What is Dean Stockwell Net Worth?

Dean Stockwell Net Worth is US$ 5 Million as of 2022.

Net Worth USD 5 Million
Born:March 5, 1936
Died:November 7, 2021
Cause of Death:Natural Cause
Also known asQuantum Leap Actor
Height5′ 7″
Weight136.7 lbs (62 Kg) at the time of death
Country of OriginNorth Hollywood, California, U.S
Source of WealthActing
Marital StatusMarried (1960)
SpouseMillie Perkins, Joy Marchenko
Famous ForQuantum Leap (TV Show), Married to Mob


Dean Stockwell is a renowned character from ‘Quantum Leap’ and ‘Blue Velvet’ who was born on March 5, 1936. He was the son of Harry Stockwell, a lyric Baritone Singer who played a role in Oklahoma. Dean Stockwell completed his schooling at Alexander Hamilton High School. Dean Stockwell went to the audition of Innocent Voyage by Paul Osborne and got selected for the minor roles. Since then, he was cast with Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly in “Anchors Aweigh,” which took him to the Golden Globe Award. After some time, he left acting for a few years and got a real estate license. He merely spent seven decades working as an actor.



  • Starred in Donald Martin, Anchors Aweigh, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1945
  • Played a role in Robert “Robbie” Shannon as a child, The Green Years (also known asA. J. Cronin’s The Green Years), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1946
  • Portrayed himself in Nick Charles, Jr., Song of the Thin Man, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1947


  • Played a role in John Humperdink’s “Dink” Stover, The Happy Years, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1950
  • Acted in John Kenyon, Stars in My Crown, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1950
  • Performed in Hade “Harry” Keough’s Gun for a Coward, Universal, 1956
  • Starred Jerry Vernon, The Careless Years, United Artists, 1957
  • Acted in Judd Steiner, Compulsion, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1959


  • Starred in Paul Morel, Sons and Lovers, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1960
  • Acted in Edmund Tyrone, Long Day’s Journey into Night, Embassy, 1962
  • Played a role in Joseph, Rapture (also known as La fleur de l’age), Panoramic Productions, 1965


  • Acted in Billy, The Last Movie (also known as Chinchero), Universal,1971
  • Performed in Billy, Win, Place or Steal (also known as Another Day at the Races, The Big Payoff, Just Another Day at the Races, and Three for the Money), Cinema National, 1975
  • Played a role in Paul Lavell’s Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood, Paramount,1976


  • Performed in John Carver, To Kill a Stranger (also known as Matar a un extrano and Secuestrada), VCL, 1985
  • Ben, Blue Velvet, De Laurentiis Entertainment Group, 1986


Starred in Defense Secretary Walter Dean, Air Force One (also known as AFO), Sony Pictures Entertainment, 1997


General Lancaster, Buffalo Soldiers (also known as Army Go Home), Miramax, 2002

Early Life

After a few years, in 1948, he got a role in the movie ‘The Boy with Green Hair, which was a turning point in his career. In 1959, at the Cannes Film Festival, he won two Best Actor Awards. In 1960, he married Millie Perkins, and later on, they divorced in the year 1962. One of the significant roles he got was working with Jason Robards, Katharine Hepburn, and Ralph Richardson. He was cast as the younger son Edmund Tyrone in the 1962 film version of Eugene O’Neill’s “Long Day’s Journey into Night.” While leaving Hollywood, he changed his earlier name, Robert Dean Stockwell.


Dean moved out of acting for a few years. Later, in 1968 he got a role as Psych-out co-starring Susan Strasberg and Jack Nicolson. He made a guest appearance in several T.V. shows such as Thirty-Minute Theatre in Britain, The FBI, Bonanza, Night Gallery, Mission: Impossible, and Orson Welles’ Great Mysteries.

In 1981, Joy Marchenko, who worked in Morocco, was the second wife of Dean Stockwell. He worked as the main character in movies such as “Paper Man” and the “Failing of Raymond.” He made guest appearances on TV shows such as  Police Surgeon, Joe Forrester, Three for the Road, The Streets of San Francisco, Cannon, Ellery Queen Columbo, Police Story, Greatest Heroes of the Bible, and McCloud. He also appeared as a guest in Tales of the Unexpected, Hart to Hart, A-Team, Greatest Heroes of the Bible, and Simon & Simon. In 2015 he retired from Acting and diverted his interest to making art and exhibiting throughout the U.S.

Dean Stockwell Net Worth Growth

In 2018 and 2019, Dean Stockwell’s net worth was U.S. $ 4 million; in 2020, it increased to U.S. $ 4.6 million. In 2021 his net worth was US$ 5 million.

Net Worth in 2022US$ 5 Million
Net Worth in 2021US$ 5 Million
Net Worth in 2020US$ 4.6 Million
Net Worth in 2019US$ 4 Million
Net Worth in 2018US$ 4 Million


Here are some of the best highlights of Dean Stockwell’s career:

  • Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor
  • Cannes Best Actor Award
  • Nation Society of Film Critics award

Favorite Quotes from Dean Stockwell

Favorite Quote 1 from Dean Stockwell

“Going to Peru is, well, if you ever have an opportunity in your life to go there, you should do it because it is mind boggling”.

Dean Stockwell
Favorite Quote 2 from Dean Stockwell

“My mother was in vaudeville, but after she had her children, she quit working”.

Dean Stockwell
Favorite Quote 3 from Dean Stockwell

“I started at a very early age in this business and I’m sure most of you have read stories about people who have started as children and ended up in very difficult lives and bad consequences”.

Dean Stockwell
Favorite Quote 4 from Dean Stockwell

“So I’m going to go on and work on preserving the ozone layer, encouraging everyone to recycle”.

Dean Stockwell
Favorite Quote 5 from Dean Stockwell

“I hate to admit it, but you can’t do a role unless it’s somewhere in your psyche. People don’t realize how vast the subconscious is. It’s like infinity”.

Dean Stockwell
Favorite Quote 6 from Dean Stockwell

There are a lot of problems in the world, a lot of tragic things that have to be addressed, economic, medical, political, all kinds of things, but, to my way of thinking, they pale in comparison to the overall problem of the environmental deadline.”

Dean Stockwell

Frequently Asked Questions

Famous Movies of Dean Stockwell?

Quantum leap and Blue Velvet were popular movies by Dean Stockwell.

What was the age of Dean Stockwell when he died?

Dean Stockwell was 85 years old when he died.

What was the name of Dean Stockwell in Quantum Leap?

Dean Stockwell was named Al in Quantum Leap.

Did Dean Stockwell have a stroke?

He went through a stroke at his home in Taos. After his recovery, he retired from Acting and moved to be with his family in January 2016.


Dean Stockwell was one of the famous T.V. Actors who worked in several movies. Dean Stockwell died at the age of 85 years due to natural causes. He got Oscar Nomination for his film “Married to Mob” in 1988, in which he was the boss of Tony “The Tiger.” In the style of his companion and fellow artist, Wallace Berman, Dean created digitally enhanced photographs and was an accomplished artist. He signed a contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1945. He won the Golden Globe Award in 1990. Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night (1962) was his last film role of note in the early 60s. In 1937, he Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (he gave his voice to the part of Prince Charming). The highlight of this T.V. work was a particularly memorable 1961 episode of “Twilight Zone.” His estimated net worth in 2021 was US$ 5 million.