What is Bernice Burgos net worth?

Bernice Burgos net worth is US$ 3 Million as of January 2023.

Net WorthUS$ 3 Million
Full nameBernice Burgos
Birth dateApril 17, 1980 (44 Years)
Zodiac signPisces
Height5Ft 5In
Relationship statusUnmarried  
Source of incomeModeling
OccupationModel, Actress, and Entrepreneur
HometownThe Bronx, New York
Country of originUnited States of America.


On March 17, 1980, Bernice Burgos was born. New York City is where Bernice Burgos was born. Bernice Burgos has had a very typical first 20 years of her life. Her life or way of living was not very noteworthy during the initial 20 years. A typical student, she was in her early years. She was an employee of a restaurant. She worked odd jobs to provide for her family. She has this resoluteness about her and has always wanted to be a supermodel. However, by the time she turned 20, she had understood that she could not become a supermodel.

She continued looking for odd jobs that would help her break into the fashion industry. She started doing local and subpar brands because of this. Music videos got their start thanks to a modest modeling engagement. She began to show up in music videos. By the age of 21, she had already appeared in over 20 videos. When she made an appearance in a very well-known music video in 2012, a new chapter in her life began, and everyone was impressed with her performance. Her attractive body was the cause of that. She did not interpret it differently.

Early life

Bernice Burgos is of Puerto Rican heritage and was born on April 17, 1980, in the Bronx, New York City. She was raised in a commuting suburb and community in the tri-state region between New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut. She had to drop out of school due to an unexpected pregnancy at the young age of 15, and she gave birth to Ashley, her first child.

Ashley was the first child of Bernice Burgos, who was 15 at the time. The fact that Bernice Burgos was pregnant at such a young age, her father disapproved of her. But her life was irrevocably altered by this pregnancy. Bernice Burgos was forced to move in with her boyfriend’s mother after being evicted from her own grandmother’s home. Bernice Burgos had to do housework even though she didn’t have to pay rent because she was living with her boyfriend’s mother. She was forced to leave school so early because of this heavyweight.

Bernice Burgos began working as a bartender after abandoning high school. She also started making attempts to launch her modeling and fashion profession. She began her profession as a video vixen in this manner. The magazine editors and photographers loved Bernice Burgos because of her attractive demeanor and model-like physique. She had the opportunity to appear on the magazine covers of XXL and SHOW relatively early in her career in the fashion and modeling industries.


Bernice started her professional career serving patrons in the Bronx, at tables in bars, but she also began modeling because she was so driven. She was quickly featured in several most popular music-related videos, one of which was  Rick Ross’s “Diced Pineapples” music video, which came out in 2012. Her outgoing nature and seductive appearance caught people’s attention. She also starred in many music videos from then on, which include those for “Work Out” by J. Cole, “Ain’t Leaving Without You” by Jaheim, and “Southern Hospitality” by Hal Linton.

She immediately had the chance to walk the fashion runway designers due to the positive attention her young and attractive appearance received. Even after experiencing some measure of achievement, she kept up her humble approach while working as a server and bartender. She made several appearances in TV ads simultaneously. She also appeared on several magazine covers for males due to her appeal and seductive appearance, which grabbed the public’s attention. She was highlighted in numerous periodicals, including “Show Magazine,” “Eye Candy,” “KING Magazine,” “The Source,” and “XXL.” She also appeared in several videos created by “Hot New Hip Hop,” “Black Men Magazine,” and “Wild ‘N Out,” the popular “MTV” television program. The popular film “Notorious B.I.G,” which tells the story of Brooklyn-based rapper Christopher Wallace, a sensation in the rap music industry, also featured Bernice as an actor.

She has also ventured into the business industry and created her lingerie and sleepwear company, “Bold & Beautiful,” which specializes in enticing designs for women of all shapes and sizes. She has close to 3 million followers on Instagram. Together with Ashley, her eldest daughter, she is a key player in the clothing design process.

Bernice Burgos Net Worth

The top model in the world, “Bernice Burgos,” has a $3 million net worth. The most popular model Bernice Burgos is thought to have. According to several internet sites, he has a net worth of around $3 million (Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDB). For her net worth, she has put in a lot of effort. She put in a lot of arduous labor on her own and by herself. She is solely accountable for her success. She has profited more than $2,012k from her social media venture. She receives compensation ranging from ten thousand to fifty thousand dollars for each post. She has developed into a model in addition to her social media career.

yearNet worth
2022$3 million
2021$2.8 million
2020$2.6 million
2019$2.4 million
2018$2.1 million
2017$2.0 million


  • Three children are what Bernice Burgos wants. She has two daughters as of April 2022.
  • Sarai Burgos, her second child, will be 14 years old in 2022. She is ten years younger than Ashley, her first child.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Bernice Burgos?

Her net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

At what age did Bernice get pregnant?

Bernice became a mother at a young age when she was only 15.

What are some of her notable works?

She has starred in many music videos, including those of J. Cole, Rick Ross, and others.


Burgos is an American fashion model, actor, YouTuber, and social media star. She is well-known for her work as a model for well-known companies and for showing up on the covers of publications like SHOW and XXL. She is also well known for appearing in the music videos of numerous well-known musicians, including J. Cole, Rick Ross, and others.

Bernice was born and reared in the Bronx in New York City along with her parents and siblings. She attended a nearby school to graduate but could not since she became pregnant at 15. So instead, she started out working as a bartender in a neighborhood tavern. She tried modeling while working as a bartender and found success thanks to her talent and body.