starred in “The Man Who Knew Too Little,” “Mother’s Boys,” “Before You Go,” “A Good Man in Africa,” and “The Man Who Knew Too Little.” She delivered a significant performance in 2009 in the movie “In 44 Inch Chest.”

Joanne Whalley Net Worth Growth

Joanne Whalley is a British actress with a net worth of US$ 5 Million. She worked in T.V. series and movies. Whalley also appeared in the television series “Sarah Hughes.” From 2011 to 2013, she appeared in “The Borgias” as Vanozza Cattaneo. Whalley’s performed in many T.V. series such as “Daredevil,” “Edge of Darkness,” “Coronation Street,” “Joby,” “The White Princess,” “Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands,” “Wolf Hall,” “A.D The Bible Continues, etc.


Here are some of the best highlights of Joanne Whalley’s

  • Willow (1988)
  • Scandal (1989)
  • Kill Me Again (1989)
  • Shattered (1991)
  • 44 Inch Chest (2009)
  • The Borgias (TV Series 2011–2013)

Favorite Quotes from Joanne Whalley’s

Favorite Quote 1 by Joanne Whalley

I don’t remember sitting down and saying, ‘This is why I want to be–an actress.’ I just knew. It was never a conscious decision or a revelation.”

– Joanne Whalley
Favorite Quote 2 by Joanne Whalley

The only way to improve is to set yourself harder goals.”

– Joanne Whalley
Favorite Quote 3 by Joanne Whalley

Kids have been a great clarifier – incredibly rewarding.”

– Joanne Whalley

Key Life Lessons From Joanne Whalley

  • Hard Effort

Do things with complete determination and deal with them until you get them.

  •  Self Esteem

Face the difficulties and perceive yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Joanne Whalley is well known for which character?

Joanne Whalley is well known for her role in “The Singing Detective,” an award-winning movie.

What is Joanne Whalley’s famous T.V. show?

Joanne Whalley did prominent roles in television shows, including “Edge of Darkness,” “Scarlett,” “Flood,” “The Borgias” and “A Kind of Loving,” and many others


Joanne Whalley is a British-born actress who delivered major and significant roles in movies and T.V. shows. Whalley is well known for the series “Scandal” and “Willow.” Her famous T.V. shows are “The Singing Detective,” “The Edge of Darkness,” “The Borgias,” and many others. Joanne was nominated for BAFTA for the series “The Edge of Darkness.”