What is Susanne Klatten Net Worth?

Susanne Klatten Net Worth is US$ 27,900 Million as of January 2023.

Net WorthUS$ 27,900 Million
Born:April 28, 1962 (61 Years)
Birth NameSusanne Hanna Ursula Quandt
Height5′ 2″
Country of OriginGermany
Source of WealthEntrepreneur
Marital StatusDivorced
SpouseJan Klatten ​(m. 1990; Sep. 2018)
Famous ForFounder of an innovation center at Technical University of Munich, UnternehmerTUM


Susanne Klatten is a German heiress, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Klatten was born in Bad Homburg, West Germany on April 28th, 1962 to Herbert Quandt and his second wife Johanna Quandt. Currently she is 60 years old. She currently heads the supervisory board at BMW and owns about 19% of its common stock. Klatten also controls an investment company, SKion GmbH, which holds nearly 44% of chemical giant Altana AG. She also boasts extensive investments in wind turbines, healthcare clinics, and venture capital funds. She attended university at Mannheim and Munich’s Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität earning diplomas in ABWL (business) and NCBWL (economics). After university, she got her MBA degree from Harvard Business School.

A highly successful businesswoman as well as an environmental champion, Klatten has received numerous honors for her accomplishments including “Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year 2012. Being named to Forbes’ list of “World´s 100 Most Powerful Women”, she was also awarded honorary degrees from universities such as Warwick U UK, LBS London Business School UK, European University Viadrina Frankfurt Oder Germany.



Klatten was appointed to the supervisory board of BMW with her brother Stefan Quandt in 1997.


Klatten was awarded the Bayerischer Verdienstorden, the Bavarian Order of Merit.


Klatten owns options to raise her stake in SGL from 8% to almost a quarter of the shares.


Klatten was arrested and sentenced to seven years in prison.


Susanne Klatten is the richest woman in Germany and the 65th richest person in the world according to the Bloomberg Millionaires Index.

Early Life

Susanne was born on April 28, 1962, in Bad Homburg. Her father had a major stake in the car manufacturer BMW and was part of a wealthy German family with origins in the industrialist dynasty through her grandmother Magda Ritschel Quandt. Her father died when she was three years old as such, she grew up with her mother and younger brother.

Klatten attended school in Germany before graduating from a business school in Lausanne, Switzerland at age 18. She then spent two years working as an apprentice at Daimler-Benz AG’s public relations department to gain direct experience before heading off to the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management where she completed an MBA program. After graduating, Klatten went on to work for Altana AG utilizing her financial education to do strategic planning for acquisitions within Altana’s pharmaceutical division. In 1989, Klatten took over her late father’s position as a board director for BMW when she took over his 12% stakeholding in the company in 1991 which followed shortly after his passing away.


Susanne Klatten is a German Millionaire businesswoman. She is the wealthiest woman in Germany and one of the wealthiest people in the world. She is the majority shareholder of BMW and Altana, a chemical-pharmaceutical company, and serves as its board chairperson.

Klatten gained her wealth upon inheriting $2 Million worth of shares in BMW from her father, Herbert Quandt. Since then she has been actively involved in making investments in various sectors; technology, telecoms, defense systems, and alternative energy sources are some of her main interests. In addition to her business career, Klatten also holds an honorary doctorate from the Technical University of Munich for her efforts to promote scientific research and development in Germany. Her active role as a philanthropist has seen her make monetary donations to various public organizations such as hospitals, educational institutions, and charitable organizations.

Susanne Klatten Net Worth Growth

Susanne Klatten’s net worth was US$ 14.300 million in 2013, which increased to US$ 27.900 million in 2023.

