What is Rick Steves Net Worth?

Rick Steves Net Worth is US$15 Million as of 2022.

Net WorthUS$ 15 Million
BornMay 10, 1955 (68 Years)
Country of OriginUnited States
Source of WealthTravel Books and Television shows
Marital StatusDivorced
SpouseAnne Steves (Div. 2010)
Famous ForTravel Writer, Novelist, Activist, And Television Personality


A well-known public television personality, best-selling travel book author, and vocal activist, Rick Steves urges Americans to travel to widen their horizons. But Rick values his role as a teacher above everything else. Midway through the 1970s, he started teaching his first travel course at his college campus. More than 40 years later, he continues to measure his success not in money made but rather in the journeys affected. Additionally, he collaborated closely with several advocacy organizations and played a crucial role in “legalizing marijuana in various US states”. Rick spends around four months a year in Europe, where he conducts research for travel guides, modifies the itinerary of his tours, records episodes of his TV show, and makes fresh discoveries for tourists.

He practices the piano, unwinds at his cabin with his family, and spends time with his kids in the Cascade Mountains, Andy, and Jackie. In his hometown of Edmonds, Washington, he resides and works; from his office window, he can see his former junior high school. In his 20s, Steves began working as a tour guide in the summer and teaching travel classes through “The Experimental College”, a student-run program of non-credit courses at his alma mater, the University of Washington. He was also a piano teacher at the time. 

In 1979, he wrote “Europe Through the Back Door (ETBD)”, a general handbook on travel in Europe using the information from his travel classes. In 1980, Steves self-published the first version of his book on travel tips, ETBD. “Anyone caught reprinting any information herein for any purpose whatsoever will be praised profusely,” the book’s page read. He started a storefront business, unlike most entrepreneurs from business manuals.

Initially, this served as a transport hub and a piano instruction studio. He led travel seminars and gave slide shows, worked as a travel consultant, planned a few group vacations each year, and had his books updated. He didn’t offer services like booking tickets or other common travel agency offerings. Under the name “Rick Steves’ Europe Through the Back Door,” he incorporated his company. The shop is located in Edmonds, Steve’s hometown, which is north of Seattle. The business’s main office is still in Edmonds. “Travels in Europe with Rick Steves”, his first television program, made its public television premiere in April 1991 and ran until 1998. “Rick Steves’ Europe”, his second program, debuted in September 2000 and has continued to run episodes through 2020, even though he does not develop a season each year.



Television series “Travels in Europe With Rick Steves”


Started weekly public radio program “Travel with Rick Steves”. He had also contributed to the Centre-right sociopolitical/social networking website that is Ricochet.com.


Published a book “Travel as a Political Act”


Launched mobile application “Rick Steves’ Audio Europe”


Chairman of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

Early Life

Richard John Steves Sr. was born in Barstow, California, to June Erna Steves, née Fremmerlid, a high school piano technician and band director Richard John Steves. His sisters are Jan and Linda.  In 1967, the family relocated to Edmonds, Washington. When Steve was 14, he traveled to Europe with his parents to tour piano manufacturing. The family ran “Steves’s Sound of Music” piano shop, where they imported, sold, and tuned pianos. He recorded what he saw and felt on the backs of postcards that he had consecutively numbered. Those cards are still with him, kept in a wooden box.

Steve had a profound realization in an Oslo park while the family was visiting relatives there after the Apollo 11 moon landing: “This world must be home to billions of equally loveable children of God.” He traveled to Europe once more after turning 18, but this time solo. He also recorded every one of those incidents in journals.


Steves graduated from the University of Washington in 1978 with a double major in business administration and European history. In his twenties, he began instructing travel courses through “The Experimental College”, a non-credit program administered by students in seminars. A general guide to traveling in Europe is called Europe Through the Back Door (ETBD). He updated his books, booked several groups tour a year, and conducted travel consulting. He didn’t offer services like booking tickets or other standard travel agency offerings.. The shop was in Edmonds, Steve’s hometown, north of Seattle. The business’s main office is still in Edmonds. Travels in Europe with Rick Steves, his first television program, made its public television premiere in April 1991 and ran until 1998. Because he does not make a season every year, Rick Steves’ Europe, his second program, has aired episodes through 2020. This amounts to 11 seasons.


Highlights of Rick Steves’s career:

  • Popular European travel guidebooks in America.
  • He completed 1,096 tours.

Favorite Quotes from Rick Steves 

Favorite Quote 1 from Rick Steves 

“Self-consciousness kills communication.”

Rick Steves  
Favorite Quote 2 from Rick Steves 

“Be fanatically positive and militantly optimistic. If something is not to your liking, change your liking.”

Rick Steves 
Favorite Quote 3 from Rick Steves 

“Travel is rich with learning opportunities, and the ultimate souvenir is a broader perspective.”

Rick Steves
Favorite Quote 4 from Rick Steves 

“Ideally, travel broadens our perspectives personally, culturally, and politically. Suddenly, the palette with which we paint the story of our lives has more colours.”

Rick Steves 
Favorite Quote 5 from Rick Steves 

“I believe if you’re going to bomb someone you should know them first. It should hurt when you kill someone.”

Rick Steves 
Favorite Quote 6 from Rick Steves 

“If you don’t like a place, maybe you don’t know enough about it… Give a culture the benefit of your open mind.”

Rick Steves 
Favorite Quote 7 from Rick Steves 

“Feed the hungry and you’re a saint, ask why they are hungry and you’re a communist.”

Rick Steves
Favorite Quote 8 from Rick Steves 

“Travel is intensified living … and one of the last great sources of legal adventure.”

Rick Steves 

Key Life Lessons from Rick Steves 

Let’s look at some of his lessons.

“The fear is for people who don’t get out very much.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Travel Guy, Steve?

Rick Steves, is a well-known public television host, best-selling travel book author, and outspoken activist.  He urges Americans to travel to broaden their horizons.

What Time Is Rick Steves On PBS?

The author has years of experience writing America’s most popular European travel guidebooks. His informal but informative style has made this one of the most-watched programs on public television.

How Old Is Rick Steves?

Rick Steves is 67 years old as of 2022.


Travel writer, author, activist, and television personality Richard John Steves Jr. is an American. His travel ethos encourages visitors to explore less traveled regions of their destinations and fully immerse themselves in the local culture. Rick Steves Net Worth is US$15 million as of 2022.

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