What is Felix Verdejo Net Worth?

Felix Verdejo Net Worth is US$ 30 Million as of January 2023

Net Worth US$ 30 Million
Born:May 19, 1993 (30 Years)
Full NameFélix Gabriel Verdejo Sánchez
Height5′ 9″
Country of OriginPuerto Rica, Caribbean Island, And Unincorporated U.S. Territory
Source of WealthBoxing
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse Eliz Marie Santiago Sierra. (M., not known exactly)


Felix Verdejo is a professional boxer from Puerto Rico who, from 2015 to 2017, held the WBO Latino lightweight title. He competed in the Olympics in 2012 as Puerto Rico’s amateur representative. Verdejo turned himself into the police in May 2021 to face federal charges for the murder of his long-time pregnant mistress. Felix Verdejo is best known for his Olympic match in 2012. He fights as a light welterweight at the moment. He claims that he has been recognized as Puerto Rico’s most popular Boxer. Numerous lucrative business ventures and endorsement deals have resulted from Felix Verdejo’s boxing success. His ownership stake in a chain of boxing gyms, which he runs with a number of other investors, is one of his most well-known business ventures.

In addition to providing cutting-edge training facilities and equipment, the gyms also provide coaching and mentorship from seasoned boxing professionals. Verdejo is well-known for being a dedicated athlete who takes his training and nutrition very seriously, as well as his personal habits and preferences. He has spoken freely about his obligation to remain in the top state of being and keep a sound way of life, which incorporates ordinary activity, a reasonable eating regimen, and a lot of rest and recuperation time. When Verdejo was arrested and charged with the murder of Keishla Rodriguez, a pregnant woman, in 2020, he made headlines. The incident raised concerns regarding Verdejo’s personal life and character and shocked the boxing community. Verdejo’s career and reputation have been tarnished as a result of the case, and many of his admirers and supporters are hoping for a resolution that serves all parties fairly.



A 19-year-old Verdejo became a professional by joining Top Rank, signing for an undisclosed amount that reportedly included a bonification of US$600,000 dollars.


Verdejo won the “New Hispanic Promise” category of the 2013 Premios Juventud on July 18 of that year.


Felix’s first fight of 2014, Verdejo faced undefeated Lauro Alcantar, winning by knockout in only 21 seconds.


Verdejo would get his first chance to claim his first title, it was announced in January 2015.


Verdejo announced that he was close to returning to the ring, slated to be on February 3, 2017, in his native Puerto Rico.


Masayoshi Nakatani defeated Verdejo for the vacant WBO Intercontinental Lightweight Title.

Early Life

On May 19, 1993, Felix Verdejo was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Additionally, he is the sibling of two brothers and two sisters, as well as the son of Madeline Sanchez. Felix Verdejo is the only Boxer in his family. In case you were wondering, he began boxing when he was just nine years old. In addition, his account of discovering Boxing as a child is a pure amusement. According to the source, Verdejo began playing baseball as a child. Therefore, an alternate kid, presumably a fighter, tossed rocks at him. Consequently, Verdejo innocently returned home to confront his father. What did he tell his father? Well, he wanted Felix to spar with him and take boxing lessons from him! Then, at that point, everything started. Under the guidance of coach Ricky Marquez, Felix Verdejo donned his gloves and prepared for the club.


In October 2012, at the age of 19, Verdejo signed a contract with Top Rank for an undisclosed sum, which reportedly included a $600,000 bonification. Verdejo won the Premios Juventud 2013 in the “New Hispanic Promise” category on July 18 of that year. Following the conclusion of his campaign in 2013, Verdejo was named “Prospect of the Year” by Boxing Scene and Top Rank. In his first fight of 2014, Verdejo defeated undefeated Lauro Alcantar in just 21 seconds. Verdejo kept up with his prosperity all through 2014, posting a record of 16-0 (knockouts 12) with a record of 7-0 and 6 knockouts, and in January 2015, it was reported that he would get his most memorable title.

Verdejo only had a shot at the vacant WBO Latino lightweight title because Lopez weighed 4 pounds more than the limit for lightweights. The fight took place in Puerto Rico, and Verdejo won the vacant title by technical knockout in the fifth round. The Mexican Marco Antonio López (24–5, 15 knockouts) was announced as his opponent by Top Rank for the eight-round fight on February 28. However, this was later changed to a 10-round bout, and at the time of the stoppage, all three judges were split 40–36 in favor of Verdejo.

