What is Elvis Costello Net Worth?

Elvis Costello Net Worth is US$ 70 Million as of January 2023. 

Net Worth US$ 70 Million 
Full NameDeclan Patrick Aloysius MacManus
Born: August 25, 1954 (69 Years)
Gender Male 
Height 5 ft 10 inch
Horoscope Virgo
Country of Origin London, England
Source of Wealth Musician and Record Producer
Marital Status Married 
Spouse(s) Mary Burgoyne (m. 1974 – div. 1984), Cait O’Riordan (m. 1986 – div. 2002), Diana Krall (m. 2003)
ChildrenDexter Henry Lorcan MacManus, Matthew MacManus Frank Harlan James MacManus
Famous For Singer, Songwriter, and Record Producer


Elvis Costello is a songwriter, singer, plus record producer. He is a trendy personality, has achieved many awards and rewards for his work, and is known as an innovative songwriter.

Costello started his career in 1970 as a part of London’s Pub Rock scene. After that, Elvis worked on his passion nonstop and earned a massive audience. In 1977, He introduced his initial debut album, and for that start, people gave him colossal love. After experiencing initial success Costello builds a strong backing band.

There is no amusement that Elvis’s passion is music, and he loves to write a song; because he is the son of the most famous musician father, music runs on his nerves. They together also sang for TV commercials and also won prizes. Their real name Costello is Declan Patrick MacManus, But he changed his real name to his stage name when he started performing professionally. During the 80s, he broader her opportunities and started working with different directors who helped to develop his career graph. He grabs much attention and popularity by showcasing his talent and passion to the world.



Elvis introduced his debut album in 1977.


In 1980 he released his album Get Happy, which brought him massive success. In the same year, Elvis released eight back-to-back albums.


In the early 1990s, Elvis released some albums for his fans; he co-composed and co-produced with Richard Harvey.




In 1998, Costello signed many contracts collaborating with Polygram Records and the albums sold by Elvis’s parent company to become part of the Universal music group.


Elvis re-issued his back catalog in the U.S. I aim to be faithful to all this useless beauty.


In 2022, Elvis introduced the Spanish Model, a remix of 1978s with Spanish lyrics, and in the same year, he performed on The Graham Norton Show.

Early Life

Elvis was born and raised in Paddington, London, England. The birthdate of Elvis Costello is August 25, 1954. The Father of Costello is also a famous musician, and they share the stage in some TV commercials. When Elvis was seven years old baby, his parents got separated. Elvis completed his graduation from  Liverpool’s St. Francis Xavier’s College, then moved back home in 1974. In the same year, Elvis built the band Flip City, and that group stayed together till starting of 1976. After that, he got a chance to sing a song with his father in television commercials, and they won the silver award at the International Advertising Festival.

After that, Elvis’s professional career started, and he started showing his innovative skills in music. Now he is famous for his rich vocabulary of lyrics which is different from other pop songwriters. Elvis works with famous directors and presents several movies and television such as The Larry Sanders Show, Austin Powers, and many others.


Elvis Costello introduced his first single with Stiff, “Less Than Zero,” in 1977. And when his debut album, My Aim Is True, came out four months later, his popularity reached very high. Elvis’s first video couldn’t be introduced outside the U.K.

Costello was arrested for breaking the rules publicly, which is against the law. In early 1978 he formed the Attractions, his permanent backing band. In December 1997, Attractions The band was banned from “Saturday Night Live.” After that, in 1980, Elvis released his album titled Get Happy and never Stopped before releasing eight more albums. Brutal Youth became the most successful and money-making album for Elvis, released in 1994.

Following his passion, Elvis was lucky to be nominated for 14 Grammys. In 2020 he won Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album for “Look Now.” Before that, he won many outstanding awards, proof of his ongoing hard work and talent. He has written and sung many songs and introduced them to the world; he gets positive reviews, and some get negative, but that is usually for any musician; they know how to tackle that problem. 


Here is sort of the best highlights of Elvis Costello career:

  • The Larry Sanders Show  (1994)
  • Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me  (1999)
  • Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)
  • 30 Rock (2009)

Favorite Quotes from Elvis Costello

Favorite Quote 1 from Elvis Costello

“These are the sort of things that push you on in music – the curiosity, a passion for new ideas.”

– Elvis Costello
Favorite Quote 3 from Elvis Costello

“We’re all just animals. That’s all we are; everything else is just an elaborate justification of our instincts. That’s where music comes from. And romantic poetry. And bad novels.”

– Elvis Costello
Favorite Quote 4 from Elvis Costello

 ”The only thing holding a lot of records together is the personality of the singer and the will to write all of these different things.” 

– Elvis Costello
Favorite Quote 5 from Elvis Costello

“And I don’t feel any form of music is beyond me in the sense of that I don’t understand it, or I don’t have some love for some part of it.” 

– Elvis Costello
Favorite Quote 6 from Elvis Costello

“And, when I started, I had a little bit more curiosity than some and went seeking out the original artists, or in some cases searching up country music.” 

– Elvis Costello
Favorite Quote 7 from Elvis Costello

 “I’ve been lucky to listen to lots of different types of music.”

 – Elvis Costello
Favorite Quote 8 from Elvis Costello

“I found with this record I had to be strong-willed, because in the past I’ve tended to tinker and add a thing or take a thing away, and nearly always been wrong.”

– Elvis Costello

Key Life Lessons from Elvis Costello

We now know everything about Elvis Costello and his net worth. Let’s look at some of his lessons

1. Sometimes, you want to let yourself 

2. Do whatever you want

3. Be shameless

4. Be fearless

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age of Elvis Costello? 

As of 2022, Elvis Costello is 68 Years old viral singer, songwriter, and producer. His birth date is August 25, 1954. 

What is the net worth of Elvis Costello??

Elvis Costello is a famous pop singer and influential personality, and his net worth is approximately US$ 70 Million.

How tall is Elvis Costello?

Elvis Costello is a singer and also songwriter who stands 1.78 m tall. 


Elvis Costello is a British Celebrity who achieve many awards by performing well in each music album television show. He started his career in 1977 with his debut album. He changed his real name when he began performing professionally and kept it from Declan Patrick McManus to Elvis Costello.

Elvis Costello belongs to a musical family where his father was a famous and talented musician, so there is no surprise that Elvis’s passion is to become a musician. Elvis’s parents decided to separate When he was just seven years old. After graduation, Elvis returned to Landon and built a band with few musicians. He gave back-to-back many albums to his audience, and they loved it. Elvis successfully achieves many awards and rewards for his unique talent, which is lovable to today’s generation. Elvis is a prevalent and influential personality with a US$70 Million net worth.