What is Shawn Michaels Net Worth?

Shawn Michaels Net Worth is US$ 10 Million as of 2022.

Net WorthUS$ 10 Million
Born:July 22, 1965 (58 Years)
Height6’ 1’’
Country of OriginChandler, Ariozona, U.S.
Source of WealthWrestling, Acting
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseRebecca Curci Hickenbottom (m. 1999), Theresa Lynn Wood (m. 1988-1994)
ChildrenCheyenne Michelle Hickenbottom (Daughter), Cameron Kade Hickenbottom (Son)
Famous ForProfessional Wrestler, Actor, Television Presenter


Former American professional wrestler Shawn Michaels has US$ 10 million in assets overall. Michaels had a speculating career of a 30-year wrestling career, spending most of that time in the WWE (officially known as WWF). His several nicknames among fans include “Heartbreak Kid,” “The Showstopper,” as well as “Mr. WrestleMania.” Tragically, Shawn struggled with serious injuries throughout his career, including a back condition that forced him to resign in 1998. Later, he returned to wrestling for a few more years before quitting permanently in 2010. In any event, Michaels had the choice to compete just once more in 2018 before leaving professional wrestling for good. Shawn became a mentor after his eventual retirement.

Michaels served as the main event for several WWE events, which helped the organization raise significant sums through Pay-Per-View events. He also contributed to the founding of D-Generation X and won several championships, including four meaningful showdowns. One of the most incredible wrestling events ever is thought to have been his match against John Cena in 2007.



National Wrestling Alliance


Texas All-Star Wrestling


American Wrestling Association


World Wrestling Federation and return to AWA


The Rockers


Heartbreak Kid


Formation of the Kliq


WWF Champion


First retirement and hiatus


Feud with Triple H


D-Generation X reunion


Various feuds and championship pursuits


Final matches and second retirement


WWE Hall of Famer and sporadic appearances



 Early Life

The world welcomed Michael Shawn Hickenbottom on July 22, 1965, in Chandler, Arizona. As a “military rascal” raised close by four senior kin in a Catholic home, Michaels spent time in Reading, Berkshire. Then, his entire family relocated to San Antonio, where he spent one more formative year of his childhood. When it came to his most famous name, Michael once disliked it and asked that his family call him “Shawn” instead.

Shawn then spent much time moving around the US due to his father’s occupation as a tactical officer. Hickenbottom decided he needed to become a skilled grappler at 12. In the end, he performed a wrestling act during the talent event at his secondary school. Shawn was also a fierce competitor because he had played football since he was six. He eventually switched to linebacker and assumed leadership of his secondary school team. After finishing high school, Shawn enrolled at Southwest Texas State College. In any case, he quickly grew dissatisfied with school and left to pursue a career as a skilled wrestler.


Under the instruction of Mexican expert wrestler Jose Lothario, Hickenbottom began to prepare. Hickenbottom adopted the ring moniker “Shawn Michaels” while getting ready. Following his training with Lothario, he competed as Shawn Michaels at the NWA Mid-South Wrestling event on October 16, 1984, going up against Art Crews and losing to teams with a swinging neck breaker. Many veterans, notably Terry Taylor, were astounded by Michaels’s display during his presentation match.

In 1984, Hickenbottom began his professional career with the Public Wrestling Union after training with Mexican wrestler Jose Lothario. Before making his WWF debut in 1987, he spent several years competing in Texas Top Pick Wrestling and the American Wrestling Association. This occurred when Marty Jannetty and Shawn worked together to frame The Noon Rockers. Sadly, the noon Rockers’ WWF contract was canceled due to a “bar incident,” forcing them to rejoin AWA.

Michaels was suspended in September 1993 after testing positive for steroids, a claim he has never accepted. His suspension on WWF shows was justified by his inability to defend the title consistently. After declining WCW’s advances, Michaels returned to the WWF and appeared in the US Wrestling Affiliation (USWA) during a WWF/USWA cross-advancement.