Verdejo made his first match against undefeated American Ivan Najera on June 13 at Madison Square Garden Theater in New York City (16-0, 8 knockouts). Verdejo won his HBO title in his debut match, defeating Najera by a large margin. Verdejo defended his title against undefeated Brazilian William Silva (23-14 knockouts) on the undercard for Crawford Randy on February 27, 2016, at the Madison Square Garden Theater. Verdejo fought on the undercard between Martinez and WBO Featherweight Champion Lomachenko on June 11, 2016, at Madison Square Garden Theater in New York City.

To defend his Latino title, he faced second-rate Mexican Boxer Juan Jose Martinez, who went 25-2 with 17 knockouts. On December 6, 2016, Verdejo announced that he would fight again on February 3, 2017, in his native Puerto Rico. A few weeks later, Top Rank confirmed that Coliseo Roberto in San Juan would face Oliver Flores in his Clemente that day. Flores is a former super featherweight title contender with a 27-2-2-17 record. Flores lost to then-WBA junior lightweight champion Verdejo in December 2015 due to injury. Verdejo won the fight by consistent decision after ten rounds.

June 12, 2017, WBO President Francisco He Balcarcel agrees to fight Verdejo and undefeated WBO lightweight champion Terry He Flanagan in close collaboration with promoters Bob Arum and Frank Warren. I was informed that there was Verdejo announced his return to the ring on March 17, 2018, at the Madison Square Garden Theater after his 13-month absence on December 22, 2017. A week later, Antonio Lozada Jr. was scheduled to fight Verdejo. Lozada was scheduled to fight Verdejo in February 2017. To formalize the fight, Losada signed a contract in January 2018. Verdejo suffered his first professional loss when he was stopped in round ten. Verdejo, who made it to the final despite a lack of fighting, had two scorecards, experience points, and rings.

We led 86-85. In round 10, Lozada defeated Verdejo once. After Verdejo got up over the count, Losada continued to fire shots, resulting in referee Eddie Claudio stopping the fight at 2:37 of the second round. On April 20, 2019, Verdejo faced WBA No. 7 lightweight Bryan Vazquez on the undercard, Crawford vs. Khan, for the second time at Madison Square Garden. On December 12, 2020, Masayoshi Nakatani defeated Verdejo for the vacant WBO Intercontinental Lightweight Title. Boxer Verdejo became the first fighter to beat Nakatani in the first round and his second in the fourth. Verdejo was the first Boxer to do this. However, the fight was interrupted at 1:45 of the round after Nakatani defeated Verdejo twice in the ninth round.


  • Verdejo was the winner at lightweight at the 2012 American Boxing Olympic Qualification Tournament.
  • Verdejo was also a Panamerican Youth Champion. Verdejo won the “New Hispanic Promise” category of the 2013 Premios Juventud on July 18 of that year.
  • Felix Hve fought a total of 29 Fights till now, in which 27 fights he has won and only two losses faced.

Brand Endorsements

  • In addition to his gym ownership, Verdejo has also secured a number of high-profile endorsement deals with brands such as Nike, Gatorade, and Under Armour. These deals not only provide additional income for the Boxer but also increase his exposure and profile among fans and consumers.

Favorite Quotes from Felix Verdejo

Favorite Quote 1 by Felix Verdejo

“I loved Boxing from the first day I tried it. As a professional boxer, I want to be a world champion. I want to unite my country and bring happiness to my people.” 

Felix Verdejo

Keys Life Lessons from Felix Verdejo

We now know everything about Felix Verdejo and his net worth. Let’s look at some of his lessons.

1. Dedicated

Felix is dedicated to his boxing Career. Being Devoted to what you are working For will always result in good Success.

2. Physical Health

As an Athlete, Felix is having balanced diet and fixed workout Schedule, which is important for any athlete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Felix Verdejo now?

Felix Verdejo is in Controversy of m Murder; Felix Verdejo is currently being held on charges of abducting and killing his pregnant girlfriend.

Who is Felix Verdejo’s wife?

Felix’s wife is Eliz Marie, Santiago Sierra. They have been together for approximately nine years, but it is unknown when they got married.

What is Felix Verdejo’s record?

Félix Verdejo is a Puerto Rican professional boxer who held the WBO Latino lightweight title from 2015 to 2017. As an amateur, he represented Puerto Rico at the 2012 Olympics.


Felix is the most Popular Boxer from Puerto Rico. He had dreamed of being Boxer since his Childhood. He is dedicated to his Boxing career. Presented his State in the Olympics. He has been through certain Challenges in life, such as accidents and Murder cases, but still, he is on a mission for his Boxing Career. He is an inspiration for all athletes for the Carer he made in Boxing. His Success in the boxing ring has also translated into significant business ventures and endorsement deals, further solidifying his status as one of the sport’s top stars. He has quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the lightweight division, earning multiple titles and accolades along the way.