What is Suzette Quintanilla Net Worth?

Suzette Quintanilla net worth is US$ 3 Million as of Jan 2023.

Net WorthUS$ 3 Million
BornJune 29, 1967 (56 Years)
Also Known asSuzette Arriaga (After marriage)
Height5’ 8”
BirthplaceLake Jackson, Texas, The US
Country of OriginAmerican
Source of WealthProfessional Musician
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse NameBill Arriaga
ChildrenJovan Arriaga
Famous ForTejano Music


Suzette Quintanilla is a popular American musician. Suzette was the drummer & percussionist and provided vocal backing for Selena y Los Dinos, the family band. Her late sister Selena was renowned for being “the Queen of Tejano music,” and performed until her murder. Suzette finished her musical career after her sister’s death. In 2017, Suzette and her family member attended her sister’s star ceremony at the Hollywood Walk of Dames. As of 2023, Suzette Quintanilla has a net worth of US$ 3 Million.



Suzette Quintanilla, along with her siblings Selena and A.B. Quintanilla, forms the band Selena y Los Dinos under the guidance of their father, Abraham Quintanilla Jr.


Selena y Los Dinos release their debut album, “Mis Primeras Grabaciones,” which features Suzette on percussion.


The band releases their album “Munequito De Trapo,” with Suzette continuing to contribute as a percussionist.


Suzette Quintanilla transitions from percussion to become the drummer for Selena y Los Dinos.


Selena y Los Dinos achieve commercial success with the release of their album “Ven Conmigo,” which includes hit singles like “Baila Esta Cumbia.”


The band releases the album “Entre a Mi Mundo,” which catapults Selena’s career to new heights with the hit song “Como La Flor.”1994: Selena y Los Dinos release the album “Amor Prohibido,” which becomes one of the best-selling Latin albums of all time.


Tragedy strikes as Selena is murdered on March 31. Suzette, along with her family, mourns the loss of her sister and bandmate.

Late 1990s

Suzette works alongside her family to preserve Selena’s legacy. She is involved in the release of posthumous albums, including “Dreaming of You” (1995) and “Siempre Selena” (1996).


Suzette Quintanilla, along with her father Abraham Quintanilla Jr., co-founds Q-Productions, a music production company dedicated to managing Selena’s legacy.


Q-Productions releases the album “All My Hits/Todos Mis Exitos” to commemorate Selena’s career.


Suzette appears as a spokesperson and advocate for various charitable causes, continuing to honor Selena’s memory and contribute to the community.


Suzette remains actively involved in managing Q-Productions, participating in events, and preserving Selena’s legacy. She continues to inspire and empower young people, particularly in the Latino community, through her philanthropic work and appearances.

Early Life

Suzette Quintanilla, whose full name is Suzette Michelle Quintanilla, is best known as the sister of the late Tejano music superstar Selena Quintanilla. Suzette Quintanilla was born on June 29, 1967, in Lake Jackson, Texas, United States. She is the youngest child of Abraham Quintanilla Jr. and Marcella Ofelia Samora.

Suzette grew up in a musically inclined family. Her father, Abraham Quintanilla Jr., was a former musician who had his band and later became the manager of Selena’s music career. Her mother, Marcella Samora, also played an essential role in the family’s musical endeavors. Her parents encouraged their children’s interest in music from an early age.

Suzette’s older siblings, Abraham III (A.B. Quintanilla) and Selena formed a musical group called Selena y Los Dinos, with Selena as the lead vocalist, A.B. playing bass, and Suzette joining the band as the drummer. Initially, Suzette was not interested in playing drums but wanted to learn the guitar. However, she eventually switched to drums after realizing her passion and talent for the instrument.

Under the guidance of their father, Selena y Los Dinos gained popularity in the Tejano music scene. The band performed at various events and venues, and their success grew. Suzette Quintanilla played a significant role in the group’s sound, providing the rhythmic foundation with her drumming skills.

Unfortunately, in 1995, tragedy struck when Selena was tragically murdered by Yolanda Saldívar, the president of her fan club. This devastating event profoundly impacted Suzette and the entire Quintanilla family.

Following Selena’s untimely death, Suzette Quintanilla stepped away from the music industry and focused on preserving her sister’s legacy. She became heavily involved in managing Selena’s estate and the Selena Museum, showcasing the singer’s life and achievements. Suzette has also been involved in various projects and collaborations related to Selena, ensuring that her sister’s music and memory continue to inspire and touch fans’ lives worldwide.


