What is Fred Macmurray Net Worth?

Fred Macmurray Net Worth is US$ 150 Million as of 2022.

Net WorthUS$ 150 Million
Born:30 August 1908
Died:5 November 1991 (aged 83)
Cause of Death:Pneumonia
Also known asBud
Height6′ 2″
Country of OriginKankakee, Illinois, The US
Source of WealthActor
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseJune Haver (m. 1954–1991), Lillian Lamont (m. 1936–1953)
ChildrenKatherine Macmurray (Daughter), Robert MacMurray (Son), Laurie MacMurray (Daughter), Susan MacMurray (Daughter)
Famous ForWalter Neff in “Double Indemnity” (1944)


Fred MacMurray net worth was estimated at US$ 150 Million at the time of his death in 1991.

Fred was an American actor. He has done more than 100 films and television series in his career. His career began in 1935 as a major film leading man. He was famous for his role in Billy Wilder’s film ‘Double Indemnity.’ Fred became a successful businessman after his success in cinema. He was the fourth highest-paid citizen in the United States. He purchased land in the Russian River Valley and established MacMurray Ranch. He raised Aberdeen Angus cattle at the ranch and enjoyed watercolor painting. In 1996, the ranch was sold to Gallo. In 1991, Fred suffered from Leukemia and died due to pneumonia.



Born on 30 August in Kankakee, Illinois.


Began his career as a Saxophonist in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York dance bands.


Appeared on Broadway in the production of “Three’s a Crowd.”


Signed Paramount Pictures for the standard seven-year contract.


Married Lillian Lamont on 20 June.


Played a role in Billy Wilder’s film noir Double Indemnity


Fred was the only person honored as a Disney Legend.

Early Life

Fred was born on 30 August 1908 in Kankakee, Illinois. Fred was the son of Maleta and a violinist named Frederick Talmadge MacMurray. His father was Scottish, and his mother was German. When Fred was 5 years old, his family moved to Wisconsin, the birth state of his parents. There, his father taught him music. They relocated to Beaver Dam, which is his mother’s birthplace. He did his schooling in Quincy, Illinois. He used to play Saxophone for various local brands.  


Fred did his graduation from Beaver Dam High School. He was playing baseball, football, and basketball. He earned a scholarship from Carroll College situated in Waukesha. Fred had a goal to become an Instrumentalist. In his college, he participated in various local bands, playing Saxophone. He recorded a vocal, “All I Want Is Just One Girl,” using Arnheim’s orchestra. In 1930, he appeared on Broadway in ‘Three’s a Crowd.’ In 1934, he signed on the Paramount Pictures. Fred co-starred with actress Katharine Hepburn in the Classic Alice Adams (1935). In the 1940s, he performed in melodramas such as Above Suspicion (1943) and musicals (1945). By 1943, he became one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors.

In 1941, Fred purchased a small piece of land in Sonoma County, California, and began a winery ranch. Fred and his second wife lived there after their marriage in 1954. Now the ranch is handled by their daughter Kate MacMurray. In 1944, he played “Walter Neff,” an insurance salesman in Double Indemnity. In 1954 he gave a dramatic performance cast as a hard-boiled crooked cop. In 1959, Fred was cast as a dog-hating father in The Shaggy Dog. In 1961, he was cast as Professor Ned Brained in The Absent Minded Professor. This Disney comedy raised his late profile in his acting career.

Fred won the Golden Apple Award in 1945, the Golden Boot Award in 1986, and the Walk of Fame in 1960. He was a nominee for the Golden Laurel Awards for Top Male Comedy Performance.


Here are some of the best highlights of Fred Macmurray’s career:

  • Double Indemnity (1944)
  • The Egg and I (1947)
  • My Three Sons (1960-1972)
  • The Happiest Millionaire (1967)

Favorite Quotes from Fred Macmurray

Favorite Quote 1 from Fred Macmurray

“A beautiful woman is the best investment in marriage a man can make. And anybody who advises otherwise is talking sheer nonsense.” 

– Fred Macmurray
Favorite Quote 2 from Fred Macmurray

“You’ve got to admire my courage going into a picture where the dog is a star. It takes a brave man to play opposite one.” 

– Fred Macmurray
Favorite Quote 3 from Fred Macmurray

“Just because a woman is beautiful doesn’t mean she can’t be a good wife. If her beauty affects her personality, then it’s her mentality that’s at fault… not the tilt of her nose.”

– Fred Macmurray
Favorite Quote 4 from Fred Macmurray

“I never went to acting school; when someone expounds on motivation and all that stuff, I don’t understand it. I was just lucky to be able to do what I did. When I started, people said I was very natural, which I guess is difficult for a lot of people to be.”

– Fred Macmurray
Favorite Quote 5 from Fred Macmurray

“A man marries the most gorgeous girl he can find because It’s human nature to want the best of anything. If other men admire her he likes that, too. We all work best under competition. After all, no one wants to face an egg beater across the breakfast table… or find a horror movie in his home when he doesn’t even own a TV set.”

– Fred Macmurray

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Fred MacMurray?

Fred had been suffering from Leukemia for a long time. He died because of pneumonia at the age of 83.

How much did Fred Macmurray get paid for My Three Sons?

In 1943, Fred was paid US$ 420,000 for the movie “My Three Sons.” 

How did Fred MacMurray get so rich?

He was a straight shooter, hardworking, and got success in a 50-year film and TV career. He made tons of movies, including Noir murder classics.

How did Fred MacMurray make his money?

Fred became one of the wealthiest actors in the entertainment industry. He was a wise real estate investor. 

What movies was Fred MacMurray in?

He played various roles in movies like “Double Indemnity,” “The Apartment,” and “The Absent Mind Professor.”


Fred MacMurray’s original name was Frederick Martin MacMurray. Fred was an American actor. He learned various musical instruments from his violinist father. The musical instruments he used were the violin, baritone horn, and Saxophone. In 1926 he started his career as a saxophonist and comedian in bands in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. In 1943 he also played a role in psychological dramas such as Double Indemnity. Fred was a shareholder of California Country Club and Westside Tennis Club. He also owned some stocks of oil wells. The New York Times revealed that he was the 4th highest-paid citizen in the US. Fred purchased the Bryson Apartment Hotel.

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