Net Worth in 2023US$ 27,900  Million
Net Worth in 2022US$ 24,300 Million
Net Worth in 2021US$ 27,700  Million
Net Worth in 2020US$ 16,800 Million
Net Worth in 2019US$ 21,000  Million
Net Worth in 2018US$ 2,5000  Million
Net Worth in 2017US$ 20,400 Million
Net Worth in 2016US$ 18,500 Million
Net Worth in 2015US$ 16,800 Million
Net Worth in 2014US$ 17,400  Million
Net Worth in 2013US$ 14,300  Million


Here are some of the best highlights of Susanne Klatten’s career:

  • Klatten owns shares in the company Nordex, SGL Carbon, Paques, and Avista Oil
  • Klatten is one of the biggest donors of the center-right political party, the Christian Democratic Union.

Favorite Quotes from Susanne Klatten   

Favorite Quote 1 by Susanne Klatten

“Many believe that we are permanently sitting around on a yacht in the Mediterranean.” – Susanne Klatten   

Favorite Quote 2 by Susanne Klatten

“Our potential stems from the role of being an heir and developing that. We work hard on that every day.” – Susanne Klatten   

Key Life Lesson from Susanne Klatten   

Now we have an overview of Susanne Klatten’s net worth, work done, biography, and early life. Let’s glance at some of her lessons.

Invest in Personal Growth

Seek personal growth as a chance to fix what’s broken. You don’t have to lose self-confidence to work on areas in your life that hold you back.

Stay humble and maintain a high level of integrity

She believes it’s important to learn from both successes and failures, taking time for self-reflection so that changes can be made for future success. Additionally, Klatten stresses the importance of embracing change to best prepare oneself for dealing with future challenges. It’s important to always be open to new ideas that have the potential to create growth opportunities – no matter how big or small they may seem at first.

Trusting one’s convictions

Klatten emphasizes the importance of trusting one’s convictions and confidently pursuing any goals or dreams that have been set forth – no matter how daunting they may seem at first glance. With clear guidance comes confidence which can lead you down a path towards self-fulfillment while simultaneously helping others through your contributions towards making the world a better place overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses is Susanne Klatten involved with?

Susanne Klatten is the controlling shareholder in Altana AG, a chemical company based in Wesel, Germany; BMW, an automobile maker based in Munich; SGL Carbon SE, an industrial manufacturer with headquarters located in Wiesbaden; ATK GmbH & Co. KG – (ATK Consortium), a holding company based in Frankfurt; Pathfinder Solutions UG – Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung Freiburg; and KraussMaffei AG (KM AG), a plastics machinery manufacturer located in Munich.

How did Susanne Klatten come to possess such sizeable wealth?

Susanne inherited her share of her father’s stake when he passed away and has substantially increased it through her active role in the family’s businesses. She purchased additional stakes through publicly traded stock exchange purchases and private equity investments over the years. Moreover, given her role as a partner or controlling shareholder of various companies, she also earns regular dividends from those firms as well as other income sources from investments she holds outside of these operations.

What other personal endeavors does she pursue outside of business?

She is also actively involved with philanthropic activities via The Klaus Tschira Foundation which was named after her father. The foundation supports social welfare endeavors related to natural sciences such as science center developments, health sciences research initiatives, and mathematics programs among other areas that benefit science education-related fields across Europe including Germany where they are headquartered.


Susanne Klatten is a German businesswoman and Millionaire with a net worth of US$ 27,900 Million. She is the richest woman in Germany and one of the most powerful women in the world. Klatten has made her fortune largely through her investments in carmakers BMW and Volkswagen, where she currently serves as chairperson of the supervisory board of both companies. In addition, she owns chemical manufacturer Altana AG, which specializes in specialty chemicals for use by pharmaceutical and automotive companies.

In 2011, Klatten was voted one of the most influential public figures by the German magazine Focus because she is “well known for her investor’s mentality”, especially about BMW. Additionally, Klatten was nominated Germany’s Manager of the Year that same year due to her “dynamic leadership” style and dedication to making decisions that would allow BMW to stay competitive both domestically and globally while helping shape it into one of today’s most successful automakers. As well as being an integral part of two major companies, Klatten also finds time to support philanthropic causes such as education, healthcare, and sports events for disabled people.

Susanne Klatten’s net worth is $27.900 million as of January 2023.

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