What is Lil Nas X Net Worth?

Lil Nas X Net Worth is US$ 7 Million as of January 2023.

Net WorthUS$ 7 Million 
Full NameMontero Lamar Hill
Born:April 9, 1999 (25 Years)
Height6′ 1″
Country of OriginAustell, Georgia, U.S
Source of WealthMusic
Marital StatusUnmarried 
Occupation  Rapper, Singer, Songwriter
Years active2018-present
Horoscope  Aries


Lil Nas X is a well-known American rapper, performer, and composer who has amassed a fortune of $7 million. The song “Old Town Road,” which is famed for mixing the rap and country genres for an entirely unique sound, is arguably what Lil Nas X is best known for. Despite the song’s early TikTok virality, it didn’t perform well internationally until 2019 and was awarded a diamond certification. Lil Nas X is renowned for having a prominent position within the LGBTQ community. He came out as gay to the world following the release of “Old Town Road.” For any artisan who already had a significant record, this was a first. Different reactions greeted his approach outside. While some people from the hip-hop community criticized him, fans and other experts applauded him. Few professionals in the hip-hop industry have ever come out as gay.



Internet personality


Breakthrough with “Old Town Road” and 7




Upcoming second studio album

Early Life

In Lithia Springs, Georgia, on April 9, 1999, Montero Lamar Hill was born. Lil Nas X, who grew up not far from Atlanta, was six years old when he witnessed his parents’ divorce. When he was nine years old, he moved in with his father in Austell, Georgia. When he was younger, Montero acquired a strong affinity for web photos and subsequently said that putting some distance between himself and Atlanta helped him avoid “falling in with some unsavory group.”

Nas X says that he was largely alone and online during his teenage years. Throughout this period, he had trouble adjusting to his s*xuality. Even by the moment he was 17 years old, he had come out as gay. Following the completion of his secondary education in 2017, Montero spent one year at the College of West Georgia. At this point, he made the decision to pursue a career in music and to make ends meet, and he worked in restaurants and amusement parks.


Even though Lil Nas X was usually passionate about pursuing a career in music, he first gained notoriety, mostly as a web character. The rapper claimed that, before finally succeeding with Twitter, he had tried to build up a sizable following on many different virtual entertainment platforms. Currently, he has more than 5 million YouTube subscribers and just under 2 million Twitter followers.

In 2017, Lil Nas X began a cycle that made Twitter users into the faces of Nicki Minaj. He actually came into contact with Twitter while reportedly “Tweetdecking,” which is the most popular method of creating several records to aid postings in spreading throughout the web. After breaching Twitter’s policies, his main Nicki Minaj fan profile was finally suspended.

In July 2019, Vogue praised Lil Nas X as an “ace” at delivering the cattle rustler tasteful a glitzy fully seek in his appearances and on Instagram. Lil Nas X has been known for his public designs. Hodo Musa, his beautician, describes him as “energetic, fun-loving, brilliant, and futuristic.” He wore a cherry-red Nudie costume with a cowboy theme for his stunning entrance at the 2019 MTV Video Music Grants. The Wrangler store, which is mentioned in the verses of “Old Town Street,” consistently sells out of Lil Nas X co-branded clothing.

Favorite Quotes from Lil Nas X

Favorite Quote 1 from Lil Nas X

“Live your life to its fullest potential and don’t really care too much about what other people think of you.”

Lil Nas X
Favorite Quote 2 from Lil Nas X

“Growing up, I always liked so many different sounds from so many different genres—the different aspects they could bring.”

Lil Nas X
Favorite Quote 3 from Lil Nas X

 “I feel like I’m opening the doors for more people. That they feel more comfortable being out, especially in the hip hop community.”

Lil Nas X
Favorite Quote 4 from Lil Nas X

 “I believe whenever you’re trying something new, it’s always going to get some kind of bad reception.”

Lil Nas X
Favorite Quote 5 from Lil Nas X

 “I wanted to stay independent because I figured there was no way I was going to be able to have control to create the type of music I wanted. I was basically ignoring a lot of labels.”

Lil Nas X
Favorite Quote 6 from Lil Nas X

 “Take my horse to the old town road and ride till I can’t go more’ basically means just running away, and everything is just gone. The horse is metaphorical for not having anything or just the little things that you do have, and it’s with you.”

Lil Nas X

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Lil Nas X?

He has a net worth of US$ 7 million.

How successful was Michael Lil Nas X?

He previously recorded “Old Town Road” at a minor studio in Atlanta during their “$20 Tuesdays” advancement. TikTok clients then, at that point, found the track and began utilizing it relentlessly because of the #Yeehaw Challenge. This viral test affected individuals taking on the appearance of wranglers or cowgirls. Right away, the straightforward, infectious tune about riding ponies and work vehicles became famous among youngsters.


In early June 2019, when Lil Nas X showed up to his sister and father, he said, despite his vulnerability about whether fans would stick with him, “The universe is telling him to do this.” On June 30, 2019, the last day of Pride Month, Lil Nas X publicly came out as gay and tweeted. t off [f*ck me] no more. Anyway, I need to hear from you guys near the c7osure before the end of this month. The tweet was hauntingly true, as it featured that track “c7osure” for the first time in quite some time.

Drifter noted that the song “touches on themes like telling the truth, growing up, and accepting yourself.” and then tweeted the next day again, in a rainbow extension of his EP 7 cover, with the subtitle “Think dead and I made it.” . it is clear”. He revealed that he was gay during a meeting after the fact on BBC Breakfast and that he understood that his s*xuality would not be immediately recognized in the US or on rap music channels.