What is Eric Schmidt Net Worth?

Eric Schmidt Net Worth is US$ 16.1 Billion as of January 2023.

Net WorthUS$ 16.1 Billion
Born:April 27, 1955 (69 Years)
Full NameEric Emerson Schmidt
Height5′ 10”
Country of OriginThe US
Source of WealthBusiness, Technologist, Entrepreneurship
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse (s)Wendy Boyle (M., 1980)
ChildrenAllison Schmidt, Sophie Schmidt
Famous ForCo-founder of Schmidt Futures


Eric Schmidt is a successful philanthropist, entrepreneur, and technologist. He serves as Alphabet’s technical advisor and chairs the Defence Innovation Advisory Board of the US Department of Defence. Byzromotti Design, Bell Labs, Zilog, and Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Centre were among the IT firms Schmidt began his career with. Additionally, he was a member of Apple Inc.’s board of directors. From 2001 to 2011, he was Google’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, transforming the company from a Silicon Valley start-up into a global technology leader. Eric was in charge of the technical and business strategies with Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the business’s founders. As a result, Google maintained a robust innovation culture while dramatically expanding its infrastructure and diversifying its product offerings under his direction.

He is likewise a computer programmer and an extraordinary financial specialist. In 2013, he was the 138th most affluent man on the planet. Before he began working with Google, he was the President of Novell. He is among those fortunate individuals who have become extremely rich with the assistance of investment opportunities their managers present. As CEO of Google, he was likewise crucial for the Apple board. Apple and Google were straightforwardly engaging with one another in the mobile communication market. He might have released the favored data from Apple to research at that point. Eric Schmidt is the establishing accomplice of the Schmidt Family Establishment. As of February 2023, the estimated net worth of Eric Schmidt is 16.1 Billion.


2001 to 2011

Eric Schmidt was Google’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman from 2001 to 2011.


New York Times bestselling book, The New Digital Age: Transforming Nations, Businesses, and Our Lives, is Co-authored by Eric and Jared Cohen.


Eric distributed his second New York Times blockbuster, How Google Works, which he and Jonathan Rosenberg co-wrote with Alan Bird.


Chairman of the Department of Defense’s Innovation Board


He was awarded the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service. He also served as a member of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

2018 to 2020

Eric served as the Technical Advisor to Alphabet, the holding company of Google, advising its leaders on technology, business, and policy issues.


Eric published his third New York Times bestseller, Trillion Dollar Coach: The Leadership Playbook of Silicon Valley’s Bill Campbell.


Eric sent off a web recording, “Reimagine with Eric Schmidt,” a progression of discussions with pioneers in government, business, science, and innovation to investigate how society can tackle current difficulties and fabricate a more promising time to come after the Coronavirus pandemic

Early Life

In Washington, D.C., Eric Emerson Schmidt was born on April 27, 1955. He is the son of Eleanor and Wilson Emerson Schmidt. He was an intelligent, athletic young man who did well in school and ran long distances. In 1972, he received his diploma from Arlington. He was a keen and athletic kid who performed well in school and was a marathon runner. He completed his graduation from Yorktown High School and Princeton University with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He earned a master’s degree and a doctorate in EECS at the University of California, Berkeley, where he continued his education. Eric Schmidt has concentrated in extremely presumed colleges.


Emerson Schmidt entered Princeton College as a design understudy but changed his major to electrical design before graduating in 1976. He then concentrated on software engineering (M.S., 1979; Ph.D., 1982) at the College of California, Berkeley. From 1979 to 1983, Schmidt worked for the Xerox Partnership at its Xerox PARC establishment in Palo Alto, California. He became a product supervisor at Sun Microsystems in 1983, just a single year after the establishment of the organization. In 1985 he was elevated to VP of Sun’s product items division, and in 1988 he became VP of the Sun general frameworks bunch. In 1991 Sun Microsystems was rearranged, and Schmidt was made leader of one of its branch-offs, Sun Innovation Undertakings.

In 1994 he got back to Sun Microsystems as boss innovation official. At Sun, he was engaged with improving the Java programming language, and he eagerly advanced its utilization in his ability as an organization leader. In 1997 Schmidt passed on Sun to become executive and President of Novell, Inc.  From the get-go in his profession, Schmidt stood firm on a progression of specialized footings with IT organizations, including Byzromotti Configuration, Chime Labs (in innovative work), Zilog, and Palo Alto Exploration Community (PARC). During his summers at Ringer Labs, he and Mike Lesk composed Lex, a program utilized in compiler development that produces lexical analyzers from ordinary articulation portrayals.

