What is Jean-Claude Van Damme Net worth?

Jean-Claude Van Damme Net worth is US$ 40 Million as of January 2023.

Net WorthUS$ 40 Million
NameJean-Claude Francois Van Varenberg
Date of BirthOctober 18, 1960 (63 Years)
Birth PlaceBerchem-Sainte-Agathe, Brussels, Belgium
OccupationActor, Director, Martial Artist
EducationShotokan Karate School
Source of WealthThe film, Martial Arts
SpouseGladys Portugues
Children3 Kristopher Van Varenberg, Blanca Bree, Nicholas Van Varenberg
Famous ForMartial arts action movies


Professionally known as Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg was born on October 1960. He is a Martial Artist, Belgian Actor, Director, and Choreographer of Fights. In Brussels, Van Damme was born and raised. Van Damme’s father encouraged him to enroll in martial arts lessons when he was ten years old, and as a result, he competed in several events. He moved to America in 1982 to pursue a career as an actor. To become an actor, he performed side jobs and in several movies until landing his big break as the star of the action movie Bloodsport (1988).

Early Life and Education

The child of Eliana and Eugène Van Varenberg, an accountant and florist, Jean-Claude Camille Francois Van Varenberg was born in Brussels, Belgium’s Berchem-Sainte-Agathe, on October 18, 1960. He has a Flemish mother, while his dad, a bilingual native of Brussels, raised him as a Roman Catholic. His paternal grandmother was Jewish. At the age of ten, his dad enrolled him in a karate school, where he first learned martial arts.

Kickboxing and karate are among his styles. He ultimately turned 18 and obtained his karate black belt. He also began weightlifting to develop his physique, eventually winning the title of Mr. Belgium bodybuilding. Van Damme started studying ballet when he was 16 years old and continued lasting five years.

Van Damme claims that ballet “is one the majority challenging athletics and an artwork. If possible, make it through a ballet class, you can make it through practice for a different sport.” Then, he started doing Muay Thai and Taekwondo.


At 12, Van Damme enrolled in Claude Goetz’s Center of National Karate in Belgium. After four years of training, Van Damme qualified for the Team of Belgium Karate and then went on to train with Dominique Valera in kickboxing and full-contact karate. Van Damme competed in mid-matches for tournaments and non-tournament events from 1976 through 1980 recording 44 wins and four losses.

On December 26, 1979, during the La Coupe François Persoons Karate Competition in Brussels, he went on to win the European Karate Champion. At the Challenge Coupe des Espoirs Karate, Van Damme gets second-ranked (1st Trials). He won 25 matches over the three-day competition until falling to partner Angelo Spataro in the championship round.

1982 to 1988: Debut  works and major break:

He and his childhood buddy Michel Qissi immigrated to the United States in 1982 to find employment as an actor. They worked a different variety of occupations to make ends meet. Their first position for the job on a movie was in addition to Cannon Films’ 1984 hip-hop dance, Breakin’. They are visibly twirling at a dance performance in the distance.

He becomes close to action martial arts actor Chuck Norris at about that period. Together, they began sparring, and he commenced employment as a bouncer at Norris’ club Woody’s Wharf. Damme is included among the stunt group personnel in the movie Missing in Action starring Norris and produced by Cannon Productions in 1984.

1989 to 1999: International stardom

Death Warrant starring Van Damme in 1990, David S. Goyer’s first screenplay credit. He also appeared in Lionheart that year. Sheldon Lettich, the co-writer of Bloodsport and the director of Lionheart, claimed that his film is “the first film to indicate that Van Damme was much more than simply a “Karate Guy” who was only temporary and would never soar beyond unsophisticated low-cost karate films.”

Double Impact was made available, in 1991. In the film Lettich produced, Van Damme played both Separated parties Chad Wagner and Alex, twins who battled to avenge their parents’ deaths. He starred in this highly regarded movie with Bolo Yeung, his former co-star in Bloodsport.

Van Damme appeared in Roland Emmerich’s science-fiction action film Universal Warrior for Carolco in 1992, one of the year’s biggest blockbusters. During the Vietnam War, Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren portray American soldiers assigned to guard a village as opposed to North Vietnamese forces as Luc Deveraux and Sergeant Andrew Scott, respectively.

Van Damme appeared in Hero of Last Action and Nowhere To Run in 1993. Van Damme’s compensation for the movie, the first of a three-movie pact with Columbia Pictures, was US$3.5 million. According to Columbia, the film “went above its target” and is faithful to its audience.

He appeared in John Woo’s debut American movie, For Universal, a Hard Target in 1994. He appeared as a time-traveling police officer in Timecop, released that year as well. The movie, produced by Peter Hyams and made more than US$100 million worldwide, is still his highest-earning movie in a starring character.

Van Damme co-starred and directed The Quest in 1996. He had an appearance in the Friends Television show “The One After the Superbowl” that year, which was split into two parts. Additionally, he featured on Maximum Risk, Ringo Lam’s debut American picture and the first joint venture.

Double Team (1997), a friend movie starring basketball legend Dennis Rodman, marked Van Damme’s first box office flop since he rose to fame. Tsui Hark, a Hong Kong filmmaker, was making his American debut.

Van Damme and Hark reconnected on Knock Off in 1998. Van Damme appeared in the costume action movie Legion that same year. Despite having US$35 million allocated, it was only shown in foreign countries.

Van Damme reprised his role as Luc Deveraux in the 1999 film Universal Soldier: The Return. He also appeared in Inferno that same year.

2000s films:

He appeared in Derailed in 2002. Ringo Lam helmed the 2003 American prison drama In Hell. It’s the third time that Lam and Van Damme have worked together. In the Russian city of Magnitogorsk, Van Damme portrays an American who works abroad. In a similar year,  Damme used his training in dance to appear in the “Kiss My Eyes” music video by Bob Sinclar.

Philippe Martinez, an adventure director, produced his 2004 movie Wake of Death. The project’s initial director, Ringo Lam, left the project after a few weeks of Canadian shooting. It also stars Tony Schiena, Valerie Tian, Simon Yam, and others. He portrayed his own in the 2005 French movie Narcos. He appeared in the 2006 films The Rough Corp and Second in Command, Sheldon Lettich was the director.

Van Damme performed a brief part in the 2007 Turkish comedy series The Test, which Mer Faruk Sorak produced. He appeared in the film Till Dying the same year. Due to the film’s constrained theatrical release, and well-received 2008 JCVD, Van Damme returned to the public eye.

Championships and accomplishments

  • Mr. Belgium’s bodybuilding Championships (1976 Gold)
  • Belgium Karate Lightweight Championships (1977 Gold)
  • Belgium Karate Team European Championships (1979 Gold)
  • Belgium Coupe des Espoir’s Karate Tournament Championships (1980 Silver)
  • Bollywood movie award (2004)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Jean Van Damme?

US$ 40 million is the net worth of Damme.

How tall is Van?

Van stands at a height of 177cm (5’ 10”).


The son of Eliana and Eugène Van Var Enberg, an accountant, and florist, On October 18, 1960, Jean-Claude Camille François Van Var Enberg was born in Berchem-Sainte-Agathe, Brussels, Belgium. His mom is Flemish, while his dad is a bilingual native of Brussels (Dutch-speaking). Jean-Claude Van Damme Net worth is US$ 40 million as of January 2023.