What is Jane Leeves Net Worth?

Jane Leeves Net Worth is US$ 16 Million as of 2022.

Net WorthUS$ 16 Million
Date of BirthApril 18, 1961 (63 Years)
Also known asJane Elizabeth Leeves
Country of OriginUnited States of America
Source of WealthActress, Comedian, Singer
SpouseMarshall Coben (1996-present)
Famous ForFlorida Evans, a Matriarch in Good Times, “Daphne” Role in the Frasier show


Jane Leeves is a famous actress, model as well as a singer. Jane has two sisters as well as brothers. In 1996, Jane was married to Marshall Coben. She is a ballet dancer. She learned ballet from Bush Davies dance school. She had to provide up on ballet dance moving due to lower leg harm. Jane moved to the United States to pursue her acting career. After moving to the US, Jane started with minor acting roles. She received her first Leading role in the sitcom Throb in 1986. After this show, she became famous as an actress. She worked as a model, and after that, she started her career as an actress. Jane Leeves’s net worth was estimated at $ 16 Million.



Jane Leeves appeared in the 1981 TV film’ Nice to see You.”


She was nominated for “Best Supporting Actress.”


She made her Broadway debut in Cabaret as Sally Bowles in 2002.


She played the 40-something ex-eyebrow artist to the stars, joy Scroggs.


She made her acting debut in the fox medical drama The Resident in 2018

Early Life

Jane Leeves was the daughter of Colin, an engineer, and Ruth Leeves, a Nurse. She was born in Ilford on April 18, 1961. Later, she moved to Crawley. Jane Learnt Ballet dance at a very young age from Bush Davies School of Dance. She said well, back to ballet dancing due to a leg injury that ruined the possibility of a ballet dancing career. After, she performed as a Model. She entered the world of acting in 1983 by working in the British comedy tv series The Benny Hill Show.

The role turned into small. However, Leeves left a mark together with her fantastic performing talents. Later, she seemed in a British musical comedy movie, the means of Existence, as a dancer. In 1993, she played the most famous role as “Daphne” in the Frasier show. At the beginning of the eighth season, Leeves became pregnant, and the writers included her pregnancy as a weight benefit due to the strain from her relationship with Niles. Leeves received “Golden Globe Award for pleasant helping Actress” and the “Primetime Emmy Award.”


At an early age, Jane learned ballet dancing from Bush Davies Dancing School. She has made her mark in the dancing field. Also, she performed as a dancer in the To Live and Died in LA (1985) Movie. Jane Leeves seemed first in the ‘Nice to See You (1981) Movie. After this film, she played the character of Hills Angel in Benny Hill Show (1983), and then she started performing the role of prudence Anne “Blue” Bartlett in the ‘Throb’ movie. After a year, she joined the ‘Frasier’ Show as Daphne Moon, and then jane leeves did voice work in ‘James and Giant’ as well as The Great War and the shaping of the 20th Century’. In 1998, Jane contributed to ‘Hercules: The Animated Series ‘as an actress. Also, She was part of Seinfeld; however, she seemed in only four episodes. At this time, she got the role of “Holly” in the Science-fiction comedy Red Dwarf. Jane Leeves earned many Nominations.

She received “Golden Globe Award” for Best supporting actress. She has become the highest-paid Actress in Hollywood. She got the role in the Movie Music of the Heart and the Broadway musical Cabaret using her acting and voice skills. She appeared in the comedy quiz show in 2004. From 2010 to 2015, she performed as the 40-something ex’ eyebrow artist to the star’s joy Scroggs in the Hot in Cleveland and Betty White. In 2011, Jane was nominated for the Screen Actor Guild award for outstanding performance and also nominated for the golden globe award. Jane Leeves has made a mark in the entertainment world and films.


  • Frasier (1993)
  • Golden Globe nominee (1995)
  • Screen Actor Guide Award (2000)
  • Satellite Award (2000)
  • Throb
  • Murphy Brown
  • James and the Giant Peach

Favorite Quotes from Jane Leeves

Favorite Quote 1 from Jane Leeves

I wish James Dean would never have died. Then he’d be fat and acting on Dynasty (1981) or something. There wouldn’t be this whiny-boy act that’s so prevalent everywhere.”

– Jane Leeves
Favorite Quote 2 from Jane Leeves

I knew I would never be strong enough to be a soloist. And I wasn’t going to be stuck in the back with all the other swans. (regarding her leaving ballet for an acting career.

Jane Leeves
Favorite Quote 3 from Jane Leeves

“I used to wear makeup all the time when I was younger. Now I go out, and I don’t care.”

Jane Leeves
Favorite Quote 4 from Jane Leeves

“I left my apartment in London, and I sold everything. I had $1000 and a suitcase when I got on the plane. The next day I enrolled in my first acting class. We had some great people, Jim Carrey, Ellen DeGeneres, and Molly Ringwald. It was very inspirational.”

Jane Leeves

Brand Endorsements

  • Jenga indoor game
  • Gemma Woollard in 2012 and NOH8
  • Hasbro in 1998
  • Tellurian baby products (permanent spokesperson)

Keys Life Lessons from Jane Leeves

  • Focus on developing and using your strengths
  • Never stop Learning
  • Have a Big goal

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Actress is Jane Leeves?

She is a very graceful as well as a confident lady. She kills with her kindness and doesn’t take anyone’s guff.

What kind of characters has Jane Leeves played?

All the characters she has played before have been working-class, entertaining, and personal relationships.

What was the reason behind Jane Leeves’s allergic reaction?

It was due to the fragrance of perfume that affected Jane Leeves voice


Jane is an American actress, model, singer, and comedian. Jane Leeves is popular for her role in ‘Frasier.’ She got the Outstanding Supporting Actress award for her role in ‘Frasier’ (1993). She got her first lead role in the sitcom Throb from 1986 to 1988. She was married to Marshall Coben on December 21, 1996. Jane Leeves’s net worth was estimated at $16 million as of September 2022. She has had a successful career in acting.