What is Gary Cole Net Worth?

Gary Cole Net Worth is US$ 5 Million as of 2022.

Net WorthUSD 5 Million
Born:September 20, 1956 (67 Years)
Also known asGary Michael Cole
Country of OriginPark Ridge, Illinois, The U.S.
Source of WealthActor, Voice Actor
Marital StatusMarried (1992), Divorce (2017)
SpouseTeddi Siddall
Famous ForJack Nighthawk Killian in Midnight Caller, voicing Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law


Gary Cole net worth was estimated at $5 million in 2017. Gary was born on 20 September 1956 in Park Ridge, Illinois, United States. He is now 65 years of age. Gary and his family lived together in Los Angeles, California, United States. Gary has received several awards and nominations throughout his career. In 2015, he won the best actor award at Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival. In addition, he was nominated for BTVA Television Voice Acting Award in 2016. Gary was best known for the movies Pineapple Express (2008) and in the Line of Fire as Bill Watts (1993).


1983 – Career Beginnings

Gary began his professional career in 1983. He played as a stage actor in Chicago, where he joined the Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

1988 – Midnight Caller

Gary became popular on T.V. shows for Jack Nighthawk Killian in the series Midnight Caller.

1999 – Starred at Office Space

This year, he starred in the film Office Space as office supervisor Bill Lumbergh

2008 – HBO’s Entourage

He played a role in the fifth season of HBO’s Entourage as Andrew Klein.

2011 – Guest appearance

Gary had a guest appearance on the fourth season of the HBO Series True Blood.

2013 – Recurring Roles

Gary began a recurring role as Cameron Dennis on Suits. He also played a major recurring role in HBO comedy series Veep.

2014 – Nomination

Gary was nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a comedy series. He was awarded Primetime Emmy Award.

Early Life

Gary was raised in Rolling Meadows High School. His father name is Robert, and mother is Margaret. His father, was a municipal finance director. His mother, was a school administrative assistant. Gary has a big sister, Nancy. While studying in high school, he made his acting first appearance as snoopy in Clark Gesner’s Peanuts. He completed his theatre studies at Illinois State University. Gary was an active democrat. On 8 March 1992, Gary married Teddi Siddall. They have a daughter, Mary Cole. Mary got diagnosed with autism when she was 18 months old. On 19 June 2017, Siddall filed for divorce. But on 4 February 2018, Siddall died. In August 2021, Gary married Michelle Knapp, an interior designer.


In 1983, Gary started acting in Chicago. In 1985 he joined a team of Steppenwolf Theatre’s Company. Gary played Jeffrey MacDonald in “Fatal Vision.” After that, he performed voice-over on various animated series like Family Guy, Kim Possible, and Attorney at Law. Later he completed an astronaut in “Project Apollo” as Edgar Mitchell. In 1991, he played Son of the Morning Star in film as General Custer. In 1999, he played in the film Office Space as Bill Lumbergh. Finally, Gary played Wingman on the TNT series named Wanted as Conrad Rose.

In 1999, he also did voice acting for the title character on the Adult Swim series Harvey Birdman & Attorney at Law. He performed in the movies Talladega Nights, the American pastime, and Forever Strong. In Desperate Housewives, he played the role of Katherine Mayfair’s ex-husband. He was seen in 3rd season of the USA Network Series Psych. Finally, he pops up in the 5th season of HBO’s Entourage, playing Andrew Klein.

Gary acted as a guest on the fourth season of the True Blood series. In 2011, Gary joined Fox’s comedy pilot Tagged. In 2013, Gary played a character on Suits as Cameron Dennis. He again played a character as Kent Davison on the HBO series Veep. In 2014, Gary was nominated as Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series. He received Primetime Emmy Award. He is currently providing the vocal sound of Sergeant Boscoe on Bob’s Burgers. In Future Spokesguy, he performs in triplicates such as 10 Minutes, 10 Days, and 10 Years.


Here are some of the best highlights of Gary Cole’s career:

  • American Gothic (1995-1996)
  • NCIS (Since 2003)
  • Chicago Fire (Since 2012)
  • Suits (2011-2019)

Brand Endorsements

Gary Cole is not only an actor but also a rising star who has done endorsements. He endorses Juicy Couture.

Favorite Quotes from Gary Cole

Favorite Quote 1 from Gary Cole

“People get the wrong idea. They think they have many choices because somebody’s visible and consistently works to a degree. And that’s not necessarily true. You can always choose not to audition and see what happens. Sometimes that’s a benefit. But most things that I do I meet on, especially films.”

Gary Cole
Favorite Quote 2 from Gary Cole

“You need someone to tell you how to do things like hitting your marks, driving a car, so it looks right or getting out of a vehicle, so it doesn’t take a million years of screen time”

Gary Cole
Favorite Quote 3 from Gary Cole

“Even for people who aren’t engaged on the actual battlefield – the effects of war reach out like tentacles into families, economies, the changing geography, and politics. It shakes up everything.”

Gary Cole
Favorite Quote 4 from Gary Cole

“Good decisions don’t make life easy, but they do make it easier.”

Gary Cole
Favorite Quote 5 from Gary Cole

“You never know. When you commit to something, what else could have been? I’m so bored with that concept anymore. ‘If only I didn’t do this, I could have done this.’ They asked me to do it in front of me, and it seemed like good timing.”

Gary Cole
Favorite Quote 6 from Gary Cole

“You always know when something works. It’s a result of everything firing on all cylinders”.

Gary Cole

Keys Life Lessons from Gary Cole

We now know everything about Gary Cole and his net worth. So let’s look at some of his lessons.

Don’t Just look out for Number One –

It means we should do what is best for us and not think about other people.   

Don’t take advantage of your position –

Be yourself

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Gary Cole’s new wife?

In August 2021, he married Michelle Knapp in an intimate wedding.

Who does Principal Shepherd’s voice?

In Family Guy, Gary Cole voiced Principal Shepherds.

What is Gary Cole best known for?

Gary is well known for his roles in various television and film productions in the 1990s and the 2000s.

When did Gary’s wife, Teddi Siddall, die?

Siddall died in Studio City, California, on 4 February 2018.


Gary is a successful actor and voice artist who has made his destiny through his passion for acting. Due to Gary’s hard work and dedication, he achieved a successful career. Gary became a representative of the Steppenwolf Theatre ensemble in the year 1985. He was seen in various award-winning shows in Chicago. Gary was a longtime friend of William Petersen. He also supported the charity groups The Help Group’ and ‘Autism Speaks.’ When Mary was diagnosed with autism, Gary said that people with autism are not disabled. It is like to think of it as another way of thinking or perceiving.

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