What is the Net Worth of Danica McKellar?

Danica McKellar Net Worth is US$ 10 Million as of Jan 2023.

Net WorthUS$ 10 Million
Full NameDanica Mae McKellar
Born:January 3, 1975 (49 Years)
Height5’ 4”
Country of OriginLa Jolla, California, The US
Source of WealthActing, Writing, and Advocate
Spouse(s)      Scott Sveslosky ​(m. 2014) Mike Verta (m. 2009 – div. 2013)​
Marital StatusMarried
ChildrenDraco Verta (Son)
Famous For                                              Acting, Writing, and Education Advocate


On January 3, 1975, Danica Mae McKellar, an American actress, advocate for education, and author, was born. McKellar worked on the Project Mc2 Netflix original series in 2015. She appeared in numerous television movies on the Hallmark Channel. She has been portraying Judy Jetson in “The Jetsons” after Janet Waldo passed away in 2016 in that role. She also wrote six nonfiction books about mathematics, such as Kiss My Math, Math Doesn’t Suck, Hot X: Algebra Exposed and Girls Get Curves: Geometry Takes Shape, which encourages girls in middle and high school to be confident and excel in math.



The wonder years.


The west wing.


How I Met your Mom.


Young Justice.


crown for Christmas.


Project Mc 2.

Early life

California’s La Jolla is where McKellar was born. McKellar earned a Bachelor of Science in mathematics a summa cum laude in 1998 while attending the University of California, Los Angeles as a member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority. She co-authored the scholarly publication “Percolation and Gibbs state multiplicity for magnetic force Ashkan-Teller models on math on Z square,” as an undergraduate, with faculty member Lincoln Chayes and fellow student Hard liquor Winn. for her prior collaborative efforts on research papers. McKellar’s current Erodes range is 4, whereas her Erodes-Bacon range is 6.


McKellar joined the weekend acting division for children at the Lee Strasberg Institute in Los Angeles when she was seven years old. She scored a standout part in “The Wonders Years”, a Yankee television comedy-drama that aired on ABC from 1988 to 1993 for six seasons. She portrayed Gwendolyn “Winnie” Cooper, Kevin Arnold’s primary on-screen love interest. In a “The Wonders Years” episode, Fred Savage gave her first kiss. Later, she reflected, “My first kiss was a rather trying experience! We tend to never kiss off-camera, and quite fast our feelings change to those of a brother or sister and stay that way.

According to McKellar, transitioning from a baby player to an adult player was “tough.” She briefly made her debut on regular television in the 2002–2003 season of “The West Wing”, as Elsie Snuffin, Deputy White House Communications Director Will Bailey’s half-sister and secretary. At the beginning of the video, she plays the violoncello. When fans chose McKellar as the Nineties star they’d most like to see in lingerie, she was featured in lingerie in the July 2005 issue of Stuff magazine. McKellar stated that one of the reasons she agreed to the shoot was to obtain “grittier roles.”

A mother who solves mysteries is shown in the 2006 television movie and web series Inspector “Mom” starring McKellar. McKellar announced that the producers of “How I Met Your Mother” was trying to get her back for a revenant role on the Don and Mike Show, a radio program broadcast out of Washington, D.C., on August 1, 2007. She had previously guest-starred on the show in the episodes “The Pineapple Incident” in late 2005 and “Third Wheel” in early 2007. She also appeared in the episode “The Psychic Vortex” of the television program The Big Bang Theory.

Danica McKellar Net Worth Growth

The estimated net worth of Danica McKellar is US$ 10 Million.

Net Worth in 2023$10 Million
Net Worth in 2022$9 Million
Net Worth in 2021$8 Million
Net Worth in 2020$7 Million
Net Worth in 2019$6 Million
Net Worth in 2018$5 Million


  • 1992- Sidekicks.
  • 1994 – Moment of truth: Cradle of Conspiracy.
  • 2009 – Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2.
  • 2014 – Project Mc2.
  • 2019 -Film Knives Out.
  • 2002- S*x and the Teenage Mind – short film.

Favorite Quotes from Danica McKellar

Favorite Quote 1 from Danica McKellar

“When you do take the home pregnancy test, it doesn’t quite seem real. But when you see the baby and the heartbeat on the ultrasound, it’s so incredible.”

– Danica McKellar.
Favorite Quote 2 from Danica McKellar

“I tell students that even if they don’t like math right now, they can use math as a brain-sharpening tool – a tool that not only builds the foundation for a great career, but that also builds self-confidence, no matter what they choose to do with their lives.”

– Danica McKellar
Favorite Quote 3 from Danica McKellar

“A lot of girls think they have to choose between being the smart geeky type or the beautiful bimbo.”

– Danica McKellar
Favorite Quote 4 from Danica McKellar

“If you’re beautiful, you’re led to believe that you can’t also be smart. But you can be fun and fit and social and be really smart. And the smarter you are, the more capable you’ll be to handle whatever challenges come up in life.”

– Danica McKellar
Favorite Quote 5 from Danica McKellar

“Let’s face it; by and large math is not easy, but that’s what makes it so rewarding when you conquer a problem, and reach new heights of understanding.”

– Danica McKellar

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money does Danica McKellar have? 

Danica McKellar net worth was estimated at US$ 10 million as of Jan 2023. 

What is the height of  Danica McKellar?

She is 5’ 4” tall.

Is Danica McKellar Married?

She is married.

Danica McKellar’s origin country?

She is from La Jolla, California.


Danica McKellar played Winnie Cooper in the television show “The Marvel Years” from 1988 until 1993. She has German, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Scottish ancestors on her paternal side. Her mother is Portuguese, having migrated from the Madeira and Azores islands. Inspector Mom, a web series and television film from 2006 starring McKellar, depicts a mother who solves mysteries. On the August 1, 2007, episode of the Don, Mike Show, a radio program produced by Washington, D.C.’s WJFK-FM, McKellar revealed that the How I Met Your Mother producers were trying to get her back for a revenant part (she guest-starred on the show in late 2005 in “The Pineapple Incident” and again in early 2007 in “Third Wheel”). She also appeared in The Big Bang Theory’s “The Psychic Vortex” episode.

Danica McKellar won praise from critics for her role in the Marvel Years, a six-season Yankee television comedy-drama that ran on ABC from 1988 to 1993. She plays the violoncello at the start of the video. McKellar was featured in lingerie in the July 2005 issue of Stuff magazine after fans selected her as the Nineties star they’d most like to see in lingerie. One of the reasons McKellar said she agreed to the shoot was so she could get “grittier roles.”