What is Small Laude Net Worth?

Small Laude Net Worth is US $50 Million as of January 2023.

NameSmall Laude.
Date of birthJune 17, 1968 (55 Years)
ProfessionDigital Content Creator and Entrepreneur.
Famous forYouTube star with over 159+ k subscribers.
Place of BirthThe Philippines.
Height1.65 m
Weight58 kg
Eye ColourDark Brown
Hair ColourBlack
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandPhilip Laude
ChildrenSons:  Laude, Timothy Laude, Michael Laude. Daughter: Allison Laude.
ParentsElisa G. Eduardo(mother)
SiblingSisters: Alice G. Eduardo & Melba Eduardo Sodium Brother: Joel Eduardo.


Marissa Eduardo, often known as Small Laude, was born in the Philippines on June 17, 1968. She is an outspoken maker of visual media. She is highly recognized for uploading YouTube videos. Small Laude is most known for consistently producing top-notch content. With just her YouTube videos, she has been able to win over a lot of hearts. Digital entertainment producer  Laude also runs a thriving business. She is from an affluent family. Let’s have a peek at some fascinating information regarding Small Laude.

Early Life

Small Laude was born in the Philippines on June 17, 1968, on the 17th day of the month. Small Laude is 54 years old right now. She was blessed from birth. Her mother is Elisa G. Eduardo, and her father is Andres Eduardo. Melba Eduardo, Alice Eduardo, and Alice Eduardo are her sisters. Small Laude finished primary school at an unidentified institution. Additionally, she completed her postsecondary degree at a  university from a private background.

Small Laude records her life on YouTube and Instagram. Small has never given the idea of becoming a vlogger any thought. She married a businessman and came from a wealthy family.

She also used to help her husband out at work as a result. However, in an interview, Small Laude once said she frequently considers her options beyond helping her husband at work.

Later, Small told her close friend Karen Davila about the situation. When Small asked Karen about vlogging, Karen replied, “Why won’t she do it?” Laude opted to film her trip to the United States because the concept inspired her.

Small Laude recorded everything in there, and a separate party edited it. Small was so happy with the result that he felt compelled to share it. All this sparked Small’s career as a vlogger.

Small registered a Channel on YouTube in her name on February 5, 2013. Still, it was not until August 17, 2019; she became well-known for her viral video, “My 1st Ever Vlog Day 1 in Los Angeles,” which, as of June 2021, had 0.19 million views and 0.15 million followers.

Net Worth & Earnings of Small Laude in 2022

According to sources, Small Laude’s estimated net worth is around $50 million. Through her business endeavors, she gained the majority of her fortune.

Social media:

  • YouTube Channel: Small Laude (1.82 m Subscribers)
  • Instagram: 647k Followers
  • Facebook: 543k Followers


  • Laude was one of the first channels to acquire the Silver Play Button on YouTube when it was released in May 2021.
  • On Ugo Bigyan’s, the YouTuber acquired pottery-making skills.
  • Numerous 2019 publications have highlighted the lovely Small Laude as a Woman of Style and Substance. The Metro Society and Stargate People Asia are two of these periodicals.
  • She “will always be in the nicest mood and, of course, has the broadest smile among everybody,” according to her son Timothy.
  • She enjoys socializing and shopping, so her family and friends are always happy to see her.


Known for her YouTube channel, which she joined on February 5, 2013, Small Laude is a digital entertainment creator and entrepreneur. Small Laude was born on June 17, 1968, in the Philippines. On August 17, 2019, she posted her first YouTube clip to the channel, titled “MY 1ST EVER VLOG: DAY 1 IN LOS ANGELES! | Small Laude.” She primarily posts vlogs on her YouTube channel, where she has millions of subscribers. She is co-working as an entrepreneur with her spouse, a businessman by trade. She first recorded her vlog while traveling to the United States of America.

Small Laude is a young woman who plans to videotape her life for later viewing on YouTube. Laude is a massive style fan who frequently posts content on her Instagram. She cherished spending with her family because she loved them so much