What is Chris O’Donnell Net Worth?

Chris O’Donnell Net Worth is US$ 25 Million as of 2022.

Net WorthUS$ 25 Million
Born:June 26, 1970 (53 Years)
Country of OriginUnited States of America
Source of WealthActing, Modeling, Television Production
Marital StatusMarried 
SpouseCaroline Fentress (m. 1997)
ChildrenLily, Christopher, Charles, Finley, and Maeve
Famous ForRole in “NCIS: Los Angeles”


Christopher Eugene O’Donnell is an entertainer and previous model of American descent who was born on June 26, 1970. He played out the roles of Charlie Sims in Scent of a Women, as D’Artagnan in The Three Musketeers, Chris Reece in School Ties, Jack Foley in Buddy Association for TV, and Dick Grayson/Robin in Batman & Robin among many others.



He appeared in the first television series “Jack and Mike”

1990 to 1993

He started his film career and acted in films such as “Fried Green Tomatoes”, “School Ties”, “Scent of a Woman”, “The Three Musketeers”

1994 to 1995

He appeared in films “Blue Sky”, “Circle of Friends”, “Mad Love”


Contender of the Lead Role award provided by 20th-century fox studios for “Titanic”

1998 to 2000

Cast in successful films like “The Bachelor”, and “Vertical Limit”, which are box office hits


He was in the film “29 Palms”

2004 to 2005

He appeared in television shows as “Two and a Half Men” and “Head Cases”

2009 to present

He is a part of “NCIS: Los Angeles”


He starred in the movie “Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore”

2012 to 2014

Appeared in television series like Hawaii Five-0, Who Do You This You Are? Robot Chicken


He played roles in television series such as “The Price Is Right”, “American Dad!”


He acted in the television show “NCIS: Hawai’I”

Early Life

Christopher was in Winnetka, Illinois. He is the youngest in the family with two brothers and four sisters. He was inspired to work in media outlets because his father operated as the chief supervisor for a radio broadcast. He was a model at 13 who was also prominently featured in several advertisements. He attended Boston School after finishing high school and obtained a four-year certification in scientific studies in marketing.


O’Donnell served Michael Jordan at a McDonald’s, which is among his most notable and essential acting roles. He appeared in “Jack and Mike” while he was still a young man. He made his acting debut alongside Jessica Lange in the movie “Men Don’t Leave.” He established a solid Hollywood career by the middle of the 1990s and acted in several well-known films.

O’Donnell appeared in the spoof show movie “Fried Green Tomatoes” in 1991. Chris joined the “School Ties” cast in 1992, which led to a much more recognized position. He played a crucial role as a hated Jewish coworker at a prestigious private academy who becomes a close friend of Brendan Fraser’s personality, showing up with actors like Matt Damon and Brendan Fraser. Even though this was a massive step in the right direction for O’Donnell, “School Ties” ended up being a simple and commercial disappointment. It received mixed reviews, and the movie failed to recoup its $18 million budget at the box office.

However, Chris’ performance of “Scent of a Lady” later had a more substantial impact. Al Pacino was in this movie, and Chris played a prominent supporting role next to the seasoned performer. Chris narrowly missed out on a Brilliant Globe for Best Supporting Actor, though which ultimately went to Quality Hackman, while Pacino took home an Institute Grant for Best Entertainer. Because of this performance, many viewers thought he would be Hollywood’s most promising future star.

Chris O’Donnell booked a featured role in the universally acclaimed movie “Blue Sky” in 1994, which was another sure move on the right path for him. One year after that, he appeared in the movie “Mad Love,” which brought in more than $15 million at the box office. Despite the movie’s lackluster reception, critics singled out Chris for praise.

He secured the role of Dick Grayson (Robin) in the 1995 movie “Batman Forever” later that year. Chris reportedly prevailed in the job competition against celebrities like Scott Speedman, Jude Regulation, Leonardo DiCaprio, and many others.

