What is Alison Krauss Net Worth?

Alison Krauss Net Worth is US $18 Million as of January 2023.

Net Worth US $18 Million
Name Alison Maria Krauss
Date of Birth July 23, 1971 (52 Years)
Age 52 years old
Origin Decatur, Illinois, U.S.
Gender Female
Occupation Musician
Spouse Pat Bergeson (m.1997-2001)
Children Sam Bergeson
Height  1.7m


Alison Maria Krauss was born on 23 July 1971. She is a bluegrass-country musician and singer from the United States. She started her musical career at a young age, she began competing in local competitions at the age of eight and recording for the first time at the age of fourteen. In 1985, she signed with Rounder Records, and in 1987, her first solo album was released. She had been invited to attend her current band, in 1989, Alison Krauss and Union Station released their first remix album.

Krauss has 14 albums to her credit and has appeared on a number of soundtracks and her rekindled Bluegrass music has gained popularity in the United States. Her performances on soundtracks, such as the O Brother, Where have you gone? Her presence at the Academy Awards in 2004 was prompted by the soundtrack and the Cold Mountain soundtrack.

She has 27 Grammy nominations resulting in 27 Grammy Awards as of 2019, placing her fourth overall Beyoncé, Quincy Jones, and Georg Solti, a classical conductor are among those who have backed her up. Until Beyoncé’s 28th Grammy win in 2021, Krauss was the most Grammy-nominated female artist and singer. Krauss was the second-youngest member Grammy winner when she received her first award in 1991.

She received the National Medal of Arts on November 21, 2019. In September 2021, she was inducted in The International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame.

Early Life

Alison Maria Krauss was born in Decatur, Illinois to Fred and Louise Krauss. Her father was a German immigrant who came to America when he was 12 years old and taught German while earning a psychology doctorate. He later became involved in the real estate industry. Her mother, an American of German and Italian ancestry, is the daughter of artists and works as an artist a magazine, and a textbook illustrator. Fred and Louise met at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign while they were both students. Krauss was raised in Champaign, Illinois, with her older brother, Viktor, after a brief stay in nearby Decatur.

Krauss’ mom was a banjo and acoustic guitar player, so she grew up listening to folk songs and hearing on the radio, there is rock and pop music: She was a fan of Gary Numan’s “Cars,” a synth-pop song as well as rock bands like Foreigner, Bad Company, and Electric Light Orchestra are a few examples. In high school, Viktor, her brother, was a pianist and double bassist, launching a jazz and rock multi-instrumentalist career. Krauss started studying the classical violin at the age of five, at her mom’s insistence. Her mom, according to Krauss, “tried to find interesting things for me to do” and “wanted to get me involved in music, in addition to art and sports.” Krauss was also an avid skater, and in her teens, she chose to pursue a musical career rather than become a skater.

In mid-1979, Krauss’ mom saw an advertisement for an upcoming fiddle competition at the Champaign County Fair. She bought a bluegrass fiddle instruction book as well as violinist Richard Greene’s 1977 bluegrass album Duets. A few songs on the album were learned by ear by Krauss, including “Tennessee Waltz,” which she practiced on violin with her mother on guitar. At the age of eight, Krauss competed in the novice division of the talent show, finishing fourth. Krauss dug deeper into the bluegrass genre after that, and she established a talent for learning difficult riffs by ear and quickly adapting them to her style. Krauss fiddled and sang with the country dance group Marvin Lee Flessner from 1981 to 1982. Her parents purchased her first adult-sized instrument, a handcrafted violin created in Missouri in September 1983.


At a Culture festival in 1984, Alison Krauss met bluegrass composer and instrumentalist Dan Tyminski. Too Late to Cry (1987), her debut album, was published She was only 16 years old at the time. Two Highways (1989), her first album with Union Station, was released after two years. The band gave an outstanding to perform at the Newport Folk Festival to promote the album.

