What is Floyd Mayweather Net Worth?

Floyd Mayweather net worth is US$ 460 Million as of Jan 2023.

Net worthUS$ 460 Million
BornFebruary 24, 1977 (47 Years)
Country of originUnited States of America.
Source of wealth American Promoter and Former Professional Boxer
Marital statusUnmarried
ChildrenIyanna Mayweather, Zion Shamaree Mayweather, Jirah Mayweather, Devion Cromwell, and Koraun Mayweather
Famous forProfessional Boxer.


Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. was born on February 24, 1977. He is a former professional boxer and current boxing promoter from the United States. Floyd Mayweather Sr. was Mayweather’s father, while Deborah Sinclair was his mother. Deltricia Tawanna Howard, Justin Mayweather Jones, and Fatimah Mayweather are Floyd Jr’s four siblings. One of the most anticipated fights of Mayweather’s career took place in May 2015 when he faced Manny Pacquiao in a bout dubbed “The Fight of the Century.” Mayweather emerged victorious by unanimous decision in a match that generated record-breaking revenue.



Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. was born on February 24, 1977.


Mayweather won national Golden Gloves championships in 1993


His amateur record was 84 wins and 8 losses.


Mayweather competed in the featherweight 57-kg. Division and advanced to the semi-finals, earning a bronze medal at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. and on October 11, 1996, Mayweather prevailed in his debut match as a professional.


Within two years of making his professional boxing debut, Mayweather resoundingly captured his first world championship in 1998.


Before facing former WBC Featherweight Champion Gregorio Vargas in early 2000 for his fifth successful title defence.


To keep his WBC super-featherweight title, Mayweather defeated Carlos Hernández in a 12-round unanimous decision on May 26, 2001, while competing in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he was raised.


May 5, 2007: WBC World Light-Middleweight title VS Oscar De La Hoya.


Yahoo Sports Fighter of the Decade


He won the World Welterweight Championships.

Early Life

Floyd Mayweather Jr. was born on February 24, 1977, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States. He grew up in a family with a strong boxing background. His father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., was a former welterweight contender, and his uncles, Jeff Mayweather, and Roger Mayweather, were also professional boxers. Even when he thought he should get employment, his family insisted he continue his training.

Floyd came from a complex and demanding family. His father was a drug trafficker in prison, and his mother was a heroin addict. Even before that, he was largely absent from Floyd’s life—at least until Floyd was old enough to fight—until Floyd was old enough to enter the ring. He frequently found heroin needles outside his home when he returned from work. He also had an aunt who was a drug user and passed away from AIDS. Mayweather said, “People are surprised by what I have today when they learn about my background and upbringing.”

Floyd Mayweather Jr. attended Ottawa Hills High School. Still, he never completed his education because he left early to focus on his boxing career to lift his family out of poverty. His uncle, Roger Mayweather, trained and assisted him in transitioning to professional fighting.


Mayweather had a fantastic career, and the number of successes he could achieve was at an all-time high. He fought as an amateur before making the big game. Floyd captured three national Golden Gloves championships in 1993, 1994, and 1996. The defensive strategies he acquired from his father and uncle earned him the nickname “Pretty Boy” because he didn’t have as many scars as some other team members.

Floyd Mayweather competed in the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 and won the featherweight division’s bronze medal. He triumphed over Lorenzo Aragon of Cuba, Artur Gevorgyan of Armenia, and Bakhtiyar Tileganov of Kazakhstan. He was defeated by the Bulgarian Serafim Todorov, though.

The loss caused controversy, mainly because the match’s referee, Hamad Hafaz Shouman, took Floyd Mayweather’s hand and declared him the victor before the verdict was made public. Mayweather’s American side filed a protest, alleging that Emil Jetchev, the Bulgarian boxing officials’ chief, bullied the judges who declared Todorov the winner.

Nothing, though, came of it. Floyd has an 86-8 amateur record. When he decided to fight professionally in 1996 and entered the super featherweight division in October, this record ended. On October 11, 1996, he competed in his debut match as a professional boxer against Roberto Apodaca, a fellow amateur. He was defeated after being knocked out in the second round. Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated Genaro Hernandez in 1998, two years after his professional debut.

Additionally, he competed in bouts in the lightweight, light welterweight weight classes. Since 2012, Mayweather has appeared on the Forbes list of the highest-paid athletes. He is among the most well-known ‘Pay Per View‘ sporting events. Floyd Mayweather Jr. accumulated a boxing record of 50 to 0, with 27 knockout victories. However, Floyd Mayweather has periodically entered the ring since his official retirement in 2017, such as in his clash with Logan Paul in 2021 or against his former sparring partner Don Moore.


  • WBC World Super-Featherweight title (1998)
  • WBC World Super-Featherweight title (2001)
  • WBC World Lightweight title (2002)
  • WBC World Light-Welterweight title(2005)
  • IBF & IBO World Welterweight titles (2006)
  • WBC World Light-Middleweight title (2007)
  • WBC World Welterweight title (2007)
  • WBC World Welterweight title (2011)
  • WBC & WBA World Light-Middleweight Titles (2013)

Favorite Quotes from Floyd Mayweather

Favorite Quote 1 from Floyd Mayweather

“If you fight angry, you make a lot of mistakes, and when you fight a sharp, witty fighter like me, you can’t make mistakes.”

 Floyd Mayweather
Favorite Quote 2 from Floyd Mayweather

“You’ve got to have a villain, and they’ll always make me a villain. I’m used to it – it makes me work harder, and it makes me fight harder.”

 Floyd Mayweather
Favorite Quote 3 from Floyd Mayweather

“You hear certain things, negative things, all the time that aren’t true, but you never hear about the positive.” 

 Floyd Mayweather
Favorite Quote 4 from Floyd Mayweather

“I haven’t taken no punishment. There’s nothing cool about taking punishment.”

 Floyd Mayweather

Key Life Lessons from Floyd Mayweather.

Own Unflagging Self-Belief

You must have unwavering faith in your ability to realize your goals in order to succeed. Without it, you won’t be able to persevere and get over the challenges in your path.

Your Commitment to Mastery

There is always space for development; if you are committed to mastery, you will constantly raise your game and always want to be satisfied with where you are right now. Mayweather was committed to knowledge, as seen by his training and track record, and you can tell he was aware of this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Floyd Mayweather?

Floyd Mayweather is American Promoter and Professional Boxer.

What is Floyd Mayweather estimated net worth?

As of Jan 2023, the estimated net worth is US$ 460 million.


Floyd Mayweather is one of the best boxers with a US$ 460 million net worth. He keeps increasing the value of his reputation as a boxing promoter. He presently owns The Money Team Racing, a NASCAR Cup Series team. From super featherweight to light middleweight, he won 15 major world championships before retiring with an unblemished record.