He played a major role in “The Chamber” movie in 1996. He then reprised his role as Robin again in “Batman and Robin” in 1997. Although the movie was a financial success, critics and fans openly mocked it. Despite being a candidate for the main role in “Bug Man” before Toby Maguire won, Chris’s time afterward was largely fruitless. Additionally, he was a candidate for Will Smith’s position in “Men in Black.” “Vertical Limit” movie released in 2000 was a successful film by Chris while Cookie’s Fortune (1999) and The Bachelor (1999) were moderately successful films. After the “Batman and Robin” debacle, Chris turned away from movies and played roles in television shows.

Beginning with a few cameos on programs like ” Two and a Half Man,” “Head Cases,” and ” Grey’s Anatomy,” he gained popularity. He later rose to fame in the miniseries “The Company” before returning to the big screen in 2008 with ” Kit Kittredge: An American Girl.” He landed a key recurrent role in 2009 as NCIS Specialist G. Callen on “NCIS: Los Angeles.” One of his new profession’s most significant moments would be this task. He appeared in ” Cats & Dogs, The Revenge of Kitty Galore” in 2010.


Here are some of the best highlights of Chris O’Donnell’s career

  • The Scent of a Woman (1992)
  • School Ties (1992)
  • Batman & Robin (1997)
  • Vertical Limit (2000)

Famous Quotes from Chris O’Donnell

Famous Quote 1 from Chris O’Donnell

“It’s the most fantastic feeling to hold your child in your arms.”

– Chris O’Donnell
Famous Quote 2 from Chris O’Donnell

“I try not to get too rattled about things that aren’t that important – there’s a different outburst when the kids are reaching for a knife in the kitchen versus the reaction I have when they won’t stop talking. And my wife and I have mellowed out as we’ve gone along.”

– Chris O’Donnell
Famous Quote 3 from Chris O’Donnell

“In this business, if you take less time, the landscape changes. So the opportunities when I decided to take a break weren’t there when I returned. It’s like, ‘Wait for a second – what happened here?’ It was a real learning experience. I’ve paid my dues; I will tell you that.”

– Chris O’Donnell
Famous Quote 4 from Chris O’Donnell

“When I got into this business, I knew I couldn’t have it both ways: I could live the playboy lifestyle, which is not a bad thing to do, or have a traditional family life, which is how I grew up. And that was more important to me.”

– Chris O’Donnell
Famous Quote 5 from Chris O’Donnell

“This rarely happens, but what is relaxing is just being in this house all by myself, sitting quietly and watching TV. But I never get that chance.”

– Chris O’Donnell
Famous Quote 6 from Chris O’Donnell

“I would be in Italy working on a film, longing for something simple – like, God, I would kill to be sitting at a barbecue having a beer right now.”

– Chris O’Donnell
Famous Quote 7 from Chris O’Donnell

“I don’t try to be thoroughly calculating in everything I say and do, but there’s no way I will talk. There’s no reason to. And that’s why I’m such a boring interview because I don’t go for the shock value or smartass answers.”

– Chris O’Donnell

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Chris O’Donnell leave NCIS?

His last appearance was in 2018. Meanwhile, he has been making increasingly more NCIS: LA episodes, principally as a lead entertainer and once in a while as chief.

How long was Chris O’Donnell on GREY’s Anatomy?

O’Donnell played Finn Dandridge in seasons 2 and 3 and said he wouldn’t be against a potential visitor appearance.

How rich is Chris O’Donnell?

Chris O’ Donnell’s total assets have been assessed to be US$ 25 million. This American entertainer is notable for doing films like Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, and Scent of a Woman, among others.


Chris O’Donnell is an American entertainer with total assets of US$ 25 million. Chris has partaken in a long and practical acting vocation, appearing in various Hollywood blockbusters and TV series. Today, he is presumably most famous for his featuring job in “NCIS: Los Angeles,” also he produced remarkable films like “Batman & Robin”, “Circle of Friends”, and “The Three Musketeers” during the 90s. Chris O’Donnell Net Worth is US$ 25 Million as of 2022.