What is Columbus Short Net Worth?

Columbus Short Net Worth is US$ 2 Million as of January 2023. 

Net Worth US$ 2 Million
Full NameColumbus Keith Short, Jr.
Born: September 19, 1982 (41 Years)
Gender Male 
Height 5′ 10″
Horoscope Virgo
Country of Origin Kansas City, Missouri
Source of Wealth Acting, Singing, Dancing
Marital Status Married 
Spouse(s) Brandi Short (m.2001 – div. 2003)Tanee McCall (m.2005 – div. 2013)Aida Abramyan -Short (m.2016)
ChildrenAyala Short
Famous For Choreographer, Actor, dancer, and Singer.


Columbus Short was born in 1982 in Kansas City, Missouri. He is a famous choreographer. Additionally, he Is a multitalented personality. Columbus Short has talent in choreography, dance, acting, and singing. His net worth till Jan 2023 is approximately US$ 2 Million.

His birthdate is September 19, 1982. Columbus Short started knowing his talent at age three by entertaining everyone. He started his acting career at age five by working in youth theatres. Seeing his skills and talent, everyone starts falling for something fabulous about this small kid. Time by time, Columbus began to get interested in dancing, singing, and choreography. He changed his school three times because his family shifts another city.



Columbus Short and his family moved to Los Angeles.


Columbus Short married Brandi Short in 2001 and got divorced in 2003.


Columbus married Tanee McCall in 2005.


Columbus faces many ups and downs during these years. He achieved immense popularity in less period—From 2004 to 2007; Columbus Short has done many tv shows and movies. Like You Got Served (2004), War of the worlds (2005), Save the last dance 2(2006), and Stomp the yard in 2007.


Once again, Columbus’s married life faced some differences, and he filed for divorce twice, first in September 2013 and second in April 2014.

Early Life

Columbus Short grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, and after years his family moved to Los Angeles. He started his career when he was a child as a child actor. He starts theatre being five years old. As with many famous actors, he started his career with minor roles. Some of his films receive negative reviews but end up financially prosperous at the box office. Further, he was nominated for an Image Award, two MTV Movie Awards, and Teen Choice Award for his movie roles. For the role of Little Walter, John won not only the Black Reel Award but was also nominated for two more awards.

Columbus Short has a beautiful family. He has two brothers; after a year, his family moved to lose Angeles. There Columbus starts working in youth theatre at the very young age of five. He changed his high school three times because of relocation issues. He married twice; his first marriage broke out in 2003.


Columbus short-started his career in John Stockton in 2004. He gained fame from acting in notable films Stomp the Yard, Cadillac Records, Armored, and The Losers. Columbus is also a great choreographer and works for Britney Spears’s Onyx Hotel Tour and with Brian Friedman. He married the love of his life but decided to separate in 2003. They have one son. He previously starred as a series regular in the ABC drama Scandal as Harrison Wright.

Columbus Short’s talent grew after his family moved to Los Angeles when he was a little kid, age five. As he is a multitalented personality besides singing and choreography, he is also a musician plus director. Same as many other Hollywood celebrities, Columbus has always been limelight for many right and wrong reasons.

Columbus earns immense popularity through his acting career. He is a very charming and influential personality. He makes hate and love simultaneously from his audience, but in the end, he becomes one of the most celebrities with a US$ 2 Million net worth.


Here is sort of the best highlights of  Columbus Short’s career:

  • Black Reel Award (2008)
  • Whiteout (2009)
  • Death at a Funeral (2010)
  • The Girl Is in Trouble (2015)

Favorite Quotes from Columbus Short  

Favorite Quote 1 from Columbus Short  

With films, you completely immerse yourself in character, get into who they are, live it, and then release it.”

– Columbus Short
Favorite Quote 2 from Columbus Short  

“Everybody who knows me is like, ‘Dude, you’ve got to chill out.’ I can’t work, given where I want to be.”

– Columbus Short
Favorite Quote 3 from Columbus Short  

“I’m afraid of what happens if this career doesn’t pan out because I have so much invested in it that I can’t turn back now.”

 – Columbus Short
Favorite Quote 4 from Columbus Short  

“There are as many qualities African-American actors and actresses as Caucasians, but it seems that they get a lot more opportunities.”

 – Columbus Short
Favorite Quote 5 from Columbus Short  

“Little Walter and Muddy Waters were incredible. And Bo Diddley was doing some great stuff, too.” 

– Columbus Short
Favorite Quote 6 from Columbus Short  

 “Be a creator, not just sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone to call you into the game or call our number.” 

– Columbus Short

Key Life Lessons from Columbus Short

We now know everything about Columbus Short and his net worth. Let’s look at some of his lessons. 

  1. Be dedicated
  2. Be determined
  3. Be dauntless
  4. Learn from mistakes
  5. Be Humble.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age of Columbus Short? 

As of 2023, Columbus Short is 40 Years old famous choreographer and actor. His birth date is September 19, 1982. 

What is Columbus Short’s weight?

Columbus’s Short weight is approximately 68kg.  

Who is the wife of Columbus Short?

Columbus Short has married a most beautiful woman. Her name is Brandi Short.  

How tall is Columbus Short?

Columbus Short is an Actor, Singer, Choreographer, and Dancer who stands 1.78 m tall. 


Columbus Short was born in Kansas City, Missouri, on September 19, 1982. After a few years, Columbus and his family moved to Los Angeles, where Columbus shifted to a new high school and started working with the youth theatres. Columbus raises with his two brothers.

At a very little age, Columbus star gave hints about his acting talent by entertaining everyone. At the age of five, he starts his acting career. In less time, Columbus succeeded in making his place in the American film industry. Columbus began to work in many movies and television commercials with different celebrities. He plays a short role in that movie and tv shows.

Moreover,  He was also invited as a guest celebrity in many shows. Columbus got unlucky with his married life. He gets divorced twice after having babies. Columbus earns positive and negative reviews for his work, but in the end, he becomes a US$ 2 Million net worth celebrity. His hard work pays him by giving him so much fame in a short period.