What is the Evan Ross Net Worth?

Evan Ross Net Worth is US$ 25 Million as of January 2023.

Net WorthUS$ 25 Million 
Full NameEvan Olav Naess
Born:August 26, 1988 (35 Years)
Height6’ 1” (1.85 m)
Country of OriginUnited States of America
Source of WealthActing, Musician
Marital StatusMarried 
Occupation Actor, Musician
SpouseAshlee Simpson (m. 2014)
ChildrenJagger Snow Ross, Ziggy Blu Ross


Evan Ross is an American actor, musician, and child of popular vocalist Diana Ross. His acting profession began in 2006 and soared in 2014 with numerous new critical jobs. Starting around 2022, his total assets developed to an inconceivable $21 Million. A significant lump comes from his job as Messalla on both The Yearning Games: Mockingjay films. He’s additionally a hopeful vocalist with the primary R&B collection returning in 2007. In any case, up to this point, he was far more effective as an entertainer. That is additionally where most of his pay and total assets start. In 2015, Ross recorded his enormous manor in Hollywood Slopes, California, available to be purchased.



In the 2006 drama film ATL


He has since starred in the films Pride


According to Greta




96 Minutes




The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 (2014) and Part 2 (2015).

Early Life

Not long after beginning his acting vocation, Evan Ross likewise concluded that he needed to seek a lifelong in the music business. He started keeping his presentation collection in 2007, incorporating a blend of pop and R&B. He had been dealing with his music for a considerable length of time before he delivered his presentation single ‘Yes Me’ in 2011. His mom and Tony DeNiro co-delivered the single. Ross then, at that point, delivered a set of the melody ‘How to Live Alone’ in 2015. After a year, he delivered the melody as a solitary, including rapper T.I. As well as sending off his performance vocation, Evan Ross is in the pair Ashlee + Evan with his better half, Ashlee Simpson.


Evan Ross’ most memorable experience with media outlets was in 1999 when he was only 11. Then, he assumed the part of Ricky’s Drinking spree in the T.V. film ‘Shelley Fisher.’ He then, at that point, didn’t show up in film or T.V. again until 2006, when he was a grown-up. When he started his grown-up acting vocation, Ross’ most memorable job was playing Anton Swann in the 2006 film ‘ATL.’ around the same time, Ross showed up as Danny in three episodes of the sitcom ‘We all.’ The following year, he appeared in the T.V. film ‘Life Backing’ and the element film ‘Pride.’ All through 2008 and 2009, Evan Ross’ profession kept on advancing.

Personal Life

Evan Ross is hitched to artist Ashlee Simpson. The couple participated in 2014, and their wedding occurred later, around the same time, at Ross’ mom’s Connecticut home. Upon their marriage, Ross turned into a stepfather to Simpson’s child, Bronx, from her coming together with performer Pete Wentz.

Favorite Quotes from Evan Ross

Favorite Quote 1 by Evan Ross

“I want to be remembered for the good work that I’ve done, for the positive work, and as somebody who was innovative and who people enjoyed.”

Evan Ross
Favorite Quote 2 by Evan Ross

“I really just want to do the best at everything I do. I just want to have all the great people around me that I feel is family, as well as my friends, and I have an amazing girlfriend. I think having love in your life is most important.”

Evan Ross
Favorite Quote 3 by Evan Ross

 “I feel like I’ve been very smart in the way that I carry myself and treat myself. I feel like my mom was a big part of that just because she’s always let us make our own decisions, and we’ve known very much about the mistakes and the dangers already of whatever this Hollywood life may be.”

Evan Ross
Favorite Quote 4 by Evan Ross

 “The one worry that I always have with T.V. is that it’s such a long commitment. You sign on to be there for a good amount of time, and then you can’t go and do films and things like that.”

Evan Ross
Favorite Quote 5 by Evan Ross

 “I’ve been making music for a long time, but I’ve been waiting to do it right, because I don’t want people to think it’s just a stepping stone in my career. A lot of actors go that route as a way of building their careers. I don’t want it to be seen as that.”

Evan Ross
Favorite Quote 6 by Evan Ross

“I have many creative outlets. I sing, I like music, I like art, I paint, I draw. I like buying art. I read a lot, too. I love books. And I’m working on a clothing line, too.”

Evan Ross
Favorite Quote 7 by Evan Ross

 “I always loved movies, especially watching some of my mom’s films when I was younger, like ‘Out of Darkness,’ where she played a schizophrenic.”

Evan Ross
Favorite Quote 8 by Evan Ross

 “The way I choose projects is based on what I think is most real and most interesting, not on what’s paying the most money or what’s most popular.”

Evan Ross
Favorite Quote 9 by Evan Ross

 “I think that when you start rolling with an entourage, you attract attention, and you tend to create this whole big thing. My mom taught me that when you keep a low profile, most people tend to totally miss you because they’re not expecting anything.”

Evan Ross
Favorite Quote 10 by Evan Ross

“I have many creative outlets. I sing, I like music, I like art, I paint, I draw. I like buying art. I read a lot, too. I love books. And I’m working on a clothing line, too.”

Evan Ross


Evan Ross is an entertainer and performer who had a concise vocation in media outlets in 1999, before formally becoming an expert performer in 2006. Since starting his career, Ross has partaken in a consistently expanding measure of expert achievement. Thus, it has prompted him to turn into a rich man. It is presently assessed that Evan Ross’ total assets are $25 Million, which is how he accumulated his abundance.