What is Bern Nadette Stanis Net Worth?

Bern Nadette Stanis Net Worth is US$ 6 Million as of January 2023.

Net worthUS$ 6 Million
Full NameBernadette Stanislaus
BornDecember 22, 1953 (70 Years)
Height5’ 4”
Weight143.31 lbs (65 Kg)
Country of originBrooklyn, New York, The US
ProfessionActor, Author
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse(s)Thomas Fauntleroy (m. 1974 – div. 1978) Darnell Johnson (m. 1979 – div. 1980) Terrence Redd (m. 1980 – div. 1981) Kevin Fontana (m. 1981 – Present)
ChildrenDior Ravel Fontana Brittany Rose Fontana
Famous forStanis is best known as ‘Thelma’ from “Good Times” (1974)


Actress and writer Nadette Stanis, also known as Bernadette Stanislaus. Most people recognize Stanis as Thelma from “Good Times” (1974). She was the epitome of black beauty in the 1970s. Despite her sophistication and grace, she was the first black “It” girl on television. Thelma and the Evans family disproved numerous misconceptions and stereotypes about the slums and young black girls, including the notion that black families in the ghetto and all black girls lived in hopeless, dreamless circumstances. Thelma demonstrated that a “ghetto girl” was more than just an actor; she had ambitions and dreams, intelligence, respect, decency, and grace. She presented a new, definitive image of the young black woman and child.

Early Life

Born  On December 22, 1953, As one of five kids, Stanis was born or raised in Brooklyn’s Brownsville area of New York City. Carriacou on the Grenadine Islands is where her paternal ancestors originated. Before enrolling at the Juilliard School, she graduated from Erasmus Hall High School. As a young girl, Stanis participated in Miss Black America pageants. She later won the title of Miss Brooklyn, which made her the first runner-up in the Miss New York State competition. Stanis wed Thomas Fauntleroy, her high school crush from 1974 to 1978.

Stanis married Brooklyn nightclub owner Darnell Johnson the year after their divorce. Her third marriage was too mechanical engineer Terrence Redd. They eventually divorced but had a daughter, Dior Ravel, together in 1982. Stanis married Kevin Fontana in 1983, and they had a daughter called Brittany Rose. Stanis currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She is most known to the general public for her role as Thelma Evans on “Good Times” (1974). On an episode of Bustin’ Loose, he reunited with Jimmie Walker (1987).

During the 1970s, Bern was seen as the embodiment of black beauty. She was charming, clever, and stunning. She also has terrific comedic timing. Not only that, but she is also a dancer, and her gorgeous and graceful skills were seldom highlighted on the show. Bern is active on several social media channels. She has over 121k Instagram followers.

Bern was later shown in the “Life” after the TV program. She starred in a hip-hop music video for Camp Lo with Jimmie Walker in the 1990s.


Stanis had an appearance in the CBS sitcom “Good Times” from February 1974 through August 1979. She played Florida and James Evan’s senior daughter, Thelma Ann Evans. After appearing on “Good Times” for five years, Stanis went on to make guest appearances on a number of shows, including “The Love Boat,” “What’s Happening Now,” “The Cosby Show,” “The Wayans Brothers,” “The Parent Hood,” and “Girlfriends.” She has also acted in numerous promotions for The One Network, AT&T, Nationwide Insurance, and other brands, many of which parody or reference her “Good Times” persona. Jimmie Walker, Stanis’ former co-star, and both of them made an appearance on Colour TV to discuss their roles in “Good Times.”

In 2016, Stanis was a guest on Centric’s “Being,” where she discussed her life and work. Stanis took part in Jimmy Kimmel’s “Live in Front of a Studio Audience: Good Times” ABC special from 2019. In addition to others, Stanis has appeared in a number of movies, such as “No Regrets,” “The Big Shot,” “N-Secure,” and “36 Hour Layover.” She has a published novel as well as a successful acting career. “Situations 101: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly,” “Situations 101: Finances,” and “The Last Night” are novels that Stanis has posted. She also published a book of poems titled “For Men Only.”

Stanis is back with fury to alleviate our young generation’s apparent “self-esteem difficulties and anxieties.” Bern Nadette was moved to do more than have phone pow-wows about possible fixes after being surprised by the everyday inquiries and persistent dogmatic relationship climate that family, friends, and women generally face and unhappily view as ‘the usual.’ She resolved to seek a venue to reach out and break the cycle of always ‘justifying’ reasons for remaining unpleasant partnerships. Her objective is to go deeper than just scratching the surface of why we endure what we tolerate and to get to the heart of self-destructive conduct in relationships.

She appeared as a model in Positive K’s 1993 song ‘Car Hoppers.’ In 2019, she was featured in “Live in Front of a Studio Audience: Good Times,” an ABC program presented by Jimmy Kimmel. Bern made her feature picture début in the year 2000. The net worth of Bernadette Stanis She played Jackson’s lawyer in the film “Hidden Blessings.” Bern has acted in various films, including “No Regrets,” “The Big Shot,” “N-Secure,” and “36 Hour Layover.”



  • “Good Times” (1974-1979) as Thelma Evans
  • “The Love Boat” (1980) as Jane Reeves
  • “What’s Happening Now!!” (1985) as Marcie
  • “Bustin’ Loose” (1987) as Ms. Fisher
  • “The Cosby Show” (1991) as Carolyn Thompson
  • “The Good News” (1997) as Audrey
  • “The Wayans Bros.” (1997)
  • “The Parent ‘Hood” (1999) as L’Tonya
  • “Girlfriends” (2003) as herself


  • “Hidden Blessings” (2000) as Jackson’s Lawyer
  • “Land of the Free?” (2004) as a Psychiatrist
  • “Still ‘Bout It” (2004) as Aunt Tee Dee
  • “The Engagement: My Phamily BBQ 2” (2006) as Mrs. Clark
  • “CAUTION! Heartache Ahead” (2009) as Vera
  • “The Adventures of Umbweki” (2009) as Usahnisa
  • “In the Midnight Hours” (2009) as Cheryl
  • “N-Secure” (2010) as Dr. Heather

Facts about Bern Nadette Stanis

  • When she was a teenager, she started competing in Miss Black America pageants. Later, as Miss Brooklyn, she took first runner-up in the Miss New York State competition.
  • While still a college student, she tried out for the character of Thelma Evans on the CBS comedy series Good Times.
  • She and her former Good Times co-star Jimmie Walker both starred in a hip-hop music video for Camp Lo in the late 1990s.
  • She produced several plays, including Whatever Happened to Black Love
  • In 2006 released the first book, Situations 101: Relationships The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Essential life lessons from Bern Nadette Stanis

  • Live a little movement
  • Do what you want to be
  • Changes are necessary

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bern Stanis’s age?

Bern Stanis is 69 years old as of Jan 2023.

What is the net worth of Bern Stanis?

Stanis has an estimated net worth of US$ 6 million as of Jan 2023.

Where is Bern Nadette Stanis from?

Stanis was born and raised in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York City.


Bern Nadette Stanis is one of the most elegant and refined black beauties in the acting business, well remembered for her outstanding performance as Thelma Evans on the hit TV sitcom Good Times. In fact, she was the first black s*x icon on television. Bern Nadette Stanis is an actress in addition to being the author of the books “The Bad & The Ugly” and “Situations 101: The Good.” The estimated net worth of Bern Nadette Stanis is $6 Million.

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