What is Ted Nugent Net Worth?

Ted Nugent Net Worth is US$ 30 Million as of 2022.

Net WorthUSD 30 Million
Born:December 13, 1948 (75 Years)
Full NameTheodore Anthony Nugent
Height5′ 11″
Country of OriginUnited States of America
Source of WealthAmerican rock musician and activist
Marital StatusMarried (1990)
Spouse (s)Sandra Jezowski (1970) Shemane Deziel (1989)
ChildrenSon Toby and daughter Sasha Son Rocco Winchester Nugent
FamousLead Guitarist and Occasional Lead Vocalist of The Amboy Dukes, a Band


Ted Nugent is an American rock musician. Nugent is also known as “Motor City Madman”, and is well-known for both his hard rock music and guitar playing. Nugent was an avid musician since a young age. He started playing the guitar at six years old. Ted Nugent, a musician, and singer is well-known for his work as a solo artist as well as with The Amboy Dukes.

Only a few professionals have the drive, passion, and determination to break records in their chosen areas. It is not common to be successful in more than one field. Ted Nugent is a rock & roll legend. He has sold more than 40 million albums and performed at over 6,750 high-octane concerts. He continues to set attendance records in venues all over the world.





Little Miss Dangerous


If You Can’t Lick ‘Em…Lick ‘Em


Spirit of the Wild




Love Grenade


Shutup & Jam!


The Music Made Me Do It


Detroit Muscle

Early Life

Born on December 13, 1948, in Redford, Michigan, Ted Nugent was raised alongside his three siblings in a Catholic family. His parents, Marion Dorothy and Warren Nugent, always encouraged his passion for music. At the young age of six, Ted began making music and by fourteen, he had formed his first band, the Lourds. Although the Nugents were a military family, Ted himself was never in the service and was known to have gone to great lengths in order to avoid the draft for the Vietnam War. Despite this, Ted has since gone on record to state that the stories of his avoidance of the draft were fabricated for entertainment purposes. Throughout his teens, he attended St. Viator High School and William Fremd High School.


Nugent was the original lead guitarist in The Amboy Dukes, and he became well-known. The group is most well known for their single, “Journey To the Center of the Mind”, which is a psychedelic-themed song about drugs. This contrasts with the anti-drug stance of Nugent throughout his career. The band released several albums in the 1970s including “Survival of the Fittest Live” (1971), “Call of the Wild” (1973), and “Tooth Fang and Claw” (1974). Nugent continued to tour and record with the Amboy Dukes through 1975 when he started his solo career. He signed with Epic Records. Clifford Davies, Rob Grange, and Derek St. Holmes were his collaborators.

In 1975, Nugent released his debut solo album. His success made him a solo artist. His second album, titled ‘Free for All’ ‘Dog eat Dog’, was a hit and was ranked on the Billboard Hot 100 in North America. He began touring extensively in the United States, performing at various companies. He performed at companies and toured extensively in the United States from the late 1960s to his peak (1967-1973). The Outdoor Channel aired the show. His books include Blood Trails: The Truth About Bowhunting (1991), God Guns & Rock ‘N Roll (2000), and Kill It & Grill It. “(2005).

Ted Nugent Net Worth Growth

Ted Nugent made US$11,900,000. This figure was not included in his record sales. In 1975 and 1976, he was 2x Platinum for Ted Nugent and 2x platinum for Free-for All. In 1977, he was awarded US$3,100,000. His 1978 live album Double Live Gonzo! was released. He was awarded US$3,050,000 and his live album Double Live Gonzo! was 3x platinum. He also won US$1,100,000.000 from Weekend Warriors that year. He won US$550,000 from the State of Shock in 1979. Ted made an investment in a Mink farm in the early 1980s. However, things took an unexpected turn that led to Ted losing his investment plan. Ted Nugent owns a home in Texas and its current price is US$1.7 million. Urban Splatter reported that his home contains 5 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms. Urban Splatter reported that his home has 5 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms.


  • Ted’s debut solo album, Ted Nugent, served to introduce the talented young man to the American public as a capable
  • Debuted with the hit “Stranglehold” and went multi-platinum in the United States.
  • In the Year 1976 album Free-for-All went multi-platinum in the United States and gold in Canada. “Cat Scratch Fever” was one of his biggest commercial hits.
  •  Nugent wrote most of the album’s Top 100 songs in the US, UK, Canada, and Sweden the album went platinum in both the US and Canada
  • Total 35 albums recorded and over 40 million albums sold worldwide he is also the director of the National Rifle Association and the Member of the National Archery Gala.

Favorite Quotes from Ted Nugent

Favorite Quote 1 by Ted Nugent

 “I don’t wanna be a rock star. I don’t believe in rock stars. If you really examine what goes with being a rock star, I’ve avoided that really well.”

Ted Nugent
Favorite Quote 2 by Ted Nugent

“I think you should ride the line between fatigue and chaos. The chaos keeps the energy level and spontaneity maximized, while fatigue is just over the edge, and you should try to avoid it.”

Ted Nugent
Favorite Quote 3 by Ted Nugent

“The war is coming to the streets of America and if you are not keeping and bearing and practicing with your arms then you will be helpless and you will be the victim of evil.”

Ted Nugent

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ted Nugent famous for?

Nugent is known for Gibson Birdland, blues and crazy guitar playing, and lively live shows.

What is Ted Nugent’s most famous song?

His biggest hit was 1977’s “Cat Scratch Fever”


Theodore Anthony Nugent is better known as Ted Nugent. He is a hard rock singer and guitarist best known for his 1970s hits like “Stranglehold”, Cat Scratch Fever, and “Wango Tango”. At six years old, he began playing an instrument. He was a keen musician from an early age. He started his career as a guitarist in The Amboy Dukes, a hard rock band. For several years, he was the band’s guitarist before deciding to go solo. He could not have asked for a better start. His first solo album Ted Nugent was a hit single and went multi-platinum throughout the United States.

Ted co-produced the album with Rob Grange, bassist, and Clifford Davies, drummer. He was a rock star himself, thanks to his contributions to Free for All and Cat Scratch fever. His hard-rock playing style is well-respected and has been a source of inspiration for musicians like Eric Clapton and Frank Zappa, as well as Jeff Beck and Elvis Presley. Ted is well known for his great music. But, what really sets him apart is his total abstinence from alcohol and drug use. Ted enjoys hunting and has written many books about it.