Their 1990 album I’ve Got That Old Feeling reached the top of the charts 75 on the country music charts and reached number 100 on the Billboard Top 100. Krauss for the album, she won her first Grammy and the album’s title track inspired her to create her first music video. She performed at the Grand Ole Opry in 1993 and won her second Grammy in 1992 for the Union Station album Every Time You Say Goodbye

Krauss has also written music for films such as Twister (1989), The Prince of Egypt (1998), Oh Brother, and Where Art Thou? (2000), Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (2002), and Cold Mountain (2003). Her musical collaborations with James Taylor, Brad Paisley, Elvis Costello, and Robert Plant have been critically and commercially successful. Her collaboration with Plant resulted in Raising Sand (2007), a platinum-certified album by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)

Krauss has made a profit of over 12 million albums worldwide.

Personal Life

Alison Krauss married American guitarist Pat Bergeson in 1997. Sam Bergeson, their son, was born in 1999. In 2001, the couple filed for a divorce.


  • Has received 26 Grammy Awards, more than any other female in Grammy history. She is the third greatest successful artist in Grammy history.
  • Sam Patrick Bergeson, his son, was born in 1999.
  • Alison had won 27 Grammy Awards as of February 2012.
  • She has received the most Grammy nominations of any solo female artist in any genre of music. She is now tied with Quincy Jones for the most Grammys ever won.
  • In 1987, she released her first solo album. In 1989, she released her first album with Union Station.
  • In 1985, he signed with Rounder Records.
  • At the age of five, she began studying classical violin but soon switched to bluegrass.
  • In 1991, she received her first Grammy Award.
  • In 2007, he made an album with Robert Plant called Raising Sand. In 2009, it received five Grammy nominations.

Studio albums:

  • 1986: Different Strokes (with Jim Hoiles and Swamp Weiss)
  • 1987: Too Late to Cry
  • 1989: Two Highways (with Union Station)
  • 1990: I’ve Got That Old Feeling
  • 1992: Every Time You Say Goodbye (with Union Station)
  • 1994: I Know Who Holds Tomorrow (with the Cox Family)
  • 1997: So Long So Wrong (with Union Station)
  • 1999: Forget About It
  • 2001: New Favorite (with Union Station)
  • 2004: Lonely Runs Both Ways (with Union Station)
  • 2007: Raising Sand (with Robert Plant)
  • 2011: Paper Airplane (with Union Station)
  • 2017: Windy City
  • 2021: Raise the Roof (with Robert Plant)

List of film credits:

  •  1992: High Lonesome: The Story of Bluegrass Music
  •  1997: Annabelle’s Wish
  •  2000: Don from the Mountain
  •  2002: Eight Crazy Nights
  •  2004: Paper Clips

List of television credits:

  • 1991: Hee Haw
  • 1992: Austin City Limits
  • 1997: Miracle On Highway 31
  • 2005: Sesame Street
  • 2006: CMT Cross Country
  • 2008: CMT Crossroads

Social Media Accounts:

Instagram: @alisonkrauss 102k followers

Twitter:   @AlisonKrauss 111.9k followers

Facebook:  Alison Krauss 1.3M followers

Famous Quotes of Alison Krauss

Famous Quote 1 of Alison Krauss

“You know, for most of its life bluegrass has had this stigma of being all straw hats and hay bales and not necessarily the most sophisticated form of music. Yet you can’t help responding to its honesty. It’s music that finds its way deep into your soul because it’s strings vibrating against wood and nothing else.”

Alison Krauss
Famous Quote 2 of Alison Krauss

“You say it best, when you say nothing at all.”

Alison Krauss


Alison Maria Krauss is a bluegrass and country singer born on July 23, 1971 and a fiddler from the United States. She is best known as the leader of the band Alison Krauss & Union Station, but she has also produced albums for Nickel Creek, Reba McEntire, and Alan Jackson. She has received the most Grammy Awards than any other female artist in history.