In 2001, Schmidt was employed by Google as a board executive. Under five months after the fact, he was given the extra title of Chief. As of now, Google’s two organizers, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin become leaders of items and leaders of innovation separately. As per a Silicon Valley witticism, Schmidt was recruited as “grown-up oversight” for the originators, who were still in their twenties. The three ran Google as a magistrate. Schmidt is credited with presenting the organization’s components of a stable business structure. He regulated Google’s first stock sale in August 2004 and filled in as an organization representative.

Furthermore, from 2018 to 2020, Eric filled in as the Specialized Guide to Letter set, the holding organization of Google, encouraging its chiefs on innovation, business, and strategy issues. He was additionally the Leader Director of Letter appointed from 2015 to 2018 and stayed as the Administrator of Google until 2015. He likewise filled in as an individual from the President’s Chamber of Counselors on Science and Innovation from 2009 to 2017. Starting around 2008, Eric became the Organization for Cutting Edge Concentrate legal administrator in Princeton, New Jersey. Following a 12-year residency, he has named an emeritus board part in 2020. In August 2020, Eric sent off a digital broadcast, “Reimagine with Eric Schmidt,” a progression of discussions with pioneers in government, business, science, and innovation to investigate how society can settle current difficulties and construct a more promising time to come after the Coronavirus pandemic.

Eric Schmidt Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2022US$ 22.1 Billion
Net Worth in 2021US$ 18.9 Billion
Net Worth in 2020US$ 13.2 Billion
Net Worth in 2019US$ 12.9 Billion
Net Worth in 2018US$ 13.4 Billion

Eric Schmidt’s net worth grew from 13.2 billion to 22.1 billion from 2020 to 2022.


  • Joined Microsystems (1983)
  • Executive Chairman of Google (2011-2015)
  • Executive Chairman of Alphabet
  • Eric Schmidt was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2006 and inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences as a fellow in 2007.

Favorite Quotes from Eric Schmidt

Favorite Quote 1 from Eric Schmidt

“Even if it’s a bit edgy, a bit out of your comfort zone, saying yes means that you will do something new, meet someone new and make a difference in your – and likely in others’ lives. Yes, it is what keeps us all young. It’s a tiny word that can do big things. Say it often.”

Eric Schmidt
Favorite Quote 2 from Eric Schmidt

“In whatever number of years I have on Earth, I think that promoting the values of free expression, the openness of the Internet, that’s the best use of my time.”

Eric Schmidt
Favorite Quote 3 from Eric Schmidt

“The characteristic of great innovators and great companies is they see a space that others do not. They don’t just listen to what people tell them; they invent something new, something that you didn’t know you needed, but the moment you see it, you say, ‘I must have it.”

Eric Schmidt
Favorite Quote 4 from Eric Schmidt

 “For those who say you’re thinking too big… be smart enough not to listen. For those who say the odds are too small … be dumb enough to give it a shot. And for those who ask, how can you do that?… look them in the eyes and say, I’ll figure it out.”

Eric Schmidt
Favorite Quote 5 from Eric Schmidt

“I’ve come to a view that humans will continue to do what we do well and that computers will continue to do what they do very well, and the two will coexist, but in different spaces.”

Eric Schmidt
Favorite Quote 6 from Eric Schmidt

“The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.”

Eric Schmidt

Keys Life Lessons from Eric Schmidt

We now know everything about Eric Schmidt and his net worth. Let’s look at some of his lessons.

1. Long-term thinking.

Long-haul arranging is critical for your business’s manageable achievement. However, it isn’t so much that arranging will continuously assist you with succeeding. Be that as it may, you make sure to be ill-fated without setting.

2. Leadership is the best quality

Leadership is one of the best qualities of a businessman; without it, it’s impossible.

3. Have the boldness and stand up

Having the courage to ask the question is the quality of any Entrepreneur; every great idea is born when someone boldly questions Reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Eric Schmidt?

Eric Schmidt’s estimated net worth is US$ 16.1 Billion as of February 2023.

How old is Eric Schmidt?

Eric Schmidt will be 67 years old in 2023.

What is Eric Schmidt known for?

Eric Schmidt is an American information technology executive who served as chairman and CEO of Google Inc. (2001–11), overseeing a vast expansion of the company’s activities.


Eric Schmidt is a successful philanthropist, entrepreneur, and technologist. He feels that there is no chance of hazard of any sort from computerized reasoning. He started with design education but changed to computer technology. Eric Schmidt has very deep knowledge of computers and technology as he has worked with world-famous great technology dealing Companies. Many individuals disagree with this opinion. He sets a good record of being Hired by Google. As an Extraordinary Financial Adviser, he made very different successful decisions. Eric Schmidt has written books about the digital age, how Google works, and other interesting topics. He was also a member of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology member. He is one of the best business tycoons in the world. an inspiration for youngsters across the globe.