What is Jimmy Swaggart Net Worth?

Jimmy Swaggart Net Worth is US$10 Million as of 2022.

Net WorthUS$10 Million
BornMarch 15, 1935 (89 Years)
Height5’ 6”
Country of OriginFerriday, Louisiana
Source of WealthGospel Music, Pentecostal Televangelist  
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseFrances Swaggart
Famous ForAmerican Televangelist and Gospel music Performer


Jimmy Swaggart, whose full name is Jimmy Lee Swaggart, is a televangelist and gospel music musician from the United States. Swaggart grew up in the church and was well-versed in its practices before transitioning to Pentecostal preaching in the Assemblies of God denomination in the 1950s. He was motivated to pursue a career in music by his cousins, country artist Mickey Gilley and rock & roll pioneer Jerry Lee Lewis.

Nevertheless, he continued to help out in his parents’ ministry until 1958, when he started working full-time as an evangelist for his ministry. He received an ordination from the Assemblies of God in 1961. In the 1960s, Swaggart released several gospel records. He launched “Camp Meeting Hour” in 1969, a radio program with gospel music and sermons that quickly went on national. He started a local television ministry in 1975 with a weekly program thanks to his ongoing success as a gospel musician.

Swaggart promptly attracted a sizable viewing audience across the nation; by the middle of the 1980s, his weekly telecasts were seen by some two million American households, making him one of the most well-liked and prosperous televangelists of the time. In 1987, Swaggart openly charged Jim Bakker, a fellow televangelist, with inappropriate s*xual behavior. A closer examination of Swaggart’s life was prompted by this rebuke, which some perceived as a plot by Swaggart to seize control of Bakker’s business.

In conclusion, it was discovered that he had engaged in voyeuristic actions with a female prostitute. Photos of Swaggart with a local prostitute were provided by Marvin Gorman, a rival televangelist whom Swaggart had previously defrocked after being charged with having at least one extramarital affair. In April 1988, Swaggart was excommunicated by the Assemblies of God. Despite his tearful on-air apology in February of that year, he carried on as an independent Pentecostal preacher. Police in Indio, California, stopped Swaggart for a driving infraction in October 1991 and discovered him with a prostitute



Launched a television program “A Study in the Word”


Allegations were brought up against the fund allocation procedure in his church


Opened Jimmy Swaggart Bible College


He was connected to having an affair with a prostitute.


Launched a television network Sonlife Broadcasting Network (SBN)

Early Life

Jimmy Swaggart was born in Louisiana on March 15, 1935, to Minnie Swaggart and Willie Leon. His father was a fiddle player who transitioned to being an Assemblies of God Pentecostal pastor in the 1950s. Jimmy Swaggart grew up being influenced by church culture as a result. He was not particularly interested in learning about religion as a young child, but due to an experience at the age of eight, he started believing in God. After that, a changed Jimmy began to spend hours reading the Bible and praying to God. His parents were both incredibly talented musicians. Young Swaggart picked up a passion for music as a child while playing the fiddle and guitar during the Great Depression. He snuck into rhythm clubs with his famed rock-n-roll pioneer cousin, Jerry L. Lewis. He began performing at these venues, quickly gaining notoriety as a rising singer.


Before switching to full-time evangelism, Jimmy Swaggart held several part-time jobs while singing Southern Gospel music at various churches. He began working as a full-time evangelist in 1955 and started organizing revival meetings across the American South. For Swaggart, 1960 was of utmost significance because it was then that he began to produce gospel music for broadcast on Christian radio stations. The following year, the Assemblies of God gave him an ordination. He started his radio ministry in 1962. Over seven years, his radio show, “Camp Meeting Hour”, was broadcast on over 700 radio stations. In the capital of Louisiana, he also started a modest church named the Family Worship Center, which grew to over 1,000 members.

The first issue of Evangelist Magazine, continuously printed for fifty years, was released by Jimmy Swaggart in 1970. “The Jimmy Swaggart Evangelistic Association” presents Jimmy Swaggart’s weekly television program which debuted in 1973. A million people watched it making it became a huge success. He hired a local film team to document his meetings in Indianapolis that same year. Jimmy Swaggart’s profession grew beyond preaching as he made trips around the globe to impoverished regions. He has erected schools and churches in underdeveloped communities. He has collaborated with countless missionaries worldwide as a service to the Lord. His career suffered a severe setback in 1988 when he was connected to a prostitution-related s*x scandal. The Assemblies of God hierarchy demoted him because they believed he didn’t truly regret his actions.


Highlights of Jimmy Swaggart’s career:

  • Launched his television ministry
  • Televangelist with a $10 million fortune

Favorite Quotes from Jimmy Swaggart’s

Favorite Quote 1 by Jimmy Swaggart

“Because God is faithful, He can be fully trusted to completely carry out His commitments to us in Christ.”

Jimmy Swaggart
Favorite Quote 2 by Jimmy Swaggart

“If you look hard-enough, you’ll find something good about me and say it.”

Jimmy Swaggart
Favorite Quote 3 by Jimmy Swaggart

“It’s a humorous statement that doesn’t mean anything.” “You can’t lie to God; it’s ridiculous.”

Jimmy Swaggart
Favorite Quote 4 by Jimmy Swaggart

“I give my heart to the Lord and vividly remember the incident.” The Lord spoke to me. I know that sounds funny. It was not an audible voice or anything of that nature.”

Jimmy Swaggart 
Favorite Quote 5 by Jimmy Swaggart

“The minister of the Gospel is really the yardstick by which the nation measures its morals.”  

Jimmy Swaggart 
Favorite Quote 6 by Jimmy Swaggart

“The word philosophy simply means a pursuit of wisdom, the purpose of life, and a search for truth.” However, because it originates with man, this quest can never find the answers. “In fact, man cannot reach God or know God by intellectual pursuit.”

 – Jimmy Swaggart
Favorite Quote 7 by Jimmy Swaggart

“I realize that the nation is facing problems that it hasn’t faced in a long, long time. But you have a remedy that the unredeemed do not have. That recourse, as you well know, is the Lord. He still answers prayer.”

 – Jimmy Swaggart

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Jimmy Swaggart right now?

Jimmy Swaggart is 87 years old as of 2022.

Did Jimmy Swaggart have brothers and sisters?

Jimmy Swaggart has a sister Jeannette Swaggart Ensminger and a brother Donnie Swaggart.


Jimmy Swaggart is an American Pentecostal pastor, novelist, and televangelist with a $10 million fortune. In 1975, Swaggart launched his television ministry, which is still shown today domestically and abroad. In 1980, he was nominated for Grammany Award for Traditional Gospel. His ministry owns SonLife Broadcasting Network (SBN).