What is Brooke Williamson Net Worth?

Brooke Williamson Net Worth is US$ 5 Million as of 2022.

Net WorthUSD 5 Million
Born:August 15, 1978 (45 Years)
Height5’ 5”
Country of OriginLos Angeles, California
Source of WealthChef, Entrepreneur, Restauranteur, and Television Personality
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseNick Roberts
Famous ForParticipating in Reality Shows


American chef, tv personality, and restaurateur Brooke Williamson first gained notoriety in the food industry by participating in a cooking competition series. She is the newest woman ever working as a chef at James Beard House.

She also took home the Top Chef title in Charleston for Season 14 of the Bravo program. Brooke Williamson had earlier competed in the competition in Season 10, although she had only placed second. She was also elected the inaugural winner of the Food Network Tournament of Champions in the spring of 2020.

Early Life

Brooke Williamson was born in Los Angeles, California, USA, on August 15, 1978. At age 6, Brooke became interested in cooking after beginning to watch TV programs where renowned chefs Jacques Pepin & Julia Child would showcase their traditional French cooking techniques.

Brooke had decided to choose a chef as a career from a young age. She had also begun reading the Betty Crocker Cookbook by that point. The first successful meal Brooke prepared as a pancake.

Regarding her formal schooling, Brooke attended Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences. She participated in various things like soccer, dancing, and photography in the school. However, Brooke was confident that she would enroll in the culinary program following graduation.


Brooke previously decided to attend the University of Colorado Boulder for her undergraduate studies. She concentrated on the business courses hoping they might aid her in opening her restaurant. However, she left the university and entered the Culinary Institute of America just a year later.

Brook was a teaching assistant at the Epicurean Institute in Los Angeles. She hadn’t even turned 15 yet. She got her first job in the food industry as pastry chef Ken Frank’s assistant at the Fenix at Argyle Hotel.

Brooke was the youngest sous chef in the restaurant business. When she was 21 years old, she started working as a sous chef at the restaurant Michael’s Santa Monica restaurant. She eventually stayed in New York City & studied cutting-edge cooking techniques with chef Daniel Boulud.

As an Executive Chef, she moved on to work at the Los Angeles restaurant Boxer Rescue. She started her own Zax restaurant in Brentwood in 2000. She dazzled the gathering by mainly offering seasonal American cuisine.

Playa Provisions, Hudson House, Tripli-Kit, The Tripel, and Da Kikokiko are the five successful restaurants Brooke and her husband, Nick Roberts, have established in South Bay. Their most recent joint venture, Da Kikokiko, is known for its fast-casual Hawaiian food.

Brooke has additionally participated in several cookery reality shows. She first appeared in Top Chef season 10, finishing second place. Later, Brooke took part once again in Season 14. She returned and took home the Top Chef title this time. She has additionally featured prominently on other TV programs like “House of Food” and “Knife Fight.”

Brooke Williamson has a net worth of US$ 5 million as of September 2022.

Brooke Williamson Net Worth Growth

Celebrity chef Brooke Williamson has amassed a fortune thanks to her success in the kitchen. The 44-year-old has an astounding net worth of US$ 5 million as of 2022.

After getting his culinary degree, Williamson worked in various restaurants and made an average income of US$ 56,295 per year. Williamson’s cooking skills improved due to interactions and partnerships with elite chefs.

Due to her well-received meals, the Top Chef producers did everything they could to get her on the program. According to reports, Williamson was paid a hefty salary for each initiative she worked on.

Her main asset is Williamson’s restaurant, which she developed with Nick Roberts. Williamson, who oversees the kitchens of three establishments and a shop, ends the year in the black.

Other consulting services Williamson offers to include business planning & development, kitchen organization design coordination & direction, layout, etc.

Net Worth in 2022US$ 5 Million
Net Worth in 2021US$ 2 Million


  • Williamson triumphed in three straight challenges in Last Chance Kitchen in addition to winning Season 14 of Top Chef.
  • At age 21, she became the youngest sous chef at Michael’s and the youngest female chef to work at the James Beard House.
  • She has won and served as a top judge for Top Chef thus far.
  • In 2004, StarChefs gave Williamson and Roberts the designation of “Rising Star Chefs.”
  • Williamson won the first Food Network Tournament of Champions in April 2020 and finished in second place in 2021 and 2022.

Favorite Quotes from Brooke Williamson

Favorite Quote from Brooke Williamson

“As long as I’m cooking something for someone who shows true appreciation and desire for what I’m cooking, then I honestly feel like it could be anything.” 

Brooke Williamson 

Keys Life Lessons from Brooke Williamson

We now know everything about Brooke Williamson and his net worth. Let’s look at some of his lessons.

Surround Yourself with Good People

Always have a big dream and aim higher than you think you can. Do not put effort into trying to outperform your predecessors or peers. Make an effort to surpass yourself.

Let Go of Perfection

The time to worry the most is when everything is fine.

Pick Your Priorities

You will find a way if it is important to you. If not, you’ll come up with an explanation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What restaurant does Brooke Williamson own?

Playa Provisions is the third business venture for Top Chef champion Brooke Williamson and her husband, Nick Roberts. As part of the innovative approach, four distinct restaurant concepts are housed within one 7,000-square-foot beachside space. Casual breakfast & lunch fare is served at King Beach Cafe.

What does Brooke Williamson’s husband do?

Former Top Chef contestant Brooke Williamson and her chef spouse Nick Roberts jointly manage Playa Provisions and Company for Dinner.

How many times was Brooke Williamson on Top Chef?

Williamson’s career started a few years earlier when she finished second in Seattle’s “Top Chef” Season 10 competition. She won Season 14 of “Top Chef” on Bravo in Charleston in March 2017.


Brooke Williamson’s net worth was estimated at US$ 5 million as of November 2022. She is the newest woman to have ever worked as a chef at James Beard House. She was also named the first-ever winner of the Food Network Tournament of Champions in the spring of 2020. Brooke came in second on season 10 of Top Chef and returned for season 14.

Her most recent venture is known for its fast-casual Hawaiian food. Brooke Williamson’s restaurant, which she and Nick Roberts founded, is her greatest asset. Williamson reportedly received a sizable fee for each program she worked on. She won the first Food Network Tournament of Champions in April 2020 and finished in second place in 2021 and 2022.

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