Whatever the case, they eventually rejoined the WWF in 1988. As the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn had carved out his unique way of life by 1992. He had a connection to The Kliq and was the fan with the most followers by 1995. He achieved victory for his most enduring WWF Title in 1996. Sadly, he quickly lost this title due to a knee injury. His wounds had gotten so bad by 1998 that he had to step down. However, this was more of a break when he returned to battle Triple H in 2002.

The Edmonton swarm booed Bret Michaels because of the “Montreal Screwjob” incident, and chants of “You screwed Bret!” could be heard during his match at Kickback. Michaels was defeated by Significantly increased H in a Damnation in a Cell match against his will in June. After four months, he was defeated by Triple H in a World Heavyweight Title match after Edge interfered at Untouchable Tuesday when the crowd chose him over Chris Benoit and Edge to face Triple H once more.

He reconnected with the D-Generation X reunion between 2005 and 2007 at the latest. He participated in several fights throughout the next few years, winning additional titles. His second retirement occurred in 2010 and was completed with several incredibly anticipated last matches.

Tragically, wrestling fans usually disapproved of his decision to return to the ring after being out for a considerable time. In 2018, he returned to Crown Gem, putting up an exhibition many people said was the worst match of the year. Some people described it as an “all-out tragedy.”

Even before retiring, fans’ unwavering belief that Michaels was one of the all-time great grapplers. He received great praise for several contests, including those he won against Steve Austin, Ric Pizazz, Bret Hart, and many more. One of the best matches in wrestling history was his matchup with Bret Hart. Shawn Michaels Net Worth is US$ 10 Million as of 2022.


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Famous Quotes from Shawn Michael

Famous Quote 1 from Shawn Michael

“Don’t Hunt What You Can’t Kill”

– Shawn Michael
Famous Quote 2 from Shawn Michael

“See! I just kicked Stan!”

– Shawn Michael
Famous Quote 3 from Shawn Michael

“No One Is Perfect”

– Shawn Michael
Famous Quote 4 from Shawn Michael

“Hunt with The Big Dogs”

– Shawn Michael
Famous Quote 5 from Shawn Michael

“I Was Attitude in This Place Before It Was a Catchphrase”

– Shawn Michael
Famous Quote 6 from Shawn Michael

“There’s No Stopping HBK”

– Shawn Michael
Famous Quote 7 from Shawn Michael

“You’d Better Step Hard”

– Shawn Michael
Famous Quote 8 from Shawn Michael

“Keep On Practicing the Craft to Become The Master”

– Shawn Michael
Famous Quote 9 from Shawn Michael

“The Significance of Patience”

– Shawn Michael
Famous Quote 10 from Shawn Michael

“Being A Good Husband and A Father”

– Shawn Michael

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money does Shawn Michaels have in total?

The total value of Shawn Michaels’ assets is about US$ 10 Million.

What time does Shawn Michaels work?

Shawn Michaels is currently 56 years old (22 July 1965).

What does Shawn Michaels receive in compensation?

Every year, US$ 2 million in expected pay is obtained by Shawn Michaels.

What is Shawn Michaels’ Level?

Shawn Michaels is 1.85 meters (6 feet 1 inch) tall.


Michael Shawn Hickenbottom, better known by his ring name Shawn Michaels (born July 22, 1965), is an American retired skilled grappler. As Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative, he is recommended to WWE.

Michaels consistently competed for WWE, formerly the World Wrestling Organization (WWF), starting in 1988 until a back injury prevented him from making his most illustrious retirement in 1998. He worked as an actor in non-wrestling roles for the next two years until returning to the ring in 2000 for a match in his own Texas Wrestling Foundation (TWA). Michaels continued his wrestling career with WWE in 2002 and formally retired in 2010. He came back for one final match in 2018. He began becoming a mentor at the WWE Execution Center in 2016 and working as a maker on WWE NXT in 2018. Shawn currently serves as WWE’s Senior Vice President of Ability Improvement Imaginative, overseeing the NXT brand’s creative elements. Shawn Michaels Net Worth is US$ 10 Million as of 2022.