What is Steven Burns Net Worth?

Steven Burns net worth is US$11 Million as of Jan 2023.

Net WorthUS$ 11 Million
Born:October 9, 1973 (50 Years)
Full nameSteven Michael Burns
Height5’ 6”
Country of OriginBoyertown, Pennsylvania, The US
Source of WealthActor and Musician
Marital StatusSingle
ParentsJoseph Burns Jr. and Janet Burns
Famous ForThe original host of the long-running children’s preschool television program Blue’s Clues


Steven Michael Burns is a popular American actor, singer, TV host, and musician. The actor became extremely well-known in American television as the presenter of the enduring children’s program Blue’s Clues, which debuted on Nickelodeon from 1996 until 2002.

In addition to being a popular host and writer, Steve Burns has been a successful producer, writer, consultant, and producer for the animated series ‘Blue’s Clues and You.’ Steve Burns is a singer who released his debut song album, Songs for Dustmites. Burns also appeared in several movies such as ‘Nether Beast Incorporated,’ ‘Marie and Bruce,’ & ‘Christmas on Mars,’ and other movies.



Burns auditioned for Blue’s Clues.


Burns acted in horror-comedy film Nether Beast Incorporated with Darrell Hammond and Dave Foley, playing the part of a vampire.


Burns collaborated with Drozd for The Flaming Lips’ science fiction movie Christmas on Mars.


In March 2012, he appeared in the YouTube comedy series The Professionals.


Burns released a children’s album with Drozd, titled for everywhere under the name “STEVENSTEVEN.”


Burns appeared on Tim Kubart’s 2018 children’s album Building Blocks.

Early Life

On the 9th of October 1973, Steven Burns was born in Boyertown, the US. Steven was raised by his father, Joseph & mother, Janet. Burns has two elder sisters, namely Karen and Jennifer. Burns’s father was a Human Resources Director at Safeguard Business Systems after he left the United States Navy. Burns’s father expired due to cancer in 2015.

Steve Burns finished his graduation from Boyertown Area Senior High School in 1992. After that, He became interested in music and started playing in the bands Nine Pound Truck, Sudden Impact United States, & the Ivys. Later, his passion turned to acting. Steve joined DeSales University to study acting. Though, Burns dropped out and shifted to New York City to chase an acting career. He began his career as a voice artist while living in a basement apartment near Times Square. He had the opportunity to appear on the television programs Law & Order and Veggie Tales Classics in the middle of the 1990s. There he had a cameo role.


In 1995, Steve Burns auditioned for the Blue’s Clues children’s television series. At the time, It was an audio-over role, which he assumed. Burns was not able to impress the Nickelodeon executives at first; initially, after 100 applicants had finished their auditions, he was finally selected.

According to Traci Paige Johnson, executive co-creator and producer of Nickelodeon, Steve became the most authentic from a hundred people after auditioning. Steve Burns first performed in this popular children’s show in 1996,  the turning point in his career. Burns performed in all hundred episodes of Blue’s Clues and got much attention during that time.

Burns hosted the popular children’s program for six years (1996 to 2002), then announced his retirement as host in the series’ final episode. Donovan Patton was his replacement. Burns served as host while also helping with the series production.

Steven Burns continued his career in music after leaving Blue’s Clues. He started work on his upcoming album. Steve released his first album, Songs for Dustmites, in 2003. The Flaming Lips’ American singer Steven Drozd was featured on various of the album’s singles. In 2008, he played an astronaut in Christmas on Mars, a science fiction movie from The Flaming Lips.

In 2012, Burns appeared in the YouTube humor series The Professionals. In 2007, Burns performed in DeSales University’s production of Amadeus as the title character and appeared in The Comedy of Errors. Burns and Drozd published a children’s album together in 2016. It was titled “Stevensteven” everywhere. The album’s first song, “The Unicorn and Princess Rainbow,” has been released as a video. Burns was featured as a guest on Tim Kubart’s 2018 children’s album Building Blocks.


  • Blue’s Clues – 6 Seasons (1996)
  • Blue’s Big Musical Movie (2000)
  • Christmas on Mars (2008)
  • Netherbeast Incorporated (2007)
  • The Fearless Freaks (2005)
  • Blue’s Big City Adventure (2022)

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Frequently Asked Questions

 How much is the worth of Steve Burns?

Steve Burns’ Net Worth is US$ 11 million as of Jan 2023.

Did Steve Burns marry?

Steve Burns did not reveal any of his relationships. He is currently unmarried and not dating anyone.

What is the height of Steve Burns?

The height of Steve Burns is 5 feet 6 inches.


Steven Michael Burns or Steve Burns (born October 9, 1973) is a US singer, actor, and musician. Burns is also a music craftsman, television mediator,  and renowned entertainer. He has earned numerous industry awards, such as two Emmys for Five Years on Mars & Spirit of the Rainforest.

Steve Burns earned the Legacy Award at Jackson Wild for science & natural history programming and the Lifetime Accomplishment Award for science programming at the World Congress of Science and Factual Producers. As a musician, Burns teamed up with Grammy award winners The Flaming Lips, with whom he published the album Songs for Dustmites and for all over, an album for youngsters.

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