In 1980, Suzette Quintanilla started performing with her brothers and sisters after her dad opened his first restaurant in Texas. She was a drummer, while her brother played the bass guitar. After the 1980s oil shortage, the restaurant was forced into bankruptcy. They started performing on road corners, quinceañeras, and weddings. Her father founded the band ‘Selena y Los Dinos. Freddie Records signed the band for a recording deal.

However, they struggled initially to make enough money to run their car. After their full-length album, ‘Selena and Los Dinos: Mis Primeras Grabaciones,’ the band became mainstream popular in 1984. Their album, ‘Munequito De Trapo,’ was promoted at the ‘Tejano Music Awards,’ where Selena won her first of eight consecutive Female Vocalists of the Year awards. They released three more albums, such as ‘Preciosa,’ And The Winner Is…’, and ‘Dulce Amor.’ Selena was signed before Suzette joined her solo career. However, Suzette performed with her family band up until Selena’s untimely death in 1995.

Quintanilla joined her family business and started developing, promoting, and creating Tejano groups and singers under Q Productions, which her father started. She works as the chief executive. Quintanilla has also collaborated with brands like Bumpboxx and HEB to make products using the name Selena. Suzette performs regularly as a drummer for Selena’s memorial events. She also worked with Netflix on the show ‘Selena: The Series.’


  • Alpha (Album, 1986)
  • Preciosa (Album, 1988)
  • Como La Flor (Song, 1992)
  • Selena (Movie, 1997)

Favorite Quotes from Suzette Quintanilla

Favorite Quote 1 from Suzette Quintanilla

“It’s more about filling in the full story of our journey and hopefully inspiring those who are going on a journey of their own. And whatever their dream is, to understand this was not a rise to fame right away. It was not like that. It took quite a bit of year and a lot of hardship as a family and being able to get where we were before she was ultimately taken from us.”

Suzette Quintanilla
Favorite Quote 2 from Suzette Quintanilla

“The difference is that the series is about the actual journey of us being a family, struggling to understand and figure out this musical part of us that we didn’t really realize that we had.”

Suzette Quintanilla
Favorite Quote 3 from Suzette Quintanilla

“This series is more about all the questions, the little things that Selena’s fans have been asking throughout the years like, ‘Why was this song created or why this?”

Suzette Quintanilla
Favorite Quote 4 from Suzette Quintanilla

“To me, at the end of the day, it’s about the story, and not one person on this Earth is going to look exactly like my sister and act like my sister. It’s not just about physically what you look like. It’s about what you can deliver in regards to what the story is all about.”

Suzette Quintanilla

Keys Life Lessons from Suzette Quintanilla

Pursue your passion

Suzette Quintanilla’s passion for music was evident from a young age. She followed her dreams and pursued a career as a drummer, becoming an integral part of Selena’s band. Her story teaches us the importance of identifying our passions and working hard to achieve them.

Cherish memories and keep the legacy alive

Suzette Quintanilla has worked tirelessly to preserve Selena’s legacy and ensure that her sister’s impact on music and culture continues. She has shown the importance of cherishing memories and keeping the spirit of loved ones alive through various means, such as music, tributes, and charitable initiatives.

Stay grounded and humble

Despite the fame and success that came with being a part of Selena’s band, Suzette Quintanilla has remained down-to-earth and humble. She serves as a reminder to stay grounded and true to oneself, regardless of external circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How much is Suzette Quintanilla worth?

Suzette Quintanilla’s net worth is estimated to be US$ 3 Million.

How old is Suzette Quintanilla?

Suzette Quintanilla was born on June 29, 1967, and is 56 years old as of June 2023.

How tall is Suzette Quintanilla?

Suzette Quintanilla’s height is 1.73 m, equal to 5 ft. 8 in.


Suzette Quintanilla, a Mexican-American musician. Quintanilla is the sister of Selena. She is also the drummer of the band Selena y Los Dinos. She was an early child when music became a passion. After her father opened the first Tex-Mex restaurant in Texas, she started playing guitar with the band Los Dinos.’ Suzette Quintanilla’s Net worth is approximately US$ 3 million as of March 2023.

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