What is Gerard Wertheimer Net Worth?

Gerard Wertheimer Net Worth is US$ 45 Billion as of Jan 2023.

Net WorthUS$ 45 Billion
Born:April 17, 1951 (73 Years)
Birth NameGérard Paul Philippe Wertheimer
Height5’ 6”
Country of OriginFrance
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseValérie Picavet
ChildrenPaloma (Daughter) and Olivia (Daughter)
Source of WealthEntrepreneur
Famous ForCo-owner of Chanel and French billionaire businessman


Gerard Wertheimer is a French businessman and co-owner of Chanel, one of the world’s most prestigious luxury fashion brands. Alongside his brother Alain, he inherited the company from their father, Pierre Wertheimer, who originally partnered with Coco Chanel to establish the iconic brand. Under Gerard’s leadership, Chanel has flourished, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance. Gerard Wertheimer’s business acumen and strategic vision have propelled Chanel to global success, solidifying its position as a symbol of luxury and sophistication in the fashion industry.



Gerard Wertheimer, along with his brother Alain Wertheimer, inherited control of Chanel following the death of their grandfather Pierre Wertheimer.


The Wertheimer brothers hired Karl Lagerfeld as the creative director of Chanel, marking the beginning of a long and successful collaboration.


Chanel launched its first ready-to-wear collection, expanding the brand’s offerings beyond couture and accessories.


Gerard and Alain Wertheimer acquired the fragrance and beauty business of Chanel from the Swiss company Givaudan, gaining more control over the brand’s entire product range.


Gerard Wertheimer acquired the French tannery Bodin-Joyeux, which supplies high-quality leather to luxury fashion houses, including Chanel.


Chanel acquired the Scottish cashmere manufacturer Barrie Knitwear, which became part of the brand’s Métiers d’Art division.


Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Chanel remained resilient under Gerard Wertheimer’s leadership, continuing to innovate and adapt to the changing landscape of the fashion industry.

Early Life

Gerard Wertheimer, born on July 17, 1951, in France, is a prominent figure in the world of business and fashion. He and his brother Alain Wertheimer are best known as the co-owner of the iconic luxury brand Chanel. Growing up in a wealthy family, Gerard was exposed to the business world from a young age. His grandfather, Pierre Wertheimer, had established a partnership with Coco Chanel in the 1920s, eventually leading to the Chanel empire’s creation. Despite his privileged background, Gerard pursued his education and attended prestigious institutions to develop his skills. He studied at the University of Paris and later completed his education at the European Business School in London. Gerard’s early life laid the foundation for his successful career in the fashion industry and continued involvement in managing the renowned Chanel brand.


Gerard Wertheimer is a co-owner of House of Chanel and a French entrepreneur, a leading luxury brand globally. He inherited the business in 1996 from his father, Pierre Wertheimer, who co-founded the company in 1909. While Alain Wertheimer, his brother, serves as the company’s chairman, Gerard looks after the watch division of the business. In addition to his role as co-owner of Chanel, Gerard is actively involved in horse breeding and racing. He is known for his dedication to charity, especially in combating child pornography.

As the co-owner of House of Chanel, Gerard has helped the business to expand its reach and become one of the most popular brands in the world. The company now produces and sells various fashion items, including clothing, perfume, makeup, jewelry, and watches. Gerard has been instrumental in the business’s success, helping to create new product lines and expand the company’s presence in countries worldwide.

Gerard is also known for his philanthropic efforts. He has donated to various charities, including those dedicated to ending child pornography, and has supported horse racing events. Apart from his role as head of Chanel, Gerard Wertheimer is also involved in horse breeding and racing, as well as several charitable activities against child pornography. His passion for fashion and commitment to developing the Chanel brand has made him one of the most successful and respected figures in the fashion industry.

Gerard Wertheimer Net Worth Growth

Gerard Wertheimer’s net worth was US$ 32 Billion in 2018, which increased to US$ 45 Billion in 2023.

Net Worth in 2023US$ 45  Million
Net Worth in 2022US$ 42  Million
Net Worth in 2021US$ 39 Million
Net Worth in 2020US$ 37  Million
Net Worth in 2019US$ 35 Million
Net Worth in 2018US$ 32 Million

Key Life Lesson from Gerard Wertheimer

Now we have an overview of Gerard Wertheimer’s net worth, work done, biography, and early life. Let’s glance at some of his lessons.

Value Quality and Craftsmanship

Chanel is renowned for its commitment to exceptional quality and craftsmanship in its products. One life lesson that can be gleaned from Gerard Wertheimer’s involvement with Chanel is the importance of valuing and striving for excellence in whatever endeavor you pursue. By focusing on delivering exceptional quality, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and build a strong reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Gerard Wertheimer?

Gerard Wertheimer‘s total net worth is around US$ 45 Billion as of Jan 2023.

What is the age of Gerard Wertheimer?

Currently, Gerard Wertheimer is 71 years old (17 April 1951).

How tall is Gerard Wertheimer?

Gerard Wertheimer’s height is 1.68 m, equal to 5 ft 6 in.


Gerard Wertheimer is a French businessman based in Geneva. He and his brother Alain, own and control the House of Chanel Perfume Company. He is currently ranked as one of the 20 richest people in the world. Gerard Wertheimer’s Net Worth is estimated at $45